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How to maintain an outstanding social media marketing

Building a good social media presence means that you are more likely to reach your goals with your online Shopify store. Do not ponder more on what to do. Let’s learn and run a booming business by taking some of our advice.

As many people spend their time on social media almost all day, it can be obvious that being present on these platforms makes you achieve good results. These places offer you more methods to do marketing, and for most of these, for example for the posting, there’s no need to pay a cent-

You have to be visible but not plaguy, and you have to work on creating a page, profile that followers like. Sometimes it’s not easy to be visitor-, and reader-friendly, because not every service is compatible with these social media platforms, but all you need is creativity. As for the ads that require investing money in them, you have to create neat and eye-catching content so that you can make people click and go to your website.


Every beginning is hard but worth it

Setting up an online Shopify store is quite easy, but if you feel like being in a maze, you can still read many guides on the internet that can help you. In reality, you just need to click a few and consider the ideas that come to your mind. After these decisions and steps, including importing products to your store for example with Syncee your store can stay always up-to-date with, you can’t just sit back and wait for your deserved income. The hardest days are just about to come because you have to get sales somehow, and probably you will always check the incoming purchases again and again in the first few days and weeks. This process can drive you crazy, but you have to be tough, focused and hard-working, and do marketing great.

Here we only tell information about how to do social media marketing right, but other methods can be effective too—for example, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Newsletter, Unique E-mails, Blog.

What are those social media platforms you should be on, and you can use for advertising?

What is social media marketing for?

First just make sure, and note: do these processes right and try not to burn much money. Take care because bad marketing can ruin your business easily.

It’s the best if you are available on more platforms and not just on one—and especially not on any of them. The reason is that if potential customers are trying to find you on these sites because of the information whether you are a real, authentic and—at the first sight—a reliable company, they can make sure about it if they can find you on these platforms. Moreover, you have to take care of sharing posts frequently just so people can know you are still alive. If your last post has been published half a year ago, people will think the web store that belongs to the Facebook page doesn’t work anymore.

You have to get people know about your shop and products on these sites. There are a lot of creative ways how you can inspire people on social media to buy from your store. One way of this is that you hire someone to be your content and marketing manager or the other is that you search for ideas and tips on the internet and do it yourself. It’s a little time-consuming to maintain everything—not just marketing—about your online store alone, so before establishing a shop, you have to make sure you will be able to do everything, and you won’t waste any effort, you will chase your dreams and reach them. Running an online store is not a child’s play. We are here to help you how to do these things, however, if you are thinking about hiring someone who will do it, we just recommend you to choose a person from your location you can meet and not work with a virtual assistant from the other side of the world. Be careful. It’s better to meet who you cooperate with, and give your passwords and wage to. Choose someone you can rely on.

At social media sites, you can track the customers’ reactions, opinions about your products on your profile page or by hashtags. Others will get inspiration from these posts and comments, and your traffic will increase. If you are on social network sites, you will be more attractive to customers.

make plans

Tips in general

Target well: One of the most important things is to target well on social media. You have to know who you want to share your content with regards to the products you sell in your online store. Especially when you use Facebook ads, you need to decide on your target audience’s interests and other qualities, preferences.

Write correctly:  Be careful about grammar, spelling, and the form of your written content. There’s nothing worse than reading a text that has spelling or grammar mistakes in it. As an advice, we tell, if you use the Google Chrome browser, there is a free application in its app store called Grammarly. It’s useful because it corrects the mistakes you have made in your writings. Another thing is to always proofread, and check the posts you make to evade mistakes. As for the language: choose one that most of the people from your audience can understand. Then, write in an easily understandable way, so use simple and short sentences, do not write a novel. Be the reader’s friend.

Share content at the right time: It’s crucial to share posts at the right time. The best ones are different for each platform. Experts’ views are quite the same. The main thing is to share content at the time when people are more likely online and are not out of their home, working, studying or having fun. We tell these details at every subheading below. However, 12 p.m., 3 p.m., and 7 p.m. can be good in general. And do not forget about the scheduling function. So you wouldn’t have to sit in front of the computer at every time you want to share something. Another useful tip: do not share posts in every hour, do not be plaguy for people.

Use neat images: Your images have to be of good quality and aesthetic. It’s good if users stop scrolling their social media feed because of a fascinating picture you shared. Do not use much text on the image, and test it with friends before posting. Also, use matching colors and just simple images.

Broaden your follower base: Of course, the greater the number of your followers is, the better your position will be. And it’s also good if people leave likes and comments, everyone can see those feedbacks. However, this traffic is mainly generated by itself, but the content you share—and how you share it—has an effect on this.

Be aware of the trends: Check what other companies share and learn from it. Check your competitors, your role models, and the biggest brands. Always make plans about what you want and what you will share. Just spend some creative time with thinking about content ideas, then make them real. Do not share matters that are out of fashion.

Focus on customer service: If you want to be appealing to customers, and you want to make them feel that you are reliable and helpful, you have to care about customer service on the social media sites too. Answer their comments and messages. These messages are not as strict as e-mails are. However, you are still a retailer, you provide service and trust to people, so you shouldn’t have forgotten about this fact and be respectable on that platform too.



People say if you are not registered on Facebook, you don’t even exist. It is also unavoidable for an online store to have a Facebook page. When you create a post here, you have to make sure that it will convert. Use aesthetic, high-quality, pleasant, and eye-catching pictures, and pleasing texts that make people stop scrolling when they are checking their Facebook feed. By the way, the best is when every post contains an image that raises attention.

Use easily understandable texts so that those who don’t speak the certain language perfectly can also recognize what you are talking about.

To raise more attention you can use numbers and emojis too in your posts but as for the emojis, do not put a bunch of them in your content because that makes people feel uncomfortable as reading it in a company’s post.

The best time to post on Facebook is 9 a.m., and between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. on weekdays, and from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on the weekend. However, we have some other advice too besides what experts say. 7 a.m. can be good too because that is the time when people usually go to work, and 7 p.m. is also not bad, because at that time they are mostly already at home, resting before their favorite night show on the television.

What kind of posts can you create? You can share blog posts from your website, you can recommend some of your products or product categories, you can tell what discounts you have, and you can ask them to play a game, answer a question, for example.

You can create Facebook ads too that also have to be neat and engaging.

like on facebook


Nowadays Instagram has an increasing role. Especially for online stores that sell clothes, people love to check what pictures are available about certain products on this social network page where visuality has the main role.

What kind of images can you create and share on Instagram? As we have already said, you can post photos of the items you sell, you can share what discounts you have, you can share pictures you got from your customers. On those photos, they show the products they ordered from you. It’s also a good option to share motivational quotes.

It looks good if you share a post with swipeable product imagery, where your followers can check the items from more point of views. Pay attention to share creative content. Check what other similar pages have on their feed.

Use the Story and the Highlight modes. Try to sell products on this platform too.

Do not set your page private. It’s better if anyone can see your photos regardless of whether they follow you or don’t.

The best time to post on Instagram is—for some reason—2 a.m. and from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., moreover at 5 p.m on weekdays. The best is if you share images once or twice a day.


You can share content on Twitter too, but you have to consider, not every country’s audience is big, places like the US have the most active users.

What posts are the best to share on a platform like this? Well, you know, you can only use a few sentences. This is the most essential factor of this platform. You should be able to tell your main message in a few words. As on Facebook, it’s good if a post contains a cool image too that raises attention. You can share any news about your business or about the e-commerce itself. Another thing can be a blog post you have created. Try to react to the biggest e-com news on Twitter.

Some can think that Twitter is on the way to its ending days, but there are still many people who use it daily, and more times of the day.

The best time to post on Twitter is at 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday, but probably you can convert at the following times too: 12 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m, and 6. p.m.



LinkedIn is a place for entrepreneurs, they can find new partners or formal acquaintances there. You can share blog posts and important news here. If you have a blog on your store. It’s beneficial if the author also shares the article on their profile too on LinkedIn so that more people can see the content. It’s not Facebook, so you have to share a bit more serious posts.

The best times to post on LinkedIn are from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., at about 12 a.m, and in the evening at 5-6 p.m. on weekdays.



Only a few online stores have their own channel on YouTube. They would rather choose to advertise there in the boxes on the right side of the videos, or as an inserted advert before the video started, for example. It’s not easy to find out what to show in a video as a retail business, however, it is just like as on other social media sites. You have to show your products, make fascinating videos about them with models, actors showing them. The best time to publish videos on YouTube is around 7 a.m., and once a week or once in two weeks. You can attach videos to product pages in your online store, website.

Create a video where you show what is your online store about, what you sell, and who is your target audience. You have to use as many promotion approaches as possible.



You can use Pinterest for more things if you have an online store. You can share product pictures there, you can share those photos that you get from customers as they show the items they ordered from you. You can also use Pinterest for sharing links of product you have so that people can get to your website where they can purchase your products, you can link the two places. So Pinterest is also a good platform for promoting products. Use proper keywords there and neat photography.

The best times to post on Pinterest are 2 a.m., 9 p.m., and 2 p.m. Why in the early morning/late night? Because those who wake up early can get to see your content immediately, and the reason is that users not really share content that early, so the feed won’t be full of other’s images.


Affiliate programs

As for social media and promotions, we have to stop at this step too. You can associate with people that can promote your products on their channels. It’s another good way of the marketing process for you, but make sure you choose the best pages and users to cooperate with. Check their channels properly before jumping into anything. This is influencer marketing.

Do not be afraid to spend money on promotions.

How can you be more successful with your Shopify store?

You have to sell nice, unique, and quality products. To find them you can browse in Syncee Marketplace where there are millions of products from reliable suppliers from all over the world. The Shopify application Syncee also handles the product uploads and updates!

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