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Barbara Racz

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New Suppliers of The Week at Syncee: 12-18 August, 2022

This week has been full of remarkable new dropshipping suppliers worthy of your trust! Syncee Marketplace has broadened with 6 new suppliers supplying 500+ dropshipping products in numerous categories.

Syncee Marketplace is a vast, global B2B platform where you can find millions of products listed from reliable suppliers from all over the world. The system manages the automated, daily product data uploads & updates for online stores, and manages the order data synchronization as well. New suppliers are welcomed week-by-week to keep your store fresh and up-to-date with unique products. Let’s see what is on the table this week!

1. Glammy

Glammy - new suppliers

Warehouse Location: Italy
Ships: Worldwide
Shipping Time: 2-20 business days
Product Category: Health & Beauty

The mix of natural ingredients at the base of each product and the captivating fragrances make their line extremely competitive.

2. QueenNoble


Warehouse Location: United States
Ships: Worldwide
Shipping Time: 3-16 business days
Product Category: Home & Garden, Gift & Gadgets

All products are manufactured and shipped from the US, EU, Canada, Australia, and the UK. All items are designed uniquely by QueenNoble.

3. Burker Watches

Burker Watches

Warehouse Location: Netherlands
Ships to: Europe, Canada, USA, UAE
Shipping Time: 1-4 business days
Product Category: Fashion

Burker Watches is a brand for women. Based in Amsterdam. Moving with the times gets a whole new meaning at Burker Watches. Time is of the essence, to them. It’s in the heart of their business. It’s the time your customers wear on their wrists.

4. Dutybox AU&NZ Pty Ltd

Dutybox AU&NZ Pty Ltd

Warehouse Location: Australia
Ships to: Australia
Shipping Time: 2-12 business days
Product Category: Home & Garden, Eco-friendly

DutyBox Australia helps fight single-use plastic consumption by offering eco-friendly concentrated cleaning products, cleaning refills, subscription boxes, and supplies delivered to Australian homes.

5. Labante London

Labante London

Warehouse Location: United States
Ships to: United States
Shipping Time: 1-7 business days
Product Category: Fashion

Established in 2009 – LaBante London is a PETA Approved Vegan brand, founded by Vanita Badlani a lifelong vegetarian. LaBante is a cruelty-free, sustainable brand that makes the most luxurious cruelty-free clothing and accessories with an ethos of ‘Fashion With Respect’.

6. Lunar Treasures

Lunar Treasures

Warehouse Location: United Kingdom
Ships to: Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Oceania
Shipping Time: 3-10 business days
Product Category: Fashion

A professional artist for over 20 years as well as a painting they make unique jewellery pieces that they design with the aim to consciously help heal and empower the wearer, mostly portraying wild animals and nature.

Pro Tip:

If you are already working with a Syncee supplier, don’t forget to write a review of them. By doing so, you’ll not only help the work of other retailers but also give honest feedback to the supplier itself. Think about what the impact of others’ reviews is on your choices when it comes to finding the right supplier for your dropshipping business.

Check out other suppliers on Syncee Marketplace now!

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