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Advantages of Dropshipping – How it Works With Syncee?

One of the world’s biggest B2B online trading platforms, offers dropshipping solution from now on which has been a long-awaited service. The world-known business giant has chosen Syncee as a dropshipping technology partner and as a result of the cooperation, you can access a powerful ecommerce solution, and enjoy the advantages of

There are several advantages of dropshipping with Syncee. On the B2B (Business-to-Business) platform you can find a huge selection of products of real suppliers, manufacturers, and factories who are offering their products at real wholesale prices to retailers so they can get real profit after their sales. Thanks to this you can work with real B2B dropshipping with your online business.


Advantages of Dropshipping

Advantages of Dropshipping

Besides reading about the advantages of itself, we will also highlight the advantages of the whole dropshipping solution hand-in-hand with Syncee’s unique offers. Are you new to ecommerce and just about to start an online store, or are you already an entrepreneur for a while and want to expand your product portfolio? Finding goods on the real B2B platform and uploading them into your store with Syncee is worth it. Now we will prove to you why!

  • #1 Real B2B Dropshipping, Real Profit: Enjoy the advantages of Dropshipping and work with real suppliers, manufacturers, and factories who offer their products at real wholesale prices. Like this, you can get real profit!
  • #2 No Minimum Order Quantity: Another one of the advantages of Dropshipping is that you will not need upfront investment in stock and there won’t be inventory risk when choosing this solution.
  • #3 Huge Selection of Products: On you can find products in the greatest product categories so you can find the items you are looking for. The number of products available for dropshipping with is constantly growing!
  • #4 All Major Platforms Supported: Syncee supports all major ecommerce platforms so dropshipping solution is accessible for a larger retail audience, for more merchants. Supported platforms: Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Ecwid by Lightspeed, Jumpseller, Shoprenter, and KMO Shops.
  • #5 Easy & Automated Product Uploads & Updates: You just have to pick what you want to sell, and you can immediately upload the ready-to-sell products into your store in a few clicks. Syncee will update the product data daily, automatically into your online store.
  • #6 Automated Order Data Sync: When a customer places an order in your store, you can directly pay these products to the supplier. The payment with the order details will be sent directly to the supplier. When the company receives the order and payment from you, they ship the package directly to the customer.
  • #7 Powerful Product Settings: Amongst the advantages of and Syncee dropshipping we can mention that you can modify any necessary product settings in Syncee you wish, make your selection be unique. Create catalogs, assign your chosen products to them and add a markup on items.
  • #8 Select by Location: When Syncee redirects you to Dropshipping you can select the “Ship to” country regarding where you wish the suppliers to send the orders to. You will see the search results based on your settings so you can pick from the best selection for your customers.
  • #9 Products Your Audience Demands: People like ordering products from Asian marketplaces like AliExpress for example. On you can find a similar selection, so you can sell products people need, and you can work with wholesale prices. AliExpress and both belong to the Alibaba Group company.
  • #10 Secure and Reliable Solution: Both global solutions offer secure and reliable service to their merchant clients that is very important for every party in the ecommerce flow. It is a great element of the advantages of and Syncee. Dropshipping

How Dropshipping Works with Syncee?

After elaborating on the advantages of Dropshipping, here below you can read a detailed guide of what you need to do to get started with this model on the B2B platform Syncee. The whole process is fully automatized, and a great in-app wizard will guide you through the steps you need to take. Syncee makes sure you won’t get lost, it offers a user-friendly platform and helps you with every necessary detail so you can enjoy the advantages of dropshipping.

What Does Syncee Provide You? You Can…:

  • access a powerful platform where you can manage all product-related tasks,
  • make and modify product settings (eg. name, product type, SEO data, description, variants, images),
  • assign products to your catalogs to manage them by categories,
  • choose from several product- and catalog update options, like what the system should do with the products in your store that have zero quantity,
  • automate your order data flow, and also can pay for the products directly to the supplier,
  • try how the app works with 25 products that you can use for an unlimited time for free. To manage more products, you need to upgrade your plan.
Dropshipping products

Step 1. Install Syncee

The first thing you have to do to be able to start dropshipping with is to install the application Syncee – Global Dropshipping into your online store. You can do it through one of Syncee’s supported platforms: ShopifyBigCommerceWixEcwid by LightspeedJumpsellerShoprenterKMO Shops

Step 2. Connect to

If you are ready with the installation of Syncee, you need to log in to your Syncee account and click on the Alibaba menu > Search Products submenu. Now you have to connect your Syncee account to your account! If you do not have an account yet, you can do it via Syncee.

Click on the Go to Alibaba Dropshipping Site button, log in to or register an Alibaba account, and authorize Syncee in your account for 6 months. You will be taken back to Syncee again, and you have to click on the Alibaba > Search Products menu. Now you are connected to Alibaba with your Syncee account, so if you click on the Go to Alibaba Dropshipping Site button again, you will be redirected to the product browsing page of

Step 3. Pick Products

Start browsing’s constantly updating product selection. Make sure you choose the “Ship to” country regarding where you wish the suppliers to send the orders to. Once you click on a product you like, a new tab will open in your browser. On that page click on the Add to my Website button. If you are ready with picking all products you liked, go back to Syncee, and check your products in the Alibaba > Import List menu.

Step 4. Add Your Product and Catalog Settings in Syncee

In the Alibaba > Import List menu in Syncee you can see all products you have collected from Alibaba Dropshipping. You can edit products one-by-one here, before adding them to your Syncee Alibaba Catalogs. If you finished editing your products, you can add them to one of your Syncee catalogs one-by-one or in bulk.

You can find your Syncee catalogs in the Alibaba My Catalogs menu. You can have more catalogs. Add your catalog settings here so you can be ready to upload products into your store.

Step 5. Upload Products to Your Online Store

If you are ready with every product setting (Import List) and catalog settings (My Catalogs), you just have to simply click on the Sync button in the My Catalogs menu at your catalog(s) to upload the products into your online store. Now you are ready to sell and work on your marketing strategies to get high profit!

You can learn more of the advantages of Dropshipping and how it works with Syncee by checking Syncee’s Help Center for a constantly updating list of useful articles.

Enjoy the advantages of & Syncee Dropshipping!

Try the real B2B dropshipping experience out now!

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