Product Sourcing

A wide selection of products from reliable suppliers in the Syncee Marketplace.

Find partners easily wherever you are in the world.

Syncee works with the best suppliers

Why the Syncee Marketplace?

The range of products we offer from our suppliers covers many categories. Our solution is great for those who don’t know where to look for products to sell, and have a hard time finding reliable dropshipper, wholesaler partners.

  • Pick products one-by-one or in bulk

  • Assign your products to catalogs

  • Set unique pricing & filtering rules

  • Upload & update products automatically on a daily basis

  • Chat with suppliers

  • Try out our Order Routing feature

Easy Install & Login

Depending on which platform you are running your online store on, you have more ways to install Syncee.

  • Access our app via your platform’s AppStore

  • Or directly via our signup page.

Logging in goes in the same ways. You have more options to choose from.


Intelligent Product Search

Search Products

In the Syncee Marketplace you can pick products you like one-by-one from our huge directory and upload the items into your online store easily.

Our AI-based product search helps you find relevant items for your needs.

Search by warehouse location, language, shipping type, product category and by more useful options.

We keep your products updated!

Suppliers With Short Lead Time

Find Suppliers

In our Marketplace we provide a solution for bulk product upload. The retailers in Syncee can browse amongst a long list of suppliers, and fill their online store with the chosen companies’ products.

  • Pick local suppliers for a short lead time.

  • Read detailed information about the products and the suppliers.

  • Choose if you want a dropship or wholesale supplier partner.

Dropshippers deliver directly to your customers, while wholesalers ship products to your address in a big amount.

Create Syncee Product Catalogs

Create Product Catalogs

Assign the products you have chosen from our Marketplace to your own Syncee catalogs. Arrange products in-and-out of catalogs in a few clicks!

Manage each catalogs’ settings easily. After uploading the products into your online store we will automatically keep them updated so you can avoid overselling.

Set Unique Pricing Rules

Add Price Margin

Set unique pricing rules for each of your product catalogs. In Syncee you can easily create tiered pricing settings by vendors, brands or categories. 

  • Add your price margin by a fixed amount or by percentage.

  • Set rounding rules, choose from more options in our app!

  • Use our automatic currency conversation solution.
Easy & Quick Product Upload

Upload Products

Upload the products you have in your Syncee catalogs in one click into your online store!

We collect your products and catalogs in a particular menu in your account where you can manage and sync them anytime.

We will keep your products’ data updated automatically on a daily basis for you.

Communication Tool

Chat with Suppliers

In the Syncee Messenger retailers and suppliers can easily contact each other and have a direct chat anytime, without any limitation.

Finding supplier partners, and being in constant contact with them is both possible in Syncee.

If you are both online, you can have a live conversation!

Sell The Best Products

Sell Your Products

While selecting our suppliers we make sure to offer retailers products from the best online niches.

Syncee creates ready-to-sell products for you, and allow you to upload-update items easily into your online store.

Once you upload items into your store from Syncee we will make sure your customers will see up-to-date product data every day.

A Solution to Manage Orders Easier

Order Routing

With our intelligent Order Routing solution we help order data flow swiftly between retailers and suppliers. The details of the orders will be sent to the right supplier.

  • Automatic synchronization

  • Filtering by date

  • Order analytics in the App
Give Reviews About Syncee Suppliers

Rate Suppliers

Give a review about the supplier you are using from the Syncee Marketplace, or read other retailers’ opinion about the companies.

You can tell your opinion on a 5-star rating scale, or by your own words as well.

Reviews help you decide easily who you would like to cooperate with.


Product and Order Analytics

Check Analytics

In your Syncee account you can check the freshest analytics about products and orders as well.

  • Details about how many products you have managed via Syncee

  • Order analytics given in quantity, profit and revenue
"Excellent application, very responsive and attentive customer service. Even if you don't understand much about upload / update inventory products on Shopify, it's not a problem to make it works properly. Quick answers, great help. I recommend it without any problem."

Mon Petit Vanety
"Hello, I run my webshop from Belgium and i'm very satisfied with the products I can find in Syncee they are unique and come from trustworthy companies. The app operates perfect and is perfect for my business in which i sell luxury products for men and women. I'm satisfied with Syncee, it's professional and easy to use. Don't hesitate to use Syncee.
Best regards from Belgium"

"Great app for loading and updating my products. Especially the updating products multiple times a day is so awesome. Support is class too. Thanks guys, keep the good work up! :)"