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Best products to sell in autumn 2018

Are you planning to launch an online Shopify store in this fall but you still don’t know what to sell? We gathered you 32 cool ideas that can make you skyrocket your business.

These fields are not only inspirational if you are just about to open an online store but also when you are thinking about refreshing your already existing one, as a new season is here. Don’t let autumn make you feel down, it can be the time to soar.

Some of the products listed below can be evergreen as for every autumn but others are just suited this year as we see the market nowadays. Push up sales during this time with good quality products from reliable suppliers. Find your own style!

We advise you to use the remote warehousing method—a new way of drop shipping— for selling your products so that you can have a more valuable business. Using this model you don’t have to invest much money in your business, you don’t have to stock products, your customers can get their ordered packages in a shorter time, having the parcel including all of the ordered products even if they are from different suppliers, your efforts can be profitable. Just note that the best way to be successful with your online store is to forget about getting product from marketplaces like AliExpress. You have to work with real, local suppliers.

Let 2018 to be your year, let this autumn to be your season!


If you want to import products from a supplier into your Shopify store, contact us so that we can help! Syncee does product management for you, and you can also try Syncee Marketplace where you can find several drop shippers, remote warehouse businesses you can import products from with just a few clicks.

This is our product selection for this fall!

Reusable straws


Reusable, metal straws are trending now. A lot of people are passionate about environmental issues. It’s good, that customers don’t have to buy plastic straws again and again, and they won’t ingest chemicals from the straw’s material. It’s not recommended to re-use plastic products again and again if someone wants to stay healthy. And it’s good that a thin cleaning brush is available on the market for this kind of metal straws.

Reusable shopping bag

reusable shopping bag

Environmental issues are important. More and more people bring textile bags with themselves when they do the shopping. They put even the fruits and vegetables into their own, non-plastic bags, or always bring a tiny container not to have garbage after the shopping. And, of course, they put every product into these reusable, durable, non-plastic shopping bags, or baskets.

Reusable water bottle

reusable water bottle

As for the environment and people’s own health, it’s not recommended, moreover, some say that it’s dangerous to drink from a standard water bottle, again and again, reuse one all the time. Those plastic water bottles are leaking chemicals into the fluids that they hold. You can sell bottles made of glass, for example, that are having a pretty design for anyone, children, women or men. It can be plastic too, but it depends on more things, and on you.

Pom-pom keychain

pom-pom keychain

Pom-pom keychains, also known as puffball keychains are trending products this year. You can see a lot of women walking on the street, having this fluffy decoration on their bags. Why wouldn’t you jump on this wave?

Unique umbrella


If it’s autumn, you have to count on long-lasting rainy weather. Why would people have to stay with their boring, black umbrellas if you can offer ones that are good just to take a look at them? Umbrellas that are having a neat design can make anyone smile in a sad weather.

Bag for school or work


September is a bit like Christmas time. You can realize that everyone wants to buy a lot of things from the stores. Well, mostly it’s because school and university start at this time of the year. But also, because everyone feels that a new season is here, everyone wakes up from summer, and it feels like a new beginning. So, people need a new bag, as for their new personality, for school, for work.

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Baby monitor

baby monitor

More and more parents like using a baby monitor to check if everything is alright with the sleeping little one while they are not in the same room. These devices are monitoring, for example, the breathing of the baby and they give a sign if the infant is crying. Many of them have a screen too.

Special mug

special mug

In autumn, people like to have hot drinks like cocoa, hot chocolate, coffee or tea. What else would be as cool as having a unique mug or cup with a special design? Consider it, and sell this kind of products too in your online store.



You can find many suppliers out there that provide sweatshirts, clothing with a cool design. There’s nothing to question here, this is an evergreen product idea. You just have to take care of what design is trending at the moment.

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Phone case

phone case

People’s phone case can reflect their personality. Children like to show their friends their newest phone cases at school. Also, everyone likes to hold their smartphones on the bus or train, or just watch it as it lays on the desk in a pretty or cool cover. Consider marble design. Until smartphones are on the market, cases will always be needed.

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Organic, natural food supplies

food supplies

People like eating healthy, and nowadays it has become a trend too. It makes everyone feel better meanwhile showing the healthy lifestyle people live like is one of the best content on Instagram.

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Office, gaming chair

gaming chair

Parents like to buy their children office chairs so that they can study in a more comfortable way, and kids like to use it to play computer games like a boss. It’s true that it’s not the easiest to ship, but you can consider it. Obviously, not children and teenagers are the only one who likes to have a new chair. But as for the new school year, it’s more related to them.



Smelling a good scent on your or on someone else’s body is always blowing your mind. Many people like it, but to be honest, summer was not the best time to use them. A lot of women and men feel uncomfortable using perfume on their skin when the weather is too hot, but as for autumn, it’s time to pick the most pleasant ones. Provide a wide range of fragrances in your online store from reliable suppliers.

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There’s no greater thing than to greet yourself or your visitors with a unique doormat. You should use these words on your website if you are selling these products and if you totally agree with it. Consider it, people can make others smile with these items.

Halloween decoration

halloween decoration

This time of the year is here again. Choose marvelous Halloween products to sell in your store. Well, most likely you won’t be able to run a business through the year in every month, but as a seasonal offer, it can be an amazing idea so that you can get more purchases with your store. For example, what do you think about glass pumpkins with lights in them?

Decorative scarf

decorative scarf

As autumn goes on, it’s going to be cooler and cooler, and now I referred to the weather. While a t-shirt is enough in September, people need a scarf in October and a big warm jacket in November. Why wouldn’t you sell pretty scarves to make people’s outfit look more attractive and fashionable?

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Candles with a good scent are everything. Sell ones that not just smells good but looks amazing too. It’s a pretty way to make the atmosphere special and to have it as a cool home décor element.

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Recipe book

recipe book

Recipe books are good to give them like gifts but also to just use it without giving them to anyone. In autumn, people spend more time between the walls, and cooking, baking is a good way to pass type with. Now choose ones that are really unique and relevant to the season. If you find a niche with a really special product idea in this category, you win.

Waterproof bag

waterproof bag

As the weather can be permanently rainy and windy, it’s not always enough to have an umbrella that protects people from getting wet. They need a waterproof bag too. Find the best supplier that sells them, that looks pretty too even if these are for men, women, being casual or using when going to work out too, for example.

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Soft blanket

soft blanket

There’s nothing better than a special, soft blanket on a chilly autumn night. Give this pleasure to your customers and sell the most comfortable and soft, and the best looking, quality blankets.

Adult products

produtos para adultos

It’s always good to have fun with your partner. Maybe these products seem to be invisible, but it has a big market worldwide, even in your country. People like trying these items, they like enjoying life this way too. If you want to sell adult products like sex toys, sexy lingerie, and other erotic products, make sure that customers, visitors will know that you do your job discreetly.

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Smartphone accessories

smartphone accessories

Phone accessories still have their own place on the market and they evolve from time to time. There are “evergreen” gadgets like power banks, ear/headphones, cases, zoom lenses, or LED ring lights for the perfect selfie.

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Pet products

pet products

People love their pets and they want to give them anything they can. You can provide customers a lot of gift ideas to give the items to their little loved ones. Dog water bottles, automatic pet feeders, clothing, toys, home accessories, bed for them. A lot of owners like to buy as healthy food for their dogs, cats as theirs too.

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Special lamps

special lamps

Special lamps have a good market. It’s good to have mood lighting in your home. What people like nowadays are special but solid, well-designed and futuristic lamps. Those can be rose gold ones, standing items, or lamps that have a shape that people can be related to.

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Innovative shakers

innovative shakers

Sell innovative bodybuilding supplement shakers. Help customers to get the smoothest supplement shakes in a few seconds. These products can have a fully detachable motor for easy cleaning, don’t have to be afraid of spills from shaking, people can forget about cheap, replaceable plastic shakers and chunks in the shake or chemicals from plastic. These have an athlete-tested ergonomic design.

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Designer, logical toys

designer, logical toys

Logical toys are for creative minds. Anyone can use them regardless of whether they are 12 or 50 years old. These can be good products to use for a good pastime and relaxation. It’s autumn, so it’s time to spend a little more time inside but you can have fun with these logical toys, just as they are also good decorations too.

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Fandom products

fandom products

Try to hop on trends immediately if you want to sell fandom items. You have to be up to date with the current trends—movies, series, games, music, YouTube— or choose suppliers that are up-to-date in this. You can sell posters, figures, mini sculptures, human-size characters, mouse pad, clothing, phone cases, flags, mugs, toys and anything you can imagine. It’s always a good idea to sell fandom products because there’s always some content in popular media that people live for. Be careful, don’t sell copyrighted stuff.

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Traveling supplies

traveling supplies

Traveling supplies can be clothing, for example, heated gear—hoodies, socks, vest for chilly weather—, shoes, bags, any tools, suitcases, drinking bottles, small cases, laptop bags, maps, GPS’s, power banks, travel chargers, self sealing dry bags, organizers, pillows or anything that comes to your mind. Everyone likes traveling, and autumn is a good time to do this as it’s not that hot and nature is more beautiful than ever.

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Funny socks

funny socks

It’s not just about providing “funny” socks. They can have any cool design, you, the retailer, the manufacturer just need to have a good imagination. We start to wear socks in this season, after summer, and it’s a good idea to make someone’s day with this product.

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Amateur photography items

amateur photography items

People like creating professional content on their own and also like having the coolest gadgets from the market. Amateur photography accessories can be for example retro products with something new in them or accessories to mobile phones to make better quality photos. It’s good if these products are useful and well-designed too. Nowadays, creating visual content is important on the internet for users.

Home décor

home décor

There is no place like home, and it’s good to have a flat or house that has a nice decoration, and people feel well there. Find suppliers that can provide high-quality, unique and good-looking home décor products and let people style their home in the best way with products from your online store.

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Special watchesspecial watches

Watches are good accessories for both women and men, also for children too. There are a lot of unique styles and ideas out there to provide them. Think about minimalist, fitness, smart, wooden, futuristic, and any other special watches. It’s always a good idea to sell because people like wearing these, and always want to know what time it is by just taking a look at their wrist.

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If you want to read about more products that we recommend to sell in 2018 please read the article that we created at the beginning of the year.

Syncee Marketplace

Syncee has an in-app supplier directory called Syncee Marketplace. Here you can find millions of products from hundreds of suppliers from all over the worlds. Filling your online store with these products is quick and easy and you also have pricing settings as well. Moreover, you can be in touch with your supplier partners in the application itself. Syncee will take care of the product data uploads and updates for you every day, automatically.

Import products with Syncee

Syncee is a product sourcing application, a bulk upload system that does product import, update, and upsert automatically from data feed files (CSV, XML, XLS(X), JSON, TXT), specialized for only Shopify online stores. It’s a top-rated application in Shopify’s App Store in the Finding and adding products category, Finding suppliers subcategory. You can add your suppliers’ products easily to your store with this software.

Find other suppliers

On our blog, we created constantly updated supplier lists containing hundreds of companies mostly from Europe and the USA. These are just recommendations—but you can find suppliers there that are in Syncee Marketplace too—, but if any chosen drop shipper or wholesaler can provide data feed file to you, Syncee can do the product managing process to your online store.

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