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Dropshipping Tips for 2022 to Enhance Your Store & Marketing Strategies

As the number of online stores is growing on the market, you need to make sure your business will stand out. Spice up your business-, sales-, and marketing strategies, make a ‘wow experience’. Do not forget: the cornerstone of a lucrative store is to sell in-demand products for your target market. Let’s elaborate on how you can make the most out of your ecommerce business easily, check our 50 dropshipping tips.

Firstly, you can read about credible dropshipping tips to implement into your business activity. Then, after checking these dropshipping tips, we are going to focus on how you can upgrade your online store to be more engaging, user-friendly, and trendy.

You can also read about effective marketing and sales tips to boost and fine-tune your existing strategies. The process of learning about tricks on how to create a lucrative ecommerce business is long. Getting to know the basics takes weeks and months, then still it will stay a ‘life-time-long’ learning process, as you have to stay up-to-date with the newest trends and demands at all times.


  1. Credible Dropshipping Tips to Stand Out
  2. Best Ways to Level Up Your Online Store
  3. Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales
  4. Syncee Marketplace: Finding Dropshipping Products & Suppliers
Dropshipping Tips for 2022

Credible Dropshipping Tips to Stand Out

The market of dropshipping is constantly growing, and we want to make sure you can make the most out of your business. It is a beneficial trading model to work with for not only those who just want to start out a store but for those as well who are looking for ways to broaden their existing business’s product range and sales. That’s why we would like to speak about credible dropshipping tips.

There are two main strategies for selling products in this model, low-ticket and high-ticket dropshipping. Low-ticket dropshipping stands for selling lower-priced products with a high price margin. A few example products for this are home decoration, lingerie, gifts. As for the high-ticket dropshipping, these are more expensive products that are usually for the long term, they are durable.

If you want to make buyers return, it’s trickier to do so at the high-ticket model. You can mix these methods, and go hybrid with your strategies. Complement your high-ticket dropshipping products with low-ticket ones to have a better chance to get more customers.

Best dropshipping tips for all merchants:

  • Reliable B2B Suppliers: Here comes our first dropshipping tip. It’s the best for your business to reaching long-term success if you get your products from reliable B2B marketplaces, from pre-vetted B2B suppliers. Sell products that are not easily accessible for a cheaper price from B2C platforms for customers. Quality is also important, not to mention short delivery time & a great refund policy.
  • Choose Local Suppliers: Don’t just look for suppliers in your local market, you’ll miss out on other great suppliers close to your country who offer favorable shipping conditions too! Our dropshipping tip is to offer unique goods from local, purpose-driven, and determinate manufacturers whose products will be intriguing for your audience.
  • Unified Selection of Products for a Neat Store: There are so many stores on the market, you need to find a way to be not just one in a million. Don’t just sell every random product your find cool in a marketplace. Our dropshipping tip here is to think as a professional, well-established store. Have a clear brand identity and well-defined business strategy. Decide on the focus of your sales strategies, and pick products accordingly.
  • Work With a Few Dropshipping Suppliers Only: What this dropshipping tip is about? If you run your online store with dropshipping, and managing products using a marketplace get to know first if all goods arrive from the same directory. Most marketplaces doesn’t offer this service. This is why you need to pick products from only one or a few dropshipping suppliers, and not collecting goods from dozens of them. Why? Besides of many other reasons, the products that are from different sources though belonging to the same order won’t arrive at the customer on different days.
  • Pick Products There is Actual Demand For: If a product idea pops up in mind, you need to research your market to see if people are actually interested in them. Check Google Translate, create a survey, ask your friends, and check the market thoroughly. It is one of the most important dropshipping tips on this list.
  • Market Your Online Store Constantly: This dropshipping tip goes for the importance to advertise your store on Facebook and/or Google, especially if you are new on the market. That’s how you can reach potential buyers.
  • Expand Your Store’s Visibility with the help of Syncee: Our last dropshipping tip is highly related to Syncee. Syncee helps you in finding products to sell, and finding reliable suppliers to work with for the long run. You can broaden your store’s existing product range easily with Syncee so more customers can find you and order. Syncee will have you covered with keeping your product date up-to-date, and synchronizing the order data to your suppliers.
Credible Dropshipping Tips to Stand Out

Best Ways to Level Up Your Online Store

The above-mentioned dropshipping tips stand very close to the ideas on how to boost your online store. Now let’s see the 15 best tips on how you can level up your online store which you are running with the dropshipping model.

  • Optimize For Mobile & Other Devices: The number of people using their smartphones to shop online is constantly growing that’s why you have to make sure the user-experience of your store on mobile is outstanding.
  • Showcase products that complement each other: You have to try showcasing products that complement each other
  • Implement upsell and cross-sell strategies: Briefly, upsell means you recommend a more expensive but better version of the product a customer picked. Cross-sell means you offer related products.
  • Include related products before checkout: It is an effective way of growing your online store’s sales. When talking about dropshipping tips, it’s important to mention the
  • Offer multiple payment options: If you have various payment options available you can have more potential buyers.
  • Be transparent – Shipping challenges due to lockdown: Always show the most up-to-date shipping details on your website, and if there is a special occasion, or people can expect longer shipping time, show the details on your homepage, and in popups as well.
  • Load test your site to prepare for traffic: Make sure your store runs smoothly under any circumstances.
  • Test for user-friendliness: Show you site to your friends. The more people see and check it, the more you can make sure it meets clients’ needs.
  • Titles & Categories – search engine friendly, easily understood: SEO is an important part of your sales strategy.
  • Have backup plans for any potential situation: Make sure you are prepared for everything including returns, shipping problems for example.
  • Provide customers the option to add products to ‘Favorites’: The whole shopping experience can get better by offering this feature.
  • Have an FAQ page: There are questions customers often ask, it is best to show them in an FAQ on your site so like this you can provide them swift help.
  • Show your online store’s striking personality: If you have a business you need to have your core values and a unique message. Built it in your whole strategy, let customers know who you are. Like this you can stand out.
  • Review and improve product pages: Make sure your product pages are informative enough.
  • Analyse your competitors’ actions and product ranges: This is one way to evolve with your business. Don’t miss out on any trends, and check the newest dropshipping tips and trends to grow more..

Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

After elaborating on some dropshipping tips and ideas on how to take your store to the next level, now let’s check 30 ways on how you can boost the marketing and sales strategies of your dropshipping store!

  1. Run social media ads tailored to your audience
  2. Create effective remarketing campaigns
  3. Best selling list
  4. Provide hassle-free returns
  5. Tap into the power of video marketing: go live on social media
  6. Work with micro-influencers
  7. Send coupon codes to new customers
  8. Live chat for customer convenience
  9. Highlight hidden gems alongside your bestsellers
  10. Offer reasonable discounts, bundles, special offers
  11. Focus on customer retention – offer deals that encourage returning customers
  12. Implement pop-ups when a customer attempts to leave your site
  13. Use vibrant, noticeable images and banners that stand out
  14. Be proud of your product reviews, post them on social media
  15. Share user-generated content on social media
  16. Engage with your customers in comments
  17. Blog posts about best sellers and popular products, & tips on how to use
  18. Offer fast shipping
  19. Send creative cart abandonment emails
  20. Set up Google Analytics to uncover customers’ buying behavior
  21. Provide hassle-free returns
  22. Reward customers
  23. Display engaging pop-up messages
  24. Research in-demand products of certain categories
  25. Send out personalized emails
  26. Create catchy & appealing graphics/visuals
  27. Customize selling approach to a wider audience
  28. Capture traffic and convert visitors to create loyalty
  29. Turn first-time customers to returning ones
  30. Offer value to your customers!
Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

Syncee Marketplace: Finding Dropshipping Products & Suppliers

After checking sales and dropshipping tips, it’s time to showcase the benefits of Syncee.

Syncee is a global B2B dropshipping and wholesale platform designed to help retailers and suppliers connect. Retailers can browse the Syncee Marketplace to find high-profit, fast-shipping products from reliable, pre-vetted suppliers from the US, CA, EU, UK, AU, and more. Millions of goods are available on the platform. Syncee supports all major ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, and more.

Syncee is an ideal pick for both new online store owners and existing businesses that would like to grow their sales. They can find suitable products for their business and can fill or broaden their store with goods in just a few clicks without upfront investment in physical inventory. More products mean more sales, so merchants can grow their businesses by using Syncee. Suppliers can be contacted directly as Syncee is a transparent platform.

1. Further Advantages of the Syncee Marketplace for Retailers

  • You can expand your store easily & in bulk
  • Millions of quality and niche products
  • Merchants can find long-term dropshipping partners
  • It’s a transparent platform, suppliers are not hidden
  • Product data management in bulk also available
  • Automatic product data uploads and updates
  • Automated order data synchronization
  • Customizable price settings in bulk: add price margin, set tiered pricing, and rounding rules
  • Filter settings on what to upload to your online store
  • Flexible product & catalog settings
  • No minimum order quantity, no upfront investment in stock
  • In-app retailer-supplier messenger for a smooth communication + other contact details of the supplier available

There are two main solutions available on the Syncee Marketplace for retailers.

One of them is the Search Products view, where you can browse all products in a huge directory and can even pick products one-by-one, or get to suppliers’ storefronts to check all items belonging to a certain company. The other one is the Find Suppliers view where you can see a list of the suppliers available on Syncee, and can easily add their products in bulk to your Syncee catalog.

2. How to Make the Most out of Syncee as a Retailer?

We suggest taking our useful dropshipping tips into consideration. If you are using Syncee it is more important to know how to make the most out of the service. Let’s see some best techniques of using Syncee to find and manage products for your online store.

  • Pick products in bulk from the Syncee Marketplace: If you have a wide range of products, more potential buyers will find you, and you can get more sales.
  • Work with only one or a few suppliers: It’s a dropshipping tip as well: like this you can avoid shipping-related issues. Goods from different sources won’t arrive in separate parcels to your customers.
  • Check supplier’s shipping details carefully: Before you upload goods to your store, make sure the products can be shipped to your target audience to avoid issues when an order has already arrived.
  • Filter products thoughtfully: If you do not wish to sell every product from a supplier’s selection, you can filter them. We recommend setting the filter by categories if you have a supplier catalog, and not start filtering goods one by one.
  • Reconcile different shipping conditions: If you work with more dropshipping suppliers, it is important to fine-tune the different shipping conditions these companies provide. Set the shipping rates in your online store’s admin page carefully!
  • Contact supplier before selling products: It’s better to ask your questions from a supplier before uploading their products to your store to avoid any difficulties later.
  • Suppliers not only from your location: Don’t just look for suppliers in your local market, you’ll miss out on other great suppliers close to your country who offer favorable shipping conditions too!
  • More products means more sales: You can find products on the Syncee Marketplace for your sales and manage them easily so you can implement our dropshipping tips into your strategies.
  • Carefully consider who to contact: If you have a question about a product, a supplier, or the shipping, ask the supplier itself, and if you have something more technical in mind, or don’t understand how the system works, contact Syncee.
  • First prepare your store, then upload products: For example, if you use Shopify, there are collections you can manage. If you want to have manual ones, first create them, and only after that upload goods to your store via Syncee to make everything easier.
  • Have a unified, neat store: Consider what to sell thoughtfully. Find out what your target audience demands. Make sure you do not just sell every product that catches your eye.
  • Advertise to increase sales: It is very important, especially if you are new on the market. You can find the best products in Syncee.
  • Patience is key to success: Make sure your store meets all the essential criteria to get orders. Then, all you have to do is be patient. Ensure that your product range, store, and your ads are neat. Sell products your audience demands.
  • Use Syncee via Laptop or PC, not smartphone: If you want to manage your account and products on Syncee, it is the most comfortable to do so via laptop or PC. What you are working on is really important, and you need to pay attention to many details, so it is best to not manage such things on a smartphone.
Syncee Marketplace

3. Steps of Starting Out with Syncee

Using Syncee is very easy for merchants.

If you still happen to have a question about Syncee or would like to hear more dropshipping tips regarding our service, our support team is always here and ready, and happy to help. You can contact us via email and via our live chat as well.

To start out with Syncee, first, you need to install the Syncee – Global Dropshipping application to your online store from any of our supported ecommerce platforms. Syncee has two main solutions, the Syncee Marketplace where you can browse among millions of ready-to-sell products, and the Syncee DataFeed Manager that is for those who haven’t found a supplier on the Marketplace but do know another supplier who can provide an always updating product datafeed file.

Now let’s focus on the Marketplace as this is probably what most of you are interested in. Once you’ve installed our application, log in, and go to your Syncee dashboard. You can access and browse the Syncee Marketplace in two ways. One solution is the Search Products view, where you can pick products you would enjoy selling from a huge directory, and arrange them into catalogs. Here you can also switch to a supplier’s Syncee storefront to see all of its products.

What is a Syncee catalog?

A catalog includes the products you want to sell in your store. You can have more catalogs and can manage each one individually, adding unique filters, pricing, and other useful product settings to them. Adding products to a catalog doesn’t mean the products are immediately added to your online store. If you have finished adjusting your settings, you just have to click on the Sync button to upload products into your online store. Then, Syncee will update your products’ inventory quantity and their prices daily, automatically in your store.

The process is basically the same when choosing the Marketplace’s other solution, the Find Suppliers. There you can browse the list of suppliers and can easily add their products in bulk to a catalog, and to your store.

You can see, Syncee has you covered managing products in your online store smoothly from the very first step, finding partners, and we are also here to provide dropshipping tips for you to grow your strategies with.

Browse Syncee Marketplace and find your best-selling products now

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