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Barbara Racz

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Best selling products for summer 2018

Are you interested in what are the hottest products to sell in summer 2018? Read our advice and see what are those that can boost your sales.

Our list for the summer can be an inspiration for you if you are thinking about refreshing your inventory as summer is here. E-commerce is a good field because you can make changes in a short time. Do you already have your niche in your Shopify store? Or do you want this summer to make your e-commerce dreams come true and find the best products to sell currently?

The products you will find below are not all only for this season but can be evergreen, or at least long-lasting for an indefinite time. Every new season is a new chance to broaden the range of items you have. However, you don’t have to change your whole inventory for summer. It’s about pushing up sales during this time with good quality products from reliable suppliers. Find your own style!

We advise you to use the remote warehousing method for selling your products—this is the new way of drop shipping—so that you can manage your job as easy as possible. Using this model you don’t have to invest much money in your business, you don’t have to stock products, your customers can get their ordered packages in a shorter time, your efforts can be profitable. Just remember the best way to be successful with your online store you should forget about working with marketplaces like eBay. You have to work with real, local suppliers (as for country or continent). Click here to read more.

Let 2018 to be your year, let this summer to be your season!

products white

If you are looking for a place where you can find products to sell, check Syncee Marketplace. Here you can find millions of products from hundreds of reliable suppleirs from all over the world. The application Syncee also helps you in the product data uploads & updates automatically on a daily basis.

This is our selection for this summer!

Pom-pom keychain

fluffy 1

Pom-pom keychains, also known as puffball keychains are trending products this year. You can see a lot of women walking on the street, having this fluffy decoration on their bags. Why wouldn’t you jump on this wave?

Fato de banho


As it is already summer, it’s good to think about how much people like to go to the beach or to the swimming pool. As a merchant, it’s worth considering selling these products and taking a look at them from the basic ones to the most specials.

Summer dress

dress summer

Light dresses are a dream for women in the hot summer. Don’t you want to make your customers happy? Sell well-designed, pretty, unique and quality clothing products that can turn your visitors into buyers and that can bring more income to you than before. Choose the best supplier for this.

Leather bag

bag leather

Leather bags looks great, leather bags are durable, leather bags are useful, leather bags are of quality. Do you need more? Find the best supplier to get these products from.



Summer is the time for wearing a lot of jewelry. People can show everyone what they have, they can express who they are with these accessories. Suppliers have a lot of pretty and fashionable products that are worth considering. Women want to be glamorous. Find the best supplier for your taste, find your niche in the jewelry market.



One of the most popular field in selling clothing in web stores is sportswear. The reason is that people like training and doing sports and they can wear those items fashionably. It’s one of the really best ideas to sell sportswear in your store. These products can be trainers, jogging trousers, shirts, sports socks, towels, water bottles, fitness trackers, caps, phone and key holders, and also nutritional supplements. Sell products from the best suppliers.



Every woman and man want to look great. With a sexy lingerie, they can make their lives more exciting when they spend time with their partner. And it’s not just about it. Beside special products, you should also sell the basic pieces that can make people feel comfortable. Don’t think about it twice, it’s a good market to hop on.

Adult products


Maybe it seems to be invisible, but it has a big market worldwide, even in Your country. People like trying these products, they like enjoying life this way. If you want to sell adult products like sex toys, sexy lingerie, and other erotic products, make sure that customers, visitors will know that you do your job discreetly.

Healthy food


The healthy lifestyle is having it’s best years nowadays. Everyone wants to eat food that is good for the body. Some people do it because it’s a trending thing, but most of those who decide to change their lives think about it seriously. There are a lot of suppliers that provide healthy products, ingredients, etc. It’s an idea that I really recommend you this year, this summer!

Smartphone accessories

phone accessory

Phone accessories still have their own place on the market and they evolve from time to time. There are “evergreen” gadgets like power banks, ear/headphones, cases, zoom lenses.

Creative gifts

coffee l

There are a lot of suppliers on the market that provide gifts and many many creative, imaginative products. What do you think about opening an online store selling items by categories—love, friendship, mother, father etc? If you can make your store really unique and you can sell quality products it would make your business really successful. However, you have to be different than others. Forget about getting products from marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. Find real suppliers and have a reliable business together.

Pet products


People love their pets and they want to give them anything they can. You can provide customers a lot of gift ideas to their little loved ones. Dog water bottles, automatic pet feeders, clothing, toys, home accessories, bed for them. A lot of owners like to buy as healthy food for their dogs, cats as theirs.



At summer time, everyone wants to shine, everyone wants to look great, everyone wants to have a good scent that can make them feel good and comfortable. You can find a wide range of fragrances at suppliers’ product lists.

RC products

rc cars

RC (radio control) cars and planes, motorcycles, and any models are not just for children but for adults too. It is a hobby and can be a suitable gadget for a good pastime. If you want to sell RC models in your Shopify store, choose suppliers who provide high-quality products.

Fishing, hunting products


Men like fishing, hunting, marine, archery, and other outdoor products and activities when the good weather is here. Make them satisfied and sell products from the best suppliers to them. These hobbies can turn into great family events too.

Special watches


Watches are good accessories for both women and men, also for children too. There are a lot of unique styles and ideas out there to provide them. Think about minimalist, fitness, smart, wooden, futuristic, and any other special watches. It’s always a good idea to sell because people like wearing these, and always want to know what time it is by just taking a look at their wrist.

Leather wallet


Men feel like real men when they have a leather wallet. Consider not just about selling bags but also these items. Or you can decide only to sell these ones, that can be your niche. If you do advertising great, it can skyrocket among men and women who like buying wallets as a gift.

Home décor


There is no place like home, and it’s good to have a flat or house that have a nice decoration, and people feel well there. Find suppliers that can provide high-quality, unique and good-looking home décor products and let people style their home in the best way with products from your online store.

Special lamps

special lamp eplight

Special lamps have a good market. It’s good to have mood lighting in your home. What people like nowadays are special but solid, well-designed and futuristic lamps. Those can be rose gold ones, standing items, or lamps that have a shape that people can be related to. If you are interested in this particular product you can see on the picture, check Syncee Marketplace.

Innovative shakers


Sell innovative bodybuilding supplement shakers. Help customers to get the smoothest supplement shakes in a few seconds. These products can have a fully detachable motor for easy cleaning, don’t have to be afraid of spills from shaking, people can forget about cheap, replaceable plastic shakers and chunks in the shake or chemicals from plastic. These have an athlete-tested ergonomic design.

Designer, logical toys

logical logideez

Logical toys are for creative minds. Anyone can use them regardless of whether they are 12 or 50 years old. These can be good products to use for a good pastime and relaxation. If you are interested in this particular product you can see on the picture, check Syncee Marketplace.



You can sell a lot of kind of bags and backpacks in your store. Let’s take a quick look at some ideas: traveling bag, hiking bag, smart backpack, picnic backpack. Firstly, normal backpacks can be also always a good idea to sell, people like these items, especially when these are well-designed, or simply basic—a lot of shops don’t have the very basic ones. Secondly, special backpacks can be useful to those—for instance, entrepreneurs—who travel a lot, but all of them has to be durable.


sunglasses 1

This can be a broad category, but you can find your own niche in it. You can sell only retro sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses, aviator or steampunk ones. By the way, as we take a look at the market, there aren’t many online stores that sell only sunglasses. You need to find the best supplier that has cool and good quality products.

Bluetooth speaker

speaker waterproof

Sell Bluetooth speakers, the demand for this is still increasing. Always reach out to the newest products, be up-to-date, sell high-quality, also well-designed systems, and provide various items. There’s always something new on the market. People like listening to loud and quality music and have fun!

Inflatable items


If we say summer, what you say? Water! Yes. And when people go to the beach or to a pool, they want to lie on cool air mattresses. You can find many kinds of styles, you just have to decide what supplier to choose that can provide you the best and most creative inflatable items.

Sun hat, baseball cap


Save yourself from the strong sunlight, wear not just light clothing but sun hat or baseball cap too. There are a lot of special hats and caps on the market, you just have to find your niche in this market and sell products successfully. It’s a good accessory that makes people look more stylish.

Yoga top, sports bra

yoga 1

It’s comfortable and useful. Good for doing sports, yoga, and good to wear at home too. There are a lot of suppliers out there providing these products.

Running shoes


At summer, in the morning or at night it feels refreshing to do sports outside. Take advantage of it and sell running shoes for people. They want to wear comfortable, cool shoes that are good for their feet.

Water bottles


Drinking bottles are evolving from year to year. You can see different styles on the market… various shapes, special patterns, multifunctional water bottles, or ones that have a built-in compartment to not directly put supplements in the liquid. When it’s summertime, people’s body needs a higher fluid intake, they look for unique and useful products so that they can be different than others. This product is really popular in the USA.

Retro gaming consoles


Adults and young adults like to fly back in time and try out their old toys again. Also if these are already modernized. A store selling these products look good and if you do everything right—e.g. marketing—it can be widespread.

Fandom products

Try to hop on trends immediately if you want to sell fandom items. You have to be up to date with the current trends—movies, series, games, music, YouTube— or choose suppliers that are up-to-date in this. You can sell posters, figures, mini sculptures, human-size characters, mouse pad, clothing, phone cases, flags, mugs, toys and anything you can imagine. It’s always a good idea to sell fandom products because there’s always some content in popular media that people live for. Nowadays, for example, Marvel movies, Star Wars, Game of Thrones can be a good inspiration. But be careful, don’t sell copyrighted stuff.

Amateur photography items


People like creating professional content on their own and also like having the coolest gadgets from the market. Amateur photography accessories can be for example retro products with something new in them or accessories to mobile phones to make better quality photos. It’s good if these products are useful and well-designed too. Nowadays, creating visual content is important on the internet to users.

Traveling supplies


Travelling supplies can be clothing, for example, heated gear—hoodies, socks, vest for chilly weather—, shoes, bags, any tools, suitcases, drinking bottles, small cases, laptop bags, maps, GPS’s, power banks, travel chargers, self sealing dry bags, organizers, pillows or anything that comes to your mind. Everyone likes traveling, and summer is the best time to do this.

Vintage, retro style products


Selling retro products, or that seem to be retro is one of the best options. You can think about clothing, hobby items, accessories, home décor, kitchen gadgets, music-related products or anything. People like retro stuff so much.

If you want to read about more products that we recommend to sell in 2018 please read the article that we created at the beginning of the year. It also has some good ideas for merchants.

Syncee Marketplace

Syncee is B2B platform for dropshippers, retailers and suppliers. It has a large in-app directory, Syncee Marketplace. It is home of millions of products from hundreds of reliable dropship and wholesale suppliers. It takes only a few clicks to fill your online store with products. You can pick them one-by-one or in bulk as well. Syncee runs on more ecommerce platforms, and it provides product data uploads and updates daily, automatically.

There are many products you can find on Syncee Marketplace from those I mentioned above!

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