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New Suppliers of The Week at Syncee: 10-16 September, 2021

This week has been full of remarkable new dropshipping suppliers worthy of your trust! Syncee Marketplace has broadened with over 9 new suppliers supplying 440 dropshipping products in numerous categories.

Syncee Marketplace is a vast, global B2B platform where you can find millions of products listed from reliable suppliers from all over the world. The system manages the automated, daily product data uploads & updates for online stores, and manages the order data synchronization as well. New suppliers are welcomed week-by-week to keep your store fresh and up-to-date with unique products. Let’s see what is on the table this week!

1. STUDIYO Jewelry

Warehouse Location: United States
Ships to: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania
Shipping Time: 5-21 working days
Product Category: Fashion, Gift & Gadgets

Inspired by her work as a commercial interior designer, Diana “Yoyo” Lee created STUDIYO Jewelry to draw inspiration from architecture and create versatile accessories for impressive, creative women.


2. Deep Water USA Inc.

Warehouse Location: United States
Ships to: North America
Shipping Time: 3-10 working days
Product Category: Comida & Bebida

They are an exclusive beverage company targeting the discerning consumer looking for something distinctive. They are introducing flower-based beverages.

Deep Water USA Inc.

3. EcoSoulLife

Warehouse Location: Australia
Ships to: Oceania
Shipping Time: 2-7 working days
Product Category: Home & Garden, Toys & Hobbies, Food & Drinkealth & Beauty

EcoSouLife is on a mission to deliver guilt-free disposable and reusable alternatives to the plastic, foams, and metals which cause harm to our planet.


4. Divina Nails

Warehouse Location: Spain
Ships to: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania
Shipping Time: 5-60 working days
Product Category: Health & Beauty

Divina Nails & Lashes is an online store and exporter of eyelash extensions, products for artificial nails. The Spanish brand is one of the main suppliers of these products.

Divina Nails

5. d’Weiner

Warehouse Location: Turkey
Ships to: Europe
Shipping Time: 1-3 working days
Product Category: Fashion

The Turkish brand, d’Weiner produces organic products with micro modal fabric. They want to create a different style for the underwear world.


6. Old Sailor Coffee

Warehouse Location: United States
Ships to: North America
Shipping Time: 2-7 working days
Product Category: Comida & Bebida

The taste spectrum of Old Sailor Coffee ranges from dark chocolate and caramelized hazelnuts to fruity forest berries or floral notes such as jasmine.

Old Sailor Coffee

7. TSD Bicycles

Warehouse Location: United States
Ships to: North America
Shipping Time: 1-5 working days
Product Category: Sports & Entertainment

From your customers’ daily outdoor travels through town to the weekend trails, TSD Bicycles will take them there. The models are both hybrid Cross Country bicycles in the sense that they can easily handle riding around the town and off-road too.

TSD Bicycles

8. En Flor

Warehouse Location: Australia
Ships to: Europe, North America, Oceania
Shipping Time: 5-10 working days
Product Category: Furniture, Home & Garden, Computer & Office, Gift & Gadgets

All of the products at En Flor are handcrafted to perfection and are completely unique. They carefully select seasonal flowers and plants, and craft and suspend them into a special glass bottle.

En Flor

9. Aidvian

Warehouse Location: Hungary
Ships to: Europe
Shipping Time: 1-5 working days
Product Category: Health & Beauty

The Hungarian company deals with the distribution of dietary supplements, foods, and cosmetics that have a healing effect and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Pro Tip:

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