Order Routing

A solution to manage your orders easier.

Order Routing Solution

Our Order Routing solution helps order data flow swiftly between retailers and suppliers. Managing orders is easier for our merchants with the process we offer.

  • Automatic synchronization

  • Each order data will go to the right supplier in Syncee

  • Filtering by date

  • Order analytics in the App

  • Order data export into a downloadable CSV file to help suppliers

Keep in Touch with Your Partner

Syncee is a bridge between retailers and suppliers. This is why it is always important to be in touch with your partners directly as well.

Are you a retailer and would like to cooperate with a supplier in Syncee, and use the Order Routing?

Do not forget to contact the supplier to make sure about the details of the partnership. Send them an email, register in their website or contact them via the Syncee Messenger.

Create Unique Integration

Suppliers may have their own system for managing orders. To help ease the order process between Syncee retailers and suppliers, we offer a useful solution.

Suppliers can download the retailers’ order information in a CSV file, and can set in their account which partners’ data to include.

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