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Supplier Product Listing

As a supplier, it is one of the biggest challenges to find a solution to provide product data to retailers. This is why we created a system that helps in the automatic, daily product data uploads & updates.

We look for suppliers to list in the Syncee Marketplace who have products in stock, and can serve to local and/or international partners.

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Syncee Supplier Product Upload Functions

Product Upload from Files

Do you have a datafeed file that contains all of your product data and is constantly updating?

List your product in our Marketplace by uploading your file into our system using an URL or FTP connection. Use CSV, XML, XLS(X) or JSON file formats.

  • Field mapping: An easy way to map the product fields you want to use.

  • Filter settings: Choose which of your products you would like to offer in the Marketplace.
Syncee Supplier Product Upload Functions

Direct Product Upload from Store​

Are you using an ecommerce platform to manage/sell your products that Syncee supports? We offer a quick & easily solution to list your products in our Marketplace.

Install our App into your store. Choose your own store as a product source. Use one of our ecommerce templates to integrate your products in a few steps.

supply products
Syncee Supplier Product Upload Functions

Manual Product Upload

If you have only a few products, you can easily upload them to our Marketplace manually, and keep them updated.

  • Categorize your products

  • Add product description

  • Upload images

  • Manage variants

  • + Many more!

Manage your Retailers and Orders

In your Syncee supplier account you can not only manage your products and make settings about your Marketplace listing. You can also access retailer client and order information, analytics!

Syncee My Retailers

List of your Retailers

You can check a unique list of the resellers who are using your products via Syncee.

Would you like to decide in advance which retailer you let to sell your virtual products? Set this option to be active in our App.

Please note, if this setting is inactive in your account, you cannot control who sells your products, and you cannot tell any retailer to stop selling your items.

Syncee Order Routing

Orders from your Retailers

We supply you the retailers’ order data automatically in a scheduled time, six times/day. You can access the order details in your Syncee account.

  • List the order information by retailers.

  • Export the data into a CSV file if needed.
Syncee Notifications

Get Notifications from Syncee

Suppliers receive the most important notifications in their Syncee account on the Notification sidebar.

  • Product Sync notifications

  • New retailer notifications

  • Order Sync notifications
syncee messenger
Syncee Messenger

Chat with Your Retailers

In the Syncee Messenger retailers and suppliers can easily contact each other and have a direct chat anytime, without any limitation.

Once resellers find you and wish to cooperate with you, you can be in constant contact with them in Syncee.

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