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Syncee Rewind: 2020, a Year Full of Success

2020 is not a year that will stay in people’s minds as a period full of joy. The world’s health situation affected our society so much and the economy also got wounded. However, we shouldn’t forget about focusing on good happenings in life. Tiny and great successful moments are both important elements of our days. Our team has also kept on doing the hard work, thus we can say: we reached many of our goals in 2020.

We never stop listening to our clients’ needs. We always consider their advice, and we also do market analysis thus our service always keeps evolving. Reading our retailers’ and suppliers’ feedback, we can happily say: the updates and new features we have created mean so much help for their business.

Join us in this rewind, and travel back in time with us to see what happened with Syncee in 2020. We are going to share some moments with you from the life of our team, and we are also going to focus on what technical developments we have made on our platform. You can see all of these happening on a timeline below.

Syncee Marketplace 2020

2020, a Year Full of Success

We are having a successful year behind us. Some of the most important things we have achieved in 2020 are publishing a whole new version of our application, we started to support more ecommerce platforms, and we launched a supplier application as well along with many new useful features for both retailers and suppliers. The number of our retail clients has grown rapidly, and we started to cooperate with lots of new great, reliable suppliers, many of them being well-known around the world.


At the very beginning of 2020, we managed our customer service duties in the same smooth and effortless way as always. While our clients didn’t notice anything, in the background our whole team was working diligently on the new version of Syncee. We were so excited as we knew the developments we were creating will mean so much help for merchants.


It was the time when the first, most significant milestone occurred in 2020 in the life of Syncee. On the 23rd of March, we have launched the new version of our application. Moreover, this month we also published our new website as well.

We completely changed our design on every platform. Our service got a modern, minimalist but artsy look. Our main color and thus our logo has also changed! We left the vibrant light blue/almost turquoise color and started to use a deep blue shade.

As for the technical part:

  • We separated Syncee’s two main solutions and started to refer to them as Syncee DataFeed Manager and Syncee Marketplace.
  • The Syncee Supplier Exchange (SSE) got a new name: Syncee Marketplace. It also got new features.
  • From this time on, products can be picked and uploaded to the retailers’ store one-by-one, and not just in bulk via our marketplace.
  • Retailers can collect their chosen products in catalogs and manage unique settings on them.
  • Suppliers got their own, unique, separated dashboard on Syncee. They can manage their own settings, can check their products and retailers. We work with suppliers who can provide datafeed files, or run on Shopify.
  • We released the Syncee Messenger where suppliers and retailers could communicate directly in a live chat.
  • The look and the way you have to use the application has changed and became more user-friendly. There were many other developments in the background.

We went home office for a few months, and this is how we had to manage the biggest changes in Syncee’s life.

From this time we have started to use the ending ‘.co’ after our urls and email addresses instead of ‘.io’.

Syncee Marketplace Products


In the middle of April 2020, we have launched the Syncee for Suppliers application on Shopify. From this time our general, global Syncee application is not used by all of our merchants. Only by retailers. Suppliers who run their online store on Shopify got their own Syncee Shopify application.


From this month Syncee is available on more ecommerce platforms. On the first day of the month, we have launched our retailer and supplier application on Jumpseller, a Portuguese platform. Then, on the 12th of May our apps have become available on Shoprenter too which is a Hungarian ecommerce platform.


The number of merchants who are using Syncee has started to grow rapidly thanks to the new features we started to provide in 2020, and also thanks to our individual supplier application. We did our best to create helpful content for both retailers and suppliers, for example, we made video helps too.


We have expanded our team. We doubled the number of colleagues working at Syncee. It was the beginning of new beautiful friendships. The number of our merchant clients has grown, and now we could provide better customer service for them like this. Also, we still had more plans regarding new features and the number of our developers has also grown.


We wanted to cover customer service tasks in a bigger period of time. This is why we started to have almost 24/7 customer support so we can help our merchants more, no matter where they are in the world.

Find Suppliers in Syncee


It was another really important time in 2020. We launched a long-waited feature in our application, the Auto Order. It is available for each of our retailers, but at this time for only those suppliers who run their online store on Shopify. For suppliers, we are working on providing this service for more of them of course. With Auto Order retailers don’t have to go to the suppliers’ online store to order products, they can manage everything via Syncee.

There is another news, and it affects mostly suppliers. From this time they can be Private Suppliers as well in Syncee Marketplace. They can manage their own retail network via our platform, in one place, where every necessary and useful solution is available for them.

Furthermore, we have also made another useful feature available for Syncee Marketplace users. It is the product variant renaming we can do in bulk from now on.


Our developers—like all the time—were working on new great solutions which we were planning to launch in December and in the beginning of 2021.

During this month we also released the Auto Order function for Shoprenter users, suppliers as well so they can enjoy the benefits of this solution as well.


As the last big step of 2020, we have published our applications on Ecwid by Lightspeed which is another well-known ecommerce platform, located in California, USA, and Russia as well. From now on retailers and suppliers who run their service on Ecwid by Lightspeed can also manage products using Syncee.

What Can We Say About Syncee’s 2020 in General?

2020 had its own hardships in many ways. However, it was one of the most successful years in Syncee’s history. We released many new features and solutions for merchants—so many we couldn’t even mention all in this article—, we have become available on more ecommerce platforms, just to mention a few Syncee news. We promise you we will not stop evolving. We already have great plans for 2021, and we are currently working on some great news for you. Just to give you a little hint: our app will be available on more and more ecommerce platforms so those merchants can also enjoy our service who couldn’t before.

Stay tuned for new Syncee updates and quality articles!

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