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What to Sell in 2021? – Best Dropshipping Products and Niches

Are you just thinking about what to sell in 2021 in your online store? Even if you are new to ecommerce or you are having an established e-business, you can be at the stage of being puzzled about what niche and products to focus on in your store this year. We hope our list below can be inspirational for you for a headstart.

First of all, before you start focusing on what to sell in 2021 in depths, it is better to examine the question ‘how‘ to find a niche or winning item for your market, for your business. No one can find a winner idea for you. You have to do market research. The lists as ours below are just for getting inspiration. It can work the same way as what happens when you are sitting on the train and all of a sudden a great product idea comes to your mind. Maybe one of the products below would work well on your market, but maybe just because of an item below a random niche crosses your mind.

What to sell in 2021?

Brief Guide: How to Choose The Best Product to Sell?

  • Check lists of ‘what to sell’ for inspiration but do not pin your faith to them fully. Be your own best source of your own winner idea on your market.
  • Make market research.
  • Check your potential competitor-to-be brands, stores.
  • Examine what is missing from your target audience’s market.
  • What hobbies and topics are you passionate about?
  • Have you ever wanted to get something from your local (online) market, but you couldn’t?
  • What are the trending products currently?
  • Which lifestyles have the most ‘followers’ in the last 1 year?
  • Check marketplaces for inspiration, and fill your store directly from these services.
  • Browse on social media, check popular vloggers.
  • Use Google Trends to find out if a product is indeed popular.

What to Sell in 2021?

Deciding on what to sell in 2021 is not easy—well, it never is, no matter which year we are in. Maybe it sounds a bit odd, but if you are not sure about what you want to sell, you just want an online store to ‘get money easily’ then maybe you shouldn’t open an e-store yet. Why? Because it is important to be passionate about what you are caring about every day. Without this, you can’t succeed.

However, it is not this easy, we know. Maybe you have some ideas but are not sure which one is better to focus on. Or, maybe our list will open your eyes to realizing you do have topics you are passionate about, you just needed some helpful boost to get to know what to sell in 2021.

Find Products to Sell

In previous years, there were always some outstanding products on the market. Do you remember the fidget spinner or phone grips? We are just at the beginning of an exciting period again. This time next year we will check what was 2021’s ‘fidget spinner’, and we will be curious about your own decision on what to sell in 2021.

1. Eco-friendly Products

Environmental questions are very important. Fortunately, more and more people have started to focus on buying environmentally friendly products. When you are thinking of what to sell in 2021, it is something you can give a try. You should make your store be unique in your own way, to be different than other similar e-shops. The category of eco-friendly items is just a base idea for you. Now it’s your turn to make something outstanding from it. What can you sell? Bamboo toothbrushes, glass bottles, and glass lunch boxes, steel straws, mobile phone accessories, clothing, hairbrush, shampoo, soap, menstrual cups + more.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: eco-friendlyzero wastefair trade, organic, bamboo, reusable, recycled, sustainable

2. Organic, Natural Products

Organic items stand close to eco-friendly items, but they are not necessarily the same. You can sell almost everything—there are organic products in lots of categories. Think about food, beverage, clothing, makeup, bath and shower products, body lotions, facial creams, and other skincare and beauty items. You have a lot to pick from, and luckily there are so many people who are trying to change their lifestyle and are realizing non-organic products can be harmful not just for the environment but for their health as well. If you are into this lifestyle it is not a question anymore what to sell in 2021.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: organic, fair trade, organic essential oil, natural, organic makeup, vegan

3. Board Games, Puzzles

The tendency in the previous decade was that people started to spend less time with their family. People have and had a “fast” lifestyle. However, now as many individuals have to work from home, and there are no opportunities to go anywhere to have fun, everyone started to look for new activities. Board games and puzzles mean a nice fun time and can bring the members of the family together. Of course, as in indoor activity, it works fine for everyone, for friends, couples as well. If you can’t decide what to sell in 2021, it could be a nice idea to consider.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: board game, quebra-cabeça, jigsaw puzzle, games, party games, card game

Board Game

4. Phone Cases

An online store can focus on only phone cases, but there are so many e-businesses like this already. If you are selling something else, such as clothing items, you can also broaden your selection with phone cases. However, when you are thinking of what to sell in 2021 and you really want to sell only phone cases, you should find a way to make your store special and to give a unique identity to it. Represent a certain style, have a message, and be the king or queen of that certain type of phone case in your location.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: phone case, phone cover, phone protector

5. Air Purifiers & Aromatherapy Diffusers

Air purifiers became really popular in 2020. This is why this product is definitely worth considering when you are deciding on what to sell in 2021 in your store. What does it do to your home or car? As its name says, it purifies the air, makes it be fresher, and is good for your health. Besides this, there are also popular aromatherapy diffusers in which you can add essential oil to bring a nice scent to your home while also purifying the air.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: air purifier, essential oil, aromatherapy diffuser, car air purifier, home air purifier

6. Smart Products

What to sell in 2021 that seems to be futuristic and fancy at the same time? Pick smart products! Nowadays everything is becoming smart, even those objects which you wouldn’t think of. While you are filling your online store with these products just make sure the items are from reliable resources, and they are high-quality pieces. Do not sell cheap, useless products ever, if you want to be successful with your ecommerce business.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: smart, smart product, smart plug, smart light bulb, smart led bulb, smartwatch, smart posture corrector

7. Men’s Products

There are so many stores online whose target audience is women. Beauty products, clothing items, accessories… When it comes to men, the first thing that comes to your mind is DIY products, and other, hobby-, and work-related items. At this time, when you are thinking of what to sell in 2021, consider focusing on men too, on men’s clothing in different kinds of styles, on grooming, men’s beauty products, watches, sunglasses, shower products, fragrance + more.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: men, mens, men’s, grooming, beard, men shirt, men’s watch, men’s shoes, men’s boots

Men's Fashion

8. Personal Planners

Personal planners are still trending! Not just among teen girls but among women too who are studying at the university or having full-time jobs. A little creativity is beneficial for everyone, as it is nice for stress-relief when you are coloring, designing your own personal planner. Furthermore, for many people, it is easier when they are able to see through what their weekly, monthly responsibilities are with the help of these journals. It can be a great product on your list when you are brainstorming what to sell in 2021.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: planner book, diary, journal

9. Health Products, Face Mask

2020 was a year when every people around the world was wearing face masks, and it is highly possible that it will stay like this in the following 1-2 years. No matter what kind of items you are focusing on in your store, face masks probably come to your mind when thinking about what to sell in 2021. No matter what a store’s main category is, jewelry or outdoor items, you can find face masks everywhere. However, these are not the only health products. You can sell vitamins, supplements, medical devices, CBD oils/tablets.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: vitamin, supplement, pills, CBD, CBD oil, essential oil, health care, face mask

10. Fandom Products

If you are thinking of opening an alternative store, or a gift shop, fandom products can come to your mind when thinking of what to sell in 2021. What are some trending movies, series, characters, games, music, social media influencers that worth considering as topics to focus on? Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Baby Yoda, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC just to mention a few of them. Why is it a nice niche to focus on? Because not just youngsters but adults as well are like them. What you have to make sure to not sell fake and copyrighted items without permission.

You can sell basically anything. Towel, figures, mini sculptures, posters, mousepads, phone cases, mugs, clothing pieces, flags, pin badges, bags, bedsheets, cushions, card games, and board games.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: figpin, pin badge, funko pop, Harry Potter, Baby Yoda, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Mandalorian, Game of Thrones, football

11. Fitness, Yoga Products & Activewear

Due to the world’s health situation, more people were kind of forced to work out at home as gyms closed. Furthermore, especially at the beginning of the year, many people make new year’s resolutions that they will start doing sports. Moreover, many women and men want to start working on their “summer body”. We suggest you find manufacturers with whose products you can be unique on your local market. Do not hesitate to pick activewear, yoga, or fitness products when considering what to sell in 2021.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: activewear, sportswear, yoga, fitness, sports accessories, fitness tracker, yoga mats

Sports Shoes

12. Watches

A winner style of these accessories is minimalist watches at the beginning of the ’20s in this century. However, it is not good for you or for the market if everyone is selling the exact same items. This is why you should do market research when deciding what to sell in 2021 relating to watches. Check which style your target audience demands. Make sure to provide high-quality items.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: watch, wristwatch, minimalist watch, wooden watch, smartwatch, military watch, quartz watch, vintage watch

13. Wallets

Elegant and minimalist wallets are the most popular pieces in their category nowadays. When you are considering what to sell in 2021 in your fashion-related store, these items should be considered. Or, it is also not common that an online store is offering only wallets. People usually buy them, and they are good as a gift too. Make sure there is a certain style you want to represent so you can be straightforward with your marketing and your whole online presence.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: wallet, purse, coin purse, card holder

14. Lingerie, Underwear

Lingerie is one of the easiest products to ship. This is why it worth deciding to offer this item in your online store if you have this idea too on your what to sell in 2021 list. There are many styles you can focus on, you just have to make sure they are pretty and comfortable. They can be colorful, vintage, basic, sexy, funny, and can have different shapes.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: lingerie, bras, panties, underwear, socks, boxer, erotic underwear, camisole, shapewear, knickers

15. Cultural Products

We have another idea for you that is probably missing from your local online market. When you are brainstorming about what to sell in 2021 cultural products are probably not the ones that come to your mind immediately. Traditional pieces of chosen cultures are something that probably many people are looking for. Especially those who are living far away from where they were born but would like to get those pieces of clothes or accessories, or food which they liked at home. Make sure the delivery time you offer is short to provide the best service.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: African clothing, Arabic, traditional, religious

16. Baby Products

Baby products are winner ideas especially if you know exactly what is missing in your target audience’s market. If you like children, and you have quite a good knowledge of this topic, what to sell in 2021 is not a relevant question for you anymore. What can you sell? Wooden toys are the absolute winners, but there are baby playmats, clothing, toys, furniture, food, and many more to sell. Do not forget about maternity items too. If what you are selling is organic and eco-friendly it can give an extra boost to your store.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: baby toy, baby clothing, organic baby product, plush toy, maternity, baby food, baby furniture, baby bedding

Colors of The Year

17. Color of The Year

According to Pantone’s scale, there is not just one “color of the year”, there are two! These are the Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5140) and the Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647) which is a shade of yellow. They say the message of these colors together is strength and hopefulness, and they are enduring and uplifting. When thinking of what to sell in 2021 while being fashionable, you can consider selling items by the colors of this year. Convey their message. The products can be pillows, clothing, home decor, and basically anything. Try to use these colors, or any of their shades in your design too.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: pillow, cushion, home decor, sweatshirt, knitwear, bedding, hat, saco, socks, underwear, yellow, grey, gray

18. Pet Products

If you are thinking about what to sell in 2021 relating to pet products there are many categories you can choose from. Snacks, pet food, pet jacket, pet carrier. You can decide if you want to provide aquatic supplies, livestock and farming items, products for birds, cats, dogs, reptiles, small animals, big animals, and for horses. Make sure the quality of what you are selling is outstanding. It is a good idea to cooperate with small manufacturers. It could be a win-win situation for you, them, and for animals.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: aquatic supplies, collar, lead, big animals, small animals, livestock, cão, cat, birds, pet apparel, pet furniture, pet food, pet toys

19. Adult Products

Adult products have quite a significant part in the market, in your country as well even if they seem to be invisible. It is not a category that is easy to sell products in though, as you cannot promote your items. If you are deciding with adult products on what to sell in 2021 make sure the online store you create suits today’s trends, and it is easy to tell that you are reliable and you do your job and the delivery in a discreet way.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: sex toy, sexy underwear, condom, lubricant, erotic game, erotic accessories, erotic toys, erotic mask, erotic costume

20. Art Supplies

The demand for art supplies was becoming quite low in the previous years, however—also thanks to the world’s current health situation—we can see a little increase. People have to be creative about what to do in their free time while they are not allowed to go anywhere, and the solution is to do something creative. When you are deciding on what to sell in 2021 these art supplies can be coloring books, bullet journals, paint supplies, markers + many more. Make sure you provide sets as well for beginners for a great hobby.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: arts and crafts, paint, craft, pencil set, marker set

Bag and Shoes

21. Bags

Selling unique, pretty, and practical bags are all nice ideas on your list when you are considering what to sell in 2021. You should definitely look for manufacturers in your location so you can provide swift delivery and bags that cannot be found in every second store. Find a style you wanna go for in your online store, and build your brand based on this. Bags are always a good idea to sell as people always need them. You just need to be unique on the market with what you offer.

Find these products in Syncee Marketplace, using keywords such as: saco, shoulder bag, handbag, clutch bag, backpack, crossbody bag, travel bag, shopping bag, briefcase, cosmetic bags, coin purse

You can also consider these items when you are not sure about what to sell in 2021: portable led projector, oversized clothing, shoes from a manufacturer, posture corrector, minimalist home decor, rear camera for cars, portable vacuum cleaner, phone tripod, wireless charger, water bottle, wireless earphone, funny socks, bluetooth speaker, minimalist jewelry, pajama, hair extension.

Are You Looking for Suppliers?

Have you decided on what to sell in 2021 in your online store? Yes? We are so happy to hear it! If you are not the manufacturer, then you are probably in need of supplier partners. We recommend you to try Syncee Marketplace. Here you can find millions of products from suppliers from all over the world. This B2B solution is available on more ecommerce platforms. Our selection can also help you with the decision on what to sell in 2021. Using this app you are covered regarding daily automated product data uploads, updates. Moreover, Auto Order is also available. Do not hesitate more, try Syncee now!

Are you interested in the top trending products of 2020? At the end of last year, we collected the most sought products by retailers. Check the list, as it is another source of ideas for your e-business and can be helpful in the decision about what to sell in 2021.

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