Most frequent questions and answers

Syncee has the tools to provide ready to sell products for big and small retail businesses without any inventory risk.

Find products and suppliers from all over the world in our Marketplace, or manage your own suppliers’ items in bulk in the DataFeed Manager. Upload & update products easily.

Syncee can upload/update products to Shopify, Jumpseller and Shoprenter at the moment.

Yes, of course. You can register as a supplier and there are more options for you to be listed in our system.

  • If you have to provide us a proper product data feed file in any formats like .CSV, .XML, .XLS(X), .JSON or .TXT.

  • The other option is for those who work on the Shopify, Jumpseller or Shoprenter platform.

  • The third option if you have just a few products you can add manually too.

More details here: supply products