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Less is Sometimes More – Why Work With a Few Dropshipping Suppliers Only?

When having an online store it is more beneficial to work with a few dropshipping suppliers only and sell their products in a smooth way. Like this, you can avoid technical or logistics-related issues that would happen when amassing goods virtually from tens of partners.

Do you have a dropshipping store and wondering how you could evolve your business? When working with this trading model you probably want your supplier partners to take care of all tasks regarding logistics. It is a great advantage that you don’t have to stock products, however, you have to consider not picking items one-by-one from basically any company at all cost. It is better to work with a few dropshipping suppliers only if you want the order flow to be smooth and less problematic.

Work With a Few Dropshipping Suppliers Only

Dropshipping Suppliers: Issues With Too Many Partners

Let’s elaborate on what kind of issues you might face when working with too many dropshipping suppliers. If you are new to the world of ecommerce, and just looking for dropshipping suppliers then it is beneficial information for you to not work with too many partners. If you are on the market for a long time and planning to extend your product assortment it can happen that you are facing problems working with too many suppliers. This is what you have to work on.

  • Hardships Fine-tuning Different Shipping Conditions: You can set only one shipping condition in your store. You will have to check all of your supplier partners’ conditions and create one that covers everything with days and fees as well.
  • Product Arrivals on Different Days: If your customer places more products in their shopping cart that are from different suppliers, they will receive different parcels on different days.
  • No Close Relationship With Dropshipping Partners: If you are selling just 2-3 products from many suppliers you are not building long-term relationships with your partners that would be beneficial if any questions arise.
  • No Unified Product Assortment: It is better to have your products from one or a few sources only to have a unified assortment. To mention just a small detail, imagine having product images in your store with completely different quality and style.
  • High Risks: If there is a problem with an order or anything related to products, you must solve the issue in the shortest time to make sure you won’t lose your customers. If you are working with twenty suppliers, it is not something you can manage as you don’t even have direct contact with the company, they won’t even know who you are.

Why Work With a Few Dropshipping Suppliers Only?

Based on the problems you would face when getting your products from too many sources, you can probably see the advantages of having just a few partners of dropshipping suppliers. Let’s elaborate on it.

  • Easy to Reconcile Different Shipping Conditions: It is easier to reconcile your supplier partners’ shipping conditions for your store’s settings if you work with only 1-3 companies.
  • Products Arrive at The Same Time: Customers won’t receive parcels on more days that belonged to one order. It can happen by working with only one supplier partner. Or, the other way is to make sure the suppliers who you pick have way different assortment customers probably won’t pick products from at the same time.
  • Excellent Relationship With Suppliers: You can build a good relationship with your partners. Before starting selling their goods, contact them to discuss every important detail. In case of any inquires, they will know who you are. You can trust each other.
  • Unified Product Assortment: With a unified product assortment it is not just easier for you to identify which good belongs to which supplier but you can also make sure customers will note for themself that you have a neat store.
  • Low Risk: You have direct contact with your partners. In case of any issues, they will be there for you to help. You do not have to tell your whole story from the beginning. They know it already. Also, they won’t disappear without a trace without you even noticing a suppliers’ products are missing from your store from among 20 companies’.
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What to Consider When Choosing a Partner?

It is not enough to know it is worth working with only a few partners than dozens. You need to make sure those few partners you pick are actually beneficial to cooperate with for the success of your business.

  1. Pick Real Suppliers: Choose suppliers who are the owner or manufacturers of the products and not just resellers. Make sure you can work with high profit margin. Ask them for all the needed information.
  2. Warehouse Close to You for Short Delivery: Pick partners whose warehouse is close to you and to your target audience so you can provide quick delivery.
  3. Market Demand for The Products: When deciding what to sell you need to consider many factors. You need to be interested in the chosen category, and make sure you wouldn’t be only one in a million on your market. Check the market demands. Research your target market and fine-tune your offer.
  4. Products on Your Audience’s Language: Fill your store with products that have desciption and title available in your target audience’s language. If they didn’t have, find a way to translate them.
  5. Choose Relevant Partners: It might sound a bit mysterious. Here we mean that you have to choose companies who are approachable for your business. If you are a beginner and don’t have a well-functioning online store, don’t go for the top luxury products, as this will make it even harder for you to get started.
  6. Great Customer Support: Before you start selling a supplier’s products via any system, you need to talk with the supplier first. Like this, you can get direct contact with one of the team members from there, and you can also see if they give you feedback in a short time. If you can trust them.
  7. All Technical Solutions Are Available: Pick a supplier if every technical solution is available to be able to upload their products to your online store and you can keep the data always updated, and can synchronize the order data with them.

Top Tips to Run Your Dropshipping Store on a More Effective Way:

  1. Work with only 1-3 dropshipping suppliers.
  2. Sell products your target audience demands. Research the market.
  3. Choose a product category that is close to your heart as well.
  4. Choose local suppliers with quality products and fast shipping.
  5. Build a neat store with every essential written content and great visuals.
  6. Focus on marketing.

Where to Find Dropshipping Suppliers?

If you are looking for reliable and real B2B dropshipping suppliers it can be a great idea to check out Syncee Marketplace. It is Syncee’s huge directory of millions of products from dropshipping suppliers from the US/CA/EU/UK/AU/AS+more.

The platform not only makes sure you can find dropshipping suppliers whose offerings and conditions meet all your needs but the system also has you covered regarding automated, daily product data synchronization and the order data flow. Syncee is running on Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Ecwid by Lightspeed, Jumpseller, Shoprenter, and KMO Shops.

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