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What to Sell in Winter 2020?

Creating your online store can take a lot of time if you do it by yourself. Therefore, you should always think ahead a bit, so you will not panic and will not miss any opportunity which can make your online store way better this winter.

In this article we would like to give you some help if you are new in this field or if you just want to sell something else in your online store this winter. We know that this season is not yet around the corner, but you should definitely plan forward, so you will not have to worry about anything when your customers realize that winter is here and they need to buy products which are appropriate for the season.

These 15 ideas are mostly creative ones, which people can use during the cold winter afternoons and evenings after work, and they can also give friends as Christmas gifts when the holidays arrive.

1. Tea set


Who doesn’t want a cup of hot tea after work? Just imagine the cozy evenings with a huge mug full of delicious tea. If you find some new and exotic type of tea leaf, you should certainly add this option to your online store. Tea is always an alternative option for everyone and if you give several options to choose from, people will immediately feel that they have found the perfect store for buying this hot beverage for their loved ones and themselves too.

2. Colored pencils

Colored pencils

A chill evening with some stress reliever coloring book sounds fascinating. right? Colored pencils and coloring books are not just for kids. Your customers can find their new hobby and stress reliever with these products.

3. Beanie


Beanies are finally here again! You can always find new designs, colors and patterns so why don’t you try and sell some of them to your customers.

4. Portable charger

Portable charger

Portable chargers are an evergreen idea so you can always have a customer basis who will buy these products as they are always needed.

5. Baking kit

Baking kit

People tend to buy baking kits during winter as they feel this hobby very comforting during this time of the year. You can always give something new and attaching some great recipe to the ordered package will make your online store way more astonishing. People love to get presents and selling something with this option can mean more customers to you.

6. Body pillow

Body pillow

Pillows make us comfortable, but body pillows do even more. They will make your customers fee like hugging someone. Their sleep will be more relaxing than ever before and their ratings will surely will be 5 stars.

7. Perfume


Perfume is needed during winter too, as people want to smell nice even after autumn. With some great photos of your products and a cool description, you can surely find the perfect clients who are going to love that they can almost imagine the way how a given product smells.

8. Bathrobe


Bathrobes can be sexy and comfortable at the same time which are both needed during the cold winter nights when people just want to wrap up themself in a huge puffy blanket with their loved one.

9. Hand cream

Hand cream

Nowadays we have to use a lot of hand sanitizer and soap which can make our hands easily dry. That is why you should sell hand creams in your online shop because people will use this product well. You have to sell reliable products and that way you can create a basis of customers who will search for your other products too.

10. Hooded blanket


Just imagine sitting wrapped around with a comfy blanket, which is also hooded. It sounds like living in a dream. Your customers need them! They can watch their favorite movies and series from the couch with this product and they will definitely feel warm during this time.

11. Boots


Wearing something fancy is always a great deal. You should consider selling fashionable boots in your online store.

12. Home décor

Winter decor

Winter means some really cool decorations in your home. Let people decide on the best ones from your online store.

13. Thermos


Are you trying to save the world with small acts? A thermos is reusable and there will be customers who will choose this product just because they also want to do something for the environment.

14. Phone case

Phone case

Phone cases are always needed. With some cool designed phone cases, you can find new clients who will come back to your online store every time you sell something new.

15. Pet supplies

Pet supplies

Our tiny friends need some love too. Why don’t you start selling something for the pets, as well? You can think of any kind of supplies which could be beneficial for them.

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