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Email Marketing Best Practices to Boost Campaign Conversion Rate

Email is still considered as the most used platform for communication and is used by corporates all over the world. 

It may be one of the oldest sources of communication but it shows no signs that it will be outdated anytime soon. This is not only because it is used by the mass on a very huge scale but also because it is known to be worth the effort. 

Email Marketing is known to generate 40 dollars for every dollar you spend!

And that explains the wide use of Emails time and time again. 

Email Marketing is really effective but still, marketers don’t fetch the return that they otherwise can. Why do you think that’s the case?

Despite putting a lot of mind and effort into Email Marketing, marketers continue to be ineffective with their practices and lose out on revenue that they can tap through Email Marketing.

Let us understand below what practices need to be improved while Marketing your Campaigns to Boost your Campaign Conversion Rate!

Best Practices to Boost Email Marketing Campaign Conversion Rate 

There is no guaranteed way to ensure maximum results for the Email Marketing Campaigns that you design. However, there are a few practices that are often not carried the way they are supposed to be or are neglected and thereby don’t fetch the desired results. 

Let us discuss some of the practices that are not carried out in their best forms while designing the campaign and thereby do not fetch you the conversions that you aim.

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1. Change your Inefficient and Boring Subject Lines to Catchy and Powerful Subject Lines

Do you just receive Emails that are important to you or the ones you want to read?

No, right?

Everyone’s Email Inbox is overfilled with a huge number of emails every day and no one in this fast-paced world has all the time to go about reading each and every email that lands in his inbox. 

So, what exactly do you think is the criteria for the receiver to decide to open his email?

Subject Lines. Yes, Believe it or not, that’s the deciding factor for the Open rates for your marketing campaigns! 

Boring cliché subject lines have a very low probability of opening. You need to set yourself apart from these and find ways to make your headlines fun and effective!

Make sure that your headlines and subject lines hype the recipient, make him excited, and trigger him to open your email. After all, the higher the open rate, the higher the possibilities of a better conversion rate. 

However, what you need to make sure is that you do not want to over hype the reader i.e clickbait the recipient, because that would disappoint him and you would lose out on a chance to convert him. 

According to a study, Tweaking your Subject lines and making them interesting helps boost your Open Rate by 3X. 

So now you know the secret behind setting the first step right in your Email Marketing journey, get working on having fun with triggering, bold, and interesting Subject Lines.

2. Switch to Segmenting Emails right from the start 

If you are sending out your emails thinking that all the people on your list are a member of a group and want to be at the receiving end of everything you have to say, YOU ARE WRONG! 

That’s exactly why you are not seeing the results from your marketing campaigns! 

According to research, this is the biggest underlying problem with non performing Email Marketing Campaigns. A lot of marketers do not emphasize much on segmenting lists before sending their emails. 

Therefore, it is important that you segment your lists based on demographics such as age, gender, location, and the preferences of the receivers. 

Segmented Lists will help you get better Open Rates as well as Click Through Rates, thereby increasing your overall Conversion Rate for your Campaign. 

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3. Step up your game by Providing Something of Value to your Receiver

Email Marketing is NOT as simple as it seems. It is an effective tool only if you do it right.

Most marketers keep sending out content without assessing the needs of the receiver and assume to get open on the emails. 

In this process, they forget all about the interests and the needs of the receiver and do not even care about the frequency of emails they are sending out. 

Assuming to get more Open Rates, Click-Through Rates, and Conversion Rates just by sending content through Emails is not the best way to go about getting that return. This is not the strategy you should adopt to reap the benefits of email marketing

The more realistic way to approach your readers through Email Marketing Campaigns is by offering them Content of Value. In order to do that, you should base your ideology behind sending your emails to your receivers to gain their trust.

That way, you will make your delivery based on their needs and interests.

Email Marketing is more than just emails filled with information and content. It is more about your journey with your subscriber through all the stages. It is the means to nurture them and make them feel like they can trust you. That’s your way to becoming a loyal brand Image.

An email from you represents your Brand’s Image.

So next time you plan on sending an email, do read the email twice from the receiver’s point of view and tweak the content based on his persona of needs and interests. Make sure your emails focus on providing a solution to your recipient’s problem. 

Don’t spam your recipients, don’t just offer them Informational content about your product or service. 

Instead, focus on building a journey with them by giving them some informational content, providing them with offers of value, tell them how you helped another client going through the same problem and let them trust you and believe in you. 

4. Make your Emails mobile Friendly

Gone are the days when people used to open their emails only on a desktop. The majority of the population today is always on their phone.

Most Emails, on the other hand, are written and optimized based on a desktop view. 

And Most Valuable Conversions go right there! Great well thought content- All goes in vain because the Email is not mobile optimized.

Mobile Optimized Emails differ in nature and it’s essential that a desktop optimized email is also made mobile friendly. Content that is visible ‘above the fold’ on a desktop differs on mobile and often goes unnoticed by the user because he does not have the time nor the interest to scroll so much. 

Content such as videos or images may not appear the same on the mobile as they may do on the desktop. Therefore, it is important that the content you want to put on display is also absorbed by the reader the same way on the mobile.

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5. Use Personalization in your Emails to make them feel Special

Personalization is the major key to reach your customer. The impact that a personal Email leaves on a recipient is very different from what a general email does.

Personalized Emails seem to boost the overall interaction with the recipient. Such a Marketing Campaign draws interest from the receiver and triggers them into taking action as well.

Some of the ways you can add personalization while communicating with your leads through your Email Campaigns are as follows:

  • Add the Recipient’s name to the emails: Adding the recipient’s name in the email instantly draws interest, builds trust, and takes attention.
  • Sending Cart Abandonment Emails: Sending these emails is a great way of following up with your receiver and telling him that you care about their choices and it’s a way of reminding them to buy what they once liked.
  • Give them promotional offers: Send them promotional offers on the products or services they liked and drive them to make a purchase.
  • Suggest Similar picks or upgrades based on their preferences: This is a great way of personalizing emails and showing your clients that you care about them and are giving them a way to supercharge their purchase by suggesting upgrades of value. 

Personalization is not just restricted to Emails. You can use personalization all across your communication touchpoints with your consumers. Optimizing your Websites based on personalization is a great tool too to boost your performance.

Personalization makes the receiver feel special and valued. It is a powerful tool to make the recipient want to take action and it works on the psychology of the receiver very well.

Go get personalizing with your subscribers and make them feel special!


There is no hard and fast rule for the best converting Email Marketing Campaigns.  

However, what is important is to maintain a healthy relationship with your subscriber and to make them feel valued. Make sure that you nurture your leads in the best way possible to turn your leads into paying customers. 

A subscriber who trusts you and who believes that you hold their best interest at heart will go a long journey with you and will stick by you throughout. 

Email Marketing is the king when it comes to the most effective communication channel and it’s not going anywhere and is here to stay. 

Therefore, to level up your Email game, it is necessary to learn these tweaks and apply these practices in your Email Marketing Campaign Strategy.

Now that you know the areas you can improve upon while creating your Email Marketing Campaigns, it’s time you get started on designing effective Email Marketing Campaign.

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