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What Happened With Syncee in The First Half of 2021?

Dropshipping with Syncee is a great experience for new and existing stores as well! Merchants can always find fine-tuned new and updated features on our constantly evolving platform. This year, 2021, has already been full of great happenings in our company’s life.

We do not only offer helpful, user-friendly solutions and a transparent, multilingual platform but Syncee Marketplace is also full of millions of high-profit products that help online businesses to get on the next level. Join us in this rewind and let’s see together what were the biggest milestones in the life of Syncee and what new features have become available for merchants in the first half of 2021.

We always listen to our clients’ needs and consider their advice this is how we can make sure our service will best meet their expectations. We never stop evolving! By the feedback we received so far regarding our new features and goals we reached, our merchants are satisfied with all we offer.

What Happened With Syncee in The First Half of 2021?

#1 Available On More Ecommerce Platforms

Regarding our application being available on more ecommerce platforms, in 2021 we didn’t stop supporting more new services. At the beginning of this year, Syncee has become available on WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, and KMO Shops as well!

#2 Syncee is in 8 Different Languages

Syncee has become a multilingual platform. Merchants can use our dropshipping solution in the language they are the most confident with. We know how important it is to be convenient with the language you have to use when working with a service.

#3 Improved Supplier Storefronts

On Syncee Marketplace retailers can check and leverage the advantages of supplier storefronts. They can see the full product range of a chosen supplier, can set filters and can pick products one-by-one from them or in bulk to upload goods to their store conveniently. The user experience by accessing improved supplier storefronts got better for retailers. Moreover, they can access all important information on one page as well.

Improved Supplier Storefronts

#4 Hundreds of New Reliable Suppliers

The number of suppliers being available with their products on Syncee Marketplace is constantly growing. In 2021, hundreds of reliable suppliers have joined our platform, small and wonderful businesses, and also world-known and trendy companies as well such as Wish Wholesale, Glowroad, or Alibaba Dropshipping.

#5 Better Performance in Bulk Upload

We encourage retailers to upload products in bulk to their online store to not just have a unified product range but to make everyday management processes be easier. Moreover, by having more products in your store than just a dozen, depending on what you sell, you can potentially have more traffic and sales. Our platform has become faster, and the performance of synchronizing products in bulk to stores has become better.

#6 Highlights: Top-Selling and Newest Suppliers

To help you with the decision on who to partner with, which supplier to pick products from, we have implemented a new section to the homepage of Syncee Marketplace where you can find our top-selling suppliers and the newest suppliers as well.

Top-Selling and Newest Suppliers

#7 Four Million High-Profit Products

The number of products available on Syncee Marketplace is growing rapidly in parallel with the increasing number of suppliers. These products are high-profit ones with fast shipping, moreover, the assortment covers hundreds of product categories as well. Finding the best items for their business for retailers is easy on our marketplace.

#8 More Effective Catalog Settings

Not just the general catalog settings but the individual product settings have become more effective for Syncee Marketplace users. We have extended the features available in this section. Like this, you can make sure all settings will be relevant to your needs when you synchronize products to your online store.

See Yourself How Syncee Improved in 2021!

You can dropship products easily with the help of Syncee in your online store as the whole user experience got even better than it was before. It was only the first half of 2021! We are full of new ideas and are working on other great features we will provide our clients in the remaining month of 2021 and after. Stay up-to-date with what’s new with Syncee by regularly visiting our blog!

If you haven’t yet started with Syncee, install our application from Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Ecwid by Lightspeed, Jumpseller, Shoprenter, or KMO Shops.

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