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Top 50 products to sell in winter 2019

Winter is here and as the season changes, it’s time again to consider what products are worth selling or focusing on in your online store. If you have trouble finding the best idea, this list is for you with its 50 cool ideas.

Boost your sales with any of the product ideas we mention below! With our list we target new online store owners who are just looking for inspiration to finetune their product ideas on what to sell, and we also recommend this article for those businesses who want to find ways to broaden their existing store’s range. If you are not yet sure what niche products your target market has, and what kind of items customers are interested in, read our related article to find it out easily.

Some of the products on the list are evergreen, so they are not only recommended for this season but for a longer period of time.


winter products

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Product Recommendation for Winter

See the brief description beneath the images and check whether the idea suits your dream e-commerce business.

1. Pocket scarf

pocket scarf, image source of the scarf:

Scarf with a hidden pocket. Isn’t it an awesome idea? Sell it, and be unique on the market. It’s a safe clothing item, your customers don’t have to be afraid anymore, they can put their cellphone, keys or money in this hidden pocket, nobody will steal them.

2. Touchscreen gloves

touchscreen gloves

There is no better experience in winter when you can keep your hands warm and you are also able to use your smartphone at the same time. Touchscreen gloves can ensure that you can do it. Make your customers feel pleased with a product like this!

3. Pajamas


A nice and warm pajama can be a good product niche. Choose those clothing items that have a unique style, but don’t forget about the simple ones as well!

4. Phone case

phone case

People’s phone case can reflect their personality. Children like to show their friends their newest cell phone cases at school. Also, everyone likes to hold their smartphones on the bus or train, or just watch it as it lays on the desk in a pretty or cool cover. As long as smartphones are on the market, cases will always be needed.

5. Winter coat

winter coat

Sell good-looking, fashionable and warm winter coats in your online store! You don’t have to sell only these clothing items of course, it can be your highlighted product at this time of the year.

6. Boots


Check out the boots that are currently the coolest on the market, and sell them. Make your customers satisfied as they want to look good in winter just as well as in the rest of the year.

7. Winter sneakers

winter sneakers

If someone likes to dress up in a sporty style, they can still dress up wearing sneakers in the coldest days too. Well… you can sell them winter sneakers!

8. Waterproof shoes

waterproof shoes

Let children jump into the “biggest” puddles. Also, don’t be worried about your own shoes when it’s raining. Share this message with your customers and sell cool waterproof shoes to them.

9. Shoe dryer

shoe dryer, image source: aliexpress

Isn’t it a cool—I mean warm—idea? If the weather is wet outside, people can dry their shoes with ease. They just need to buy this unique product from you.

10. Wooden watch and Smartwatch

wooden watch and smartwatch

Watches are good accessories for both women and men, and for children too. There are a lot of unique styles and ideas out there to provide them. Think about watches that are minimalist, fitness, smart, wooden, futuristic, and other special ones. It’s always a good idea to sell because people like wearing these and always want to know what time it is by just taking a look at their wrist.

11. Electric blanket

electric blanket

There is no better thing than jumping in a bed that is already warm—because of using an electric blanket. Share this experience with everyone!

12. Pet jacket

pet jacket

Do not forget about pets when its cold outside. Put nice and comfortable coats on them so that they can enjoy their time on the daily walks when it’s winter as well.

13. Pet house

pet house

Do you sell pet products? Consider selling pet houses as well, so that people’s pets can have their private place too.

14. Sweater


Ugly sweater, pretty sweater, it doesn’t matter. You can sell them even in December, January, February, or anytime the weather requires it.

15. Oversized coat

oversized coat

If you sell fashion products, it’s good to put oversized coats into your selection. Women like this leisure style nowadays.

16. Hooded sweatshirt

hooded sweatshirt

Let children, men and women to be cool, and sell hooded sweatshirts to them. It’s a comfortable, warm and good-looking clothing product.

17. Warm slippers

warm slippers

Everyone likes to be fancy, and everyone likes comfy and pretty accessories. Sell warm slippers for men and women as well, choose the best ones.

18. Funny socks

funny socks

It’s not just about providing “funny” socks. They can have any cool design, you, the retailer, the manufacturer just need to have a good imagination. It’s a good idea to make someone’s day with this product.

19. Bag


Many people often need a new bag for school, for work, and in a style that reflects their personality. Sell trendy accessories, and let others shine with their cool new bag that is from your online store.

20. Jewelry


People like wearing jewelry throughout the whole year. They show everyone what they have, they can express who they are with these accessories. Suppliers have a lot of pretty and fashionable products that are worth considering. Women want to be glamorous. Find the best supplier for your taste, find your niche in the jewelry market.

21. Makeup products

makeup products

Selling beauty products is a good idea if you want to make women happy. As for makeup items, you can sell makeup itself, brushes, sponges, mirrors, serums, lotions, and everything you wish.

22. Natural skincare products

natural skincare products

Skincare is getting to a more and more important position nowadays as on the internet bloggers and vloggers highlight the importance of them and these products got really popular.

23. Face mask

face mask

If you sell cosmetic products, it’s good to choose face masks to put those in your online store’s catalog. There’s always something new and popular formula that people want to try so bad. You can see a lot of bloggers and YouTubers trying out face masks as affiliates and because of it, a lot of their fans start to use those products and post about them.

24. Matcha and other special tea


There’s a lot of tea that has a good effect on people. There are more reasons why people buy for example matcha tea—that is green tea powder which can be used for food or other drinks too—, simple green tea, any special tea or even mate. These products can have good effects on mood or health, or people just drink it to enjoy their time, or they just like the taste of them, and other teas are trendy as well.

25. Perfume


Smelling a good scent on yourself or on someone else’s body is always a mind-blowing experience. A lot of women and men feel uncomfortable using perfume on their skin, it’s time for everyone to pick the most pleasant scents. Provide a wide range of fragrances in your online store from reliable suppliers.

26. Personal planners

personal planner

Personal planners are getting more and more popular nowadays. People like to do creative activities like creating their own planner notebooks, or just having a cool-designed, unique one from the store what they always like to stare at. Have you ever heard about bullet journal notebooks? These things are about creating your own planner notebook in the way you want, color them, draw in them, write quotes in them and so on.

27. Phone charger

phone charger

Don’t let people struggle because of their smartphone dying when they need to use it so much. Provide the coolest products to them. Phone chargers that they can take everywhere they go, and also, do not forget about wireless devices, there’s a huge demand on the market for them.

28. Wi-Fi mini camera

wi-fi mini camera, image source: chinavasion

People use mini Wi-Fi cameras in more places. To protect their flat, to do video chat. Just make sure that you promote the items with a good message.

29. Phone grip

phone grip, image source: menkind

This is a really useful product since everyone holds their phone in their hands all day long. Help them to protect their phone, help them not to drop it accidentally, sell them phone grip!

30. Baby clothing, toys

baby clothing, toys

Content about pregnant women, newborn babies, toddlers, and products for them are getting more and more popular on social media, and blogs. It’s good to do affiliate programmes, you will get more purchases. What’s really up to date now is organic baby food and quality, educational, special toys. People try to live more healthy nowadays than before, the interest in a healthy lifestyle is bigger than ever, and parents want to give the same to their babies too.

31. Beanies


Beanies are really cool and fashionable. Sell these items as well in your online store and check how your sells will soar.

32. Designer, logical toys

designer, logical toys

Logical toys are for creative minds. Anyone can use them regardless of whether they are 12 or 50 years old. These can be good products to use for a good pastime and relaxation. It’s time to spend a little more time inside. You can have fun with these logical toys, and they are also good decorations too.

33. Fandom products

fandom products

Try to hop on trends immediately if you want to sell fandom items. You have to be up to date with the current trends—movies, series, games, music, YouTube—or choose suppliers that are up-to-date in this. You can sell posters, figures, mini sculptures, human-size characters, mouse pad, clothing, phone cases, flags, mugs, toys and anything you can imagine. It’s always a good idea to sell fandom products because there’s always some content in popular media that people live for. Be careful, don’t sell copyrighted items.

34. Pillowcase


Design pillowcases are usually a clue to make our home to have a good atmosphere. They look good, and it feels better to sit or lie down to a place where you can have a pretty or unique pillow next to you.

35. Bedding


It is the best thing if the bedding looks amazing. Don’t you think? Sell well-designed and high-quality items in your online store and provide a good place where people can get nice bedding.

36. Home décor

 home décor

There is no place like home, and it’s good to have a flat or house that have a nice decoration, and people feel well there. Find suppliers that can provide high-quality, unique and good-looking home décor products and let people style their home in the best way with products from your online store.

37. Special, unique mug

special, unique mug

In winter, people like to have hot drinks like cocoa, hot chocolate, coffee or tea. What else would be as cool as having a unique mug or cup with a special design? Consider it, and sell this kind of products too in your online store.

38. Lingerie, underwear


Every woman and man want to look great. With a sexy lingerie, they can make their lives more exciting when they spend time with their partner. Cool underwear for men is also good to have. And it’s not just about it. Beside special products, you should also sell the basic pieces that can make people feel comfortable. Don’t think about it twice, it’s a good market to hop on.

39. Party dress

party dress

Women have to shine all year long. Show them pretty party dresses and let all of them feel they are queens at every event they go to.

40. Wallet


People feel themselves better when they have a leather wallet. Consider not just about selling bags but also these items. Or you can decide only to sell these ones, that can be your niche. If you do advertising great, it can skyrocket among men and women who like buying wallets as a gift.

41. Smart backpack

smart backpack

Smart, smart… everything is smart. It’s not a bad thing because smart products are useful in everyday life. Smart backpacks can be useful to those—for instance, entrepreneurs—who travel a lot. These digital accessories can come with chargers, USB ports, Bluetooth or anything else, but everything—the material of the backpack itself—has to be durable.

42. Fitness products

fitness products

One of the most popular field in selling clothing in web stores is sportswear. The reason is that people like training and doing sports and they can wear those items fashionably. These products can be trainers, jogging trousers, shirts, sports socks, towels, water bottles, fitness trackers, caps, phone and key holders, and also nutritional supplements for as much as we are talking about sports stuff.

43. Adult products

adult products

It’s always good to have fun with your partner. Maybe these products seem to be invisible, but it has a big market worldwide, even in your country. People like trying these items, they like enjoying life this way too. If you want to sell adult products like sex toys, sexy lingerie, and other erotic products, make sure that customers, visitors will know that you do your job discreetly.

44. Thermos


A thermos or a reusable water bottle? It doesn’t matter. As for the environment and people’s own health, it’s not recommended, moreover, some say that it’s dangerous to drink from a standard water bottle, again and again, reuse one all the time. You can sell bottles made of glass, for example, that are having a pretty design for anyone. And a thermos is also good if you want to make sure that people will be able to keep their drink warm.

45. Innovative shakers

innovative shakers

Sell innovative bodybuilding supplement shakers. Help customers to get the smoothest supplement shakes in a few seconds. These products can have a fully detachable motor for easy cleaning, don’t have to be afraid of spills from shaking, people can forget about cheap, replaceable plastic shakers and chunks in the shake or chemicals from plastic. These have an athlete-tested ergonomic design.

46. Candle


Candles with a good scent are everything. Sell ones that not just smells good but looks amazing too. It’s a pretty way to make the atmosphere special and to have it as a cool home décor element.

47. Drone


Drones became a part of our everyday lives, not just professionals use them in events and for media content. Now everyone wants to have their own drones. Adults, teenagers, everybody. Just to have fun. It’s an exciting hobby.

48. Design lamp

special lamp eplight

Special lamps have a good market. It’s good to have mood lighting in your home. What people like nowadays are special but solid, well-designed and futuristic lamps. Those can be rose gold ones, standing items, or lamps that have a shape that people can be related to.

49. Steel straws

steel straws

Reusable, metal straws are trending now. A lot of people are passionate about environmental issues. It’s good, that customers don’t have to buy plastic straws again and again, and they won’t ingest chemicals from the straw’s material. It’s not recommended to re-use plastic products again and again if someone wants to stay healthy. And it’s good that a thin cleaning brush is available on the market for this kind of metal straws.

50. Lunchbox

lunchbox, image source:

Sell food boxes or containers so that people can do their weekly meal prep activity effectively, and simply so that they can pack their lunch safely when going to work.

Have you found your winning idea?

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