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Place the Syncee Badge on Your Site as a Syncee Supplier!

If you are available on Syncee Marketplace as a supplier we have great news for you! By placing the Syncee Badge on your website you can earn extra money for your business and you can also prove to your retailers that you are absolutely worth cooperating with!

What is it all about? We have created a marketing asset for those suppliers who are listed on Syncee Marketplace. We also made guidelines for them on how to use it on their websites, digital display ads, or in email. It has several advantages why it worth for suppliers to use our Syncee Badge besides it can contribute to their website’s whole appearance and make their business look even more professional. You do not have to do anything, it is, of course, completely free for you to use our cool badge. What’s more, you can get paid for it. Let’s see how!

The Benefits of Using the Syncee Badge as a Supplier?

  • Merchants can see that your products are available on a reliable B2B Marketplace that means you are a verified supplier.
  • You can offer a powerful technological solution for product data management for retailers.
  • If merchants see you are available on Syncee Marketplace it can be a reason for choosing you as a partner.
  • Merchants can see where else they can get your products.
  • You can gain extra money.

Gain Extra Money as a Supplier. Be Our Affiliate Partner!

If you place the Syncee Badge on your website you do not only promote Syncee but you will also get commission after retailer subscriptions as you can add a referral link to the badge. For this, you have to join the Syncee Affiliate Program. You can bring new subscribers to Syncee. You get a 20% recurring commission for each referred customer. You get a $25 extra cash reward after referring three customers.

Here are our two official badges for using the Syncee brand when you market your business. You can download the Syncee Badge by registering to our Partner program!

Syncee Badge

Where to Place the Syncee Badge on Your Website?

  • It is recommended to create a Dropshipping info page on your site where you can talk about why it is beneficial for retailers to sell your products. On this page, you can share that you are a listed supplier on Syncee Marketplace and tell the advantages of it.
  • We also suggest placing the Syncee Ad Badge in the footer of your website where the visitors of your online store usually scroll to find menus or info to learn more about you.

Guidelines of Using the Syncee Badge

To keep the consistency across the Syncee brand, the asset we provide shouldn’t be altered in any way. We ask you NOT TO:

  • Crop any part of the badge
  • Stretch or squash the badge
  • Rotate or tilt the badge
  • Modify the colors
  • Add a gradient or shadow
  • Animate the badge
  • Accessorize the badge or layer other images over the top of it
  • Add a border or treatment around the badge
  • Layer the badge over another logo or branded image

Don’t Use Our Badge in Any of These Ways

Don't alter or remove parts of the badge
Don’t alter or remove parts of the badge
Don't stretch or squash
Don’t stretch or squash
Don't rotate or tilt
Don’t rotate or tilt
Don't use busy backgrounds
Don’t use busy backgrounds
Don't add gradients or shadows
Don’t add gradients or shadows
Don't change colors
Don’t change colors


The badge shouldn’t be smaller than 30 pixels in height. It should have clear space around it equal to the size of the Syncee bag icon on the image. Please d not place any typography, imagery, and graphical images inside the clear space.

Do You Like This Idea?

If you want to join our Affiliate Program as a supplier and would like to download our badge assets, register for our partner program. To learn more about how much money you can make with it, or about other details, check the other articles of the Syncee Affiliate Program in our Help Center.

Are you new to Syncee? Bring your always updating datafeed file, or install our supplier application from Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Ecwid by Lightspeed, Jumpseller, or Shoprenter, and get listed easily in Syncee Marketplace!

Get the Syncee Badge, and Join the Program Now!

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