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Syncee Rewind: Key Moments in 2021

Another year has gone by, and still, we never stop evolving! Our dropshipping solution is here to help retailers and suppliers connect. In 2021, the number of dropshipping merchants using Syncee has multiplied, and we are also proud that not only hundreds of new suppliers have joined our Marketplace but our service has become available on even more major ecommerce platforms. Let’s embrace our goals achieved! Thank you for choosing Syncee!

Our clients’ needs are the most important for us. We always take their advice into consideration, that’s how we can make sure our service will best meet their expectations. We also always check what there is demand for by making market analysis. That’s why we always bring something new, something even more exciting to our service to help online store owners level up their dropshipping business the smoothest way.

Join us in this rewind, and travel back in time with us to see what happened with Syncee in 2021, what were the most significant milestones. At the end of our article, we share an impressive list of what were the most popular products on Syncee Marketplace this year among merchants. Based on that, you can make predictions on what kind of items will be the most beloved in the following year.

Syncee Rewind: 2021, a Year Full of Success

Milestones at Syncee in 2021

The number of merchants—both retailers and suppliers—using Syncee all over the world has grown rapidly. We’ve reached our goals, and we are so happy there is a great team working at Syncee who are not just a big group of friends but are there to help our customers always without a stop.

Don’t just mention retailers, but appreciate that delightful statement as well that hundreds of new dropshipping suppliers have joined our system providing great products to merchants with fast shipping and at reasonable prices. Currently, in December 2021, there are almost 5 million dropshipping products available on the Syncee Marketplace, and during the year we also added new product categories to help the search processes be more convenient for our clients.

Small local manufacturers and companies being well-known worldwide have also joined Syncee Marketplace from the US, CA, EU, UK, AU, and more! We are also proud that Syncee has started to support numerous major ecommerce platforms in 2021 as well!


At the very beginning of 2021, we managed our customer service duties in the same smooth and effortless way as always. In the background, our team was working diligently on new features and partnerships to bring some new spirit to our service. Work is so inspiring every time, and it is always great to see our devotion reflected in our clients’ success with their business.


Three significant changes have happened at Syncee in this month:

  • We brought our BigCommerce application into life for online retailers.
  • From this time, Syncee is available on 8 different languages. Syncee has become a diverse, multilingual platform.
  • We kickstarted our Programa de Afiliados. Since that time many successful content creators and merchants have started gaining commission by referring Syncee to their audience.


It was a super exciting time in the life of Syncee. Our application has become available on even more ecommerce platforms.

  • We launched our application for suppliers as well on BigCommerce.
  • On KMO Shops Syncee has become available for retailers.
  • Syncee has also started to support one of the market’s major ecommerce platforms, Wix. At this time only for retailers, yet.
Ecommerce platforms


  • Syncee started to provide a dropshipping technological solution for the ecommerce giant, in Spring 2021! Retailers can browse the dropshipping products of, and can easily upload them to their online store via Syncee that will automatically update the changing product data, and synchronize the order data between retailer and supplier.
  • What else? Both the retailer and supplier application of Syncee has become available on WooCommerce.
  • We have released the Syncee Badge that suppliers can now use to show, they are available on a trustworthy B2B platform, and can provide automatic dropshipping product data management solutions.


  • Syncee has been picked to appear in the Popular apps of the month in May 2021 on Wix which we were proud of!
  • Popular suppliers like vidaXL, Glowroad, and Wish Wholesale have also joined our platform providing dropshipping service to retailers.
  • The application for suppliers has also become available on Wix.


  • Retailers can access an improved version of the supplier storefronts on the Syncee Marketplace. There, every important information is available of the certain supplier, and it is super easy to filter products, add their products in bulk to the retailer’s Syncee catalog, and their store. The user experience by accessing improved supplier storefronts got better for retailers.
  • Shipping conditions, images accessible in new ways as well: Checking all images of a product can be accessed with just one swipe without the need of opening the product. We also added a little extra to the product cards so the shipping conditions belonging to a product can be accessible in a way easier way.
  • More effective catalog settings: Not just the general catalog settings but the individual product settings have become more effective for Syncee Marketplace users.
  • Highlights: top-selling and newest suppliers. To help you with the decision on who to partner with, which supplier to pick products from, we have implemented new sections to the homepage of Syncee Marketplace.
  • Better performance in bulk upload: We encourage retailers to upload products in bulk to their online store to not just have a unified product range but to make everyday management processes be easier. Our platform has become faster, and the performance of synchronizing products in bulk to stores has become better.
Supplier storefronts on the Syncee Marketplace


  • Another significant milestone is where we got in August 2021 as Syncee has become available on Squarespace which is one of the fastest-growing ecommerce platforms currently.
  • And again, Syncee has been highlighted on the Wix platform and was present among the Popular applications throughout the month.


We started to hold educational webinars in Autumn 2021 to help merchants not just find the best products to sell and reliable suppliers to work with but to provide them with useful tips and market insights on what tips they can use to boost their sales and grow their online retail businesses.

We covered the following topics—make sure to check them out now if you are interested:

What’s Yet to Come?

There’s more to come in Syncee’s life. We have great surprises for you all for 2022. We have great big plans as always, and what we are working on is always super exciting, and brings a significant help to merchants’ lives. We can’t wait to make this list for you this time next year, because we know it will be full of amazing details. Right now, we cannot tell you more. Stay tuned for news throughout the whole year!

Millions of products on the Syncee Marketplace

Most Popular Products on Syncee Marketplace in 2021

Let’s see a list of the top sought products on Syncee Marketplace by retailers in 2021. It can be used as an inspiration for the upcoming year on what kind of items have the potential in them to be worthy of selling. Of course, it is far not enough to find the best products to broaden your store with, in 2021. Check your individual target market’s demands, check what’s popular on social media, and also use Google Trends to have some data on what’s trending.

  1. Eco-friendly, Organic, Vegan, Wooden Products
  2. Dresses
  3. Men’s Products
  4. Lingerie
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Watches
  7. Shoes
  8. Baby & Kids Products
  9. Jewelry
  10. Coffee & Tea
  11. Pet Supplies
  12. Leggings
  13. Candles
  14. Yoga Products
  15. Camping & Fishing Goods
  16. Móveis
  17. Plus Size
  18. Perfume
  19. Swimwear
  20. Handbags, Backpacks
  21. Home Decoration & Kitchen Supplies
  22. Brinquedos
  23. Gaming
  24. Sex toys
  25. Handmade Products
  26. Headphones
  27. Face Mask
  28. Waterbottle
  29. Skincare
  30. Blankets, Pillows

Finding Suppliers for Your Product Ideas

Syncee is a global B2B dropshipping & wholesale platform designed to help retailers and suppliers connect. On our marketplace, you can browse among millions of high-profit and fast-shipping products which are from the pre-vetted suppliers being listed on the platform from the US, CA, EU, UK, AU, and more.

Syncee manages daily product uploads and updates automatically, and also offers an automated solution for order data synchronization. The app is available on all major ecommerce platforms.

Check out the Syncee Marketplace now!

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