Product Update

Inventory stock update in a few steps.

Syncee Variants Update Function for Shopify

Update Your Products' Inventory in a Simple Way

Do you have a file from your supplier that contains only codes, stock or price? Would you like to update your variants? If yes, Syncee’s Variants Update function was created just for you!

  • Use CSV, XML, XLS or JSON file

  • Update quantity, price or any other variants field

  • Compare by SKU or Barcode field
Automatic update
product update
Syncee Field Mapping Function

Map the Source File’s Fields to the Store Fields

Syncee’s easy-to-use drag and drop function enables you to connect the product data to your online store’s product fields. Wide range of product fields are supported, like Title, SKU, Price, Barcode, Compare at price, Description, Images, Category, Brand, Variants etc.

Syncee Task Scheduler

Automate Your Task

You can also schedule the update of your products. As a result, Syncee will do the lion’s share of the work for you. You can start the task manually, but your subscription also includes the automatic handling of your task. You can run it anytime you want.