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Why Manage Your Retailer Network With Syncee? – 5 Solid Reasons for Suppliers

Build your retailer network with Syncee so you can manage everything in one place. If you are offering your products to online retailers, it is key to find a service that has a solution for everything you need. Product uploads & updates, orders, and direct communication with retailers are just a few elements you need to cover.

There are many suppliers who already have their own retailer network but are looking for a solution so they can manage product-related processes in one place easily for all of their partners. Many times companies have special setting requirements that are not easy to find an ecommerce application for.

There are two kinds of suppliers online. On the one hand, those who want to work privately, and would like to offer their products to only those who they are already cooperating with, and are not looking for new partners to join their retailer network. On the other hand, we can talk about suppliers who are looking for new retail partners as well. In 2021 it is highly worth considering for suppliers to offer dropshipping service if they haven’t worked with this model before.


On online marketplaces, retailers can browse among many suppliers’ products. As these are places where many retailers gather, it is beneficial for dropshippers and wholesalers to be a part of these networks. It is definitely worth giving a try to Syncee Marketplace which offers you, as a supplier a free solution for all of your needs regarding building and managing your retailer network. Here below we tell you details about the service so you can learn more about it.

What is Syncee?

Syncee is a B2B platform for dropshippers, retailers, and suppliers. The service is available on more ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Jumpseller, Ecwid by Lightspeed, Shoprenter, and it will be available on BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, and WooCommerce as well soon. The app can work with product datafeed files as well.

Our service offers two main solutions, Syncee Marketplace and Syncee DataFeed Manager. Syncee Marketplace is where we have hundreds of vetted, reliable suppliers listed from US/EU/CA/AU + from globally. We encourage retailers to pick local suppliers for shorter delivery times, and we provide them everything that helps to find new partners.

Syncee Marketplace provides suppliers a great platform where they can offer their products to tens of thousands of online resellers globally. Suppliers have almost nothing to do, just to wait for new partners to come to join their retailer network without making any effort.

5 Main Benefits of Building Your Retailer Network in Syncee

Either if you want to work with only your already existing retailer network, or you are looking for new partners too, Syncee is a good solution for you. We elaborate on the main reasons why it worth considering joining our community. If you have any questions you cannot find an answer to here, reach out to Syncee’s customer support team.

  • The listing is Free of charge, there is no commission, there are no hidden fees.
  • Quick & Easy onboarding.
  • Thousands of potential retail partners from all over the world.
  • Private supplier solution.
  • Automated processes are available.
  • Unique, custom settings and solutions based on suppliers’ needs. We help with your technical requests.
  • All-in-one platform.

What further, main advantages does it have to use Syncee Marketplace as a supplier?

Retailer Network

1. Unique Solutions

Syncee offers you several unique solutions you might not find elsewhere under one roof. As the system is complex and provides so many setting options, we are going to highlight only some main solutions here regarding using Syncee and managing your retailer network on this platform.

    Build your own retailer network using our Private Supplier solution. Are you working with a closed network? You do not wish to offer your products to new partners? Let us know that you want to use Syncee as a private supplier and we will set up everything for you. You will be able to work with only those retailers you bring.
    Most suppliers use Syncee as a public supplier. It means each retailer can find your products and add them to their online store. It is a great opportunity for you to get new partners and build a retailer network without making any efforts as being listed is completely free for suppliers. You don’t have anything to do, just wait. Add your own settings, and offer what you want to retailers. Being a public supplier you can still bring those of your retail partners who you have started to cooperate with long ago.
    We have an option for you to provide a discount from your products’ prices to retailers. It goes for all of your products, and for all of your retailers. Besides this, you can also recommend a markup/price margin for retailers to add to your products’ dropship/wholesale prices regarding their income. It is only a suggestion from you. Retailers can customize their price margin based on their own needs.
    We offer a product filter setting as well for you if you do not wish to integrate all of your items from your online store, or via your product datafeed file. There are many data we can use to filter the products with.

2. Product Uploads & Updates Automatically

Syncee automatically manages product data uploads and updates on a daily basis. The changes both apply to the Marketplace listing, and to your retailer network’s members, their stores as well. We make sure retailers will avoid overselling. By default, we update the inventory quantity and price changes. Based on the suppliers’ and retailers’ settings we upload the new products, update the data if there is any change, and hide the items that are not available anymore.

3. Several Ways of Integrating Product Data

There are more ways of how you can integrate your products into the system so it can manage the data for those online stores which are a part of your retailer network.

    You can bring us your always updating product datafeed file. It has to contain all of the necessary product data.
    • Supported file formats: CSV, XML, XLS(X), JSON, TXT
    • Supported file sources: URL, (S)FTP, Google Docs URL, Google Drive URL, Dropbox URL, manual upload. If you have API or SOAP connection, contact us.
    If you run your online store on Shopify, Jumpseller, Ecwid by Lightspeed or Shoprenter you just need to install our Syncee for Suppliers app from that ecommerce platform’s AppStore that you run your store on, and then we can integrate your product data directly from your shop and keep them updated from there automatically.
    We recommend you to use the manual upload option only if you have a maximum of 50 products you want to upload to Syncee.

4. Auto Order

If you run your supplier store on one of the ecommerce platforms which Syncee supports, such as Shopify, you can use the app’s Auto Order feature. What is this solution about? The application will automatically forward those orders to your store’s account on the ecommerce platform which are paid by the retailer in Syncee. After this, you just simply have to start fulfilling the order. Payments go from the retailer directly to the supplier through a secure channel.

5. Manage All Partners Easily Through One Platform

You do not have to worry about providing your product data one-by-one to each of your partners if you are using Syncee to manage your retailer network. Also, if there is any significant change you want to let your retailers know about, you can make sure they will receive the message. Moreover, if you modify the product data, or wish to make any unique change on it that would go for all of your partners’ store, it is also not a problem.

Syncee Messenger is an in-app retailer-supplier chat where the merchants can communicate directly with each other. Suppliers will have all of their contacts and messages in one place.

Would You Like to Learn More About Syncee?

Try it, and see yourself what the system provides. Thousands of potential resellers from all over the world are waiting for your products. You can expect increased sales and more orders as well. Synchronize your selection easily now! Build your retailer network in Syncee!

Sign up here for free, and let the adventure begin!

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