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10 Advantages of Wix – Start Your Online Store Today

Wix is an outstanding platform if you wish to start your online store easily without any hassle as it offers many great and user-friendly features. There are a lot of advantages of Wix you can enjoy with your business. The platform is well-tuned for everything your store needs either if you are new on the market or you are planning to move your business onto another platform.

When you decide to start your online store you want to make it as outstanding as you can. Sometimes it is hard to find the best solution regarding which platform to choose to run your store. There are so many options on the market that are specialized in providing all the useful tools to create such amazing online stores. Fortunately, you do not even have to think for even a minute if you want to choose Wix as this platform will totally steal your heart after you check out the amazing opportunities there.

Introduction of Wix

Wix was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan and more than 700,000 stores use this ecommerce platform these days. What is more, the platform grows quite fast, a lot of people choose to start their online store on this platform due to the incredible features you can find there.

This ecommerce platform allows you to create a professional storefront as it offers a complete solution for online entrepreneurs. You will surely find everything you need for the start and for keeping up the good work. Wix focuses on developing its tools so you can always find something new and useful for your business.

Advantages of Wix

10 Advantages of Wix

We are sure about the fact that we could list more than 10 advantages of Wix, but we have decided that these 10 are the most important when you want to start your online store and you are looking for great features for your business. The next 10 advantages of Wix will be a huge help so you can easily decide if this platform would be the best for you.

1. Easy-to-use Dashboard

When you start your online store you will want to work on an easy-to-use dashboard. Why is this important? Because whenever you want to create something new or you just simply want to keep up with the changes you will have a clear platform which makes it very easy to find everything that you need.

Some online platforms have complex dashboards where you have to search for long minutes to find what you want to use. This is absolutely inefficient and can cause some hard times for you. Therefore, an easy-to-use dashboard is one of the great advantages of Wix.

2. More Than 500 Templates

The design of your online store is very important if you want to create a good first impression on your future customers. One of the advantages of Wix is that it offers you more than 500 templates to create the best impact on your visitors.

You can even find different search opportunities among the collection of templates to ease your progress of finding the one for your online store. The templates are crucial to showing what your store stands for so it is important to find the one which can convey this message to your customers.

There are different ways to find the best template but you can always try to imagine what your products would look like on the chosen theme. It is also useful if you show your online store to your friend and family before launching it as some fresh ideas might change your way of thinking too.

Wix Templates

3. Built-in Marketing Tools

Built-in marketing tools are a very beneficial factor in the decision on which platform to choose if you want to start your online store. You can use email marketing which means that you can easily collect email addresses from your customers and visitors. This can be one of the huge advantages of Wix if you want to send them newsletters or emails about different sales and promotions.

Using social media for marketing is a very good idea if you want to find more and more customers without trying so hard. Wix offers you the opportunity to reach a wider audience with their built-in opportunity of social posts. What is more, you can also have Facebook Ads for a better experience.

If you want to create videos for promotions or you just simply want to show how one of your products work, Wix offers you a video maker too. You can also share these videos online and on social media so you can get to everyone.

These built-in marketing tools are definitely one of the greatest advantages of Wix, therefore you will not have any kind of regret by choosing this platform.

4. Unlimited Product Collections

One of the advantages of Wix is that you can create a lot of product collections, there are no limitations in connection with that. This option is very useful if you have the same kind of products with some variations. You just need to create collections and put the different variations in them.

Using the product collections can make your online store manageable and clear for your visitors and customers. They will easily find what they are looking for and browsing your collections might give them some ideas and they will buy even more products than they wanted to in the first place.

5. Multiple Sales Channel

Making a bigger profit can be achieved with the help of multiple sales channels. You can easily sell your Wix store’s product on Instagram, eBay, Facebook, etc. With the help of multichannel sales, you will target those customers who are following you on social media. This can be very useful as they surely consist of your customer base.

Selling on different channels means that you can get to a lot of people. Your followers can easily share your products and the sales you are providing for them. This can be a very useful tool in the long run if you are planning on growing and it is also one of the advantages of Wix.

6. Affordable

One of the advantages of Wix is that the plans are affordable. You can choose from four plans and even the most expensive plan, the VIP is still 24.50 Euros a month. The Unlimited plan is the most popular as it has a lot of really good opportunities and advantages of Wix.

You just need to collect the features that you need and after that, you can decide which plan would be the most favorable for you. However, as you grow you can always upgrade to a bigger plan if you need more components.

One of the advantages of Wix is being affordable
Fonte: Wix

7. You Can Start with Free Business Tools

Wix has several amazing business tools which come with your plans. You can create a business email that contains your domain in the address. That way your customers will feel that you are very professional and you will not have to worry about customers who write to your personal email address.

A business phone number is also useful because you can let your customers call you whenever they have a problem, although this is up to you when you are available. This also creates a professional look and an easy way to solve problems. In connection with that, you can also create online schedules for your clients.

A great business tool and one of the advantages of Wix is that you can get some analytics and reports to track sales and optimize your performance. This way you can always make your online store better and fulfill the needs of your customers.

8. Secure Payment Methods

Providing secure payment methods for your customers is a must these days. They will not buy anything from you if they feel that their account information could go into the wrong hands. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this too.

Fortunately, one of the advantages of Wix is that you can provide different options to your customers. Wix Payments is a great option if you do not want to set up a third-party payment provider. However, it is not available everywhere, so you will definitely need to set up a payment provider like PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc. You have 50+ payments method to choose from so this will not be a problem at all.

9. SEO-optimized, Multilingual Storefront

The search engine optimization is a very important factor in connection with the online store. That way your customers can find your store easier on Google when they are searching for products. A multilingual storefront is also beneficial if you want to get to other customers worldwide.

As the advantages of Wix provides both, you can lean back and enjoy the profit and number of customers arriving at your site.

10. Easy to Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a well-known business model these days. You need to consider this option if you want to get the best out of your online store. Dropshipping is a process where you can sell products without owning inventory. You do not have to store anything and manage logistics as this will be your suppliers’ job. You just need to have an online store where your customers can order the products from. The suppliers will be the ones who package everything together and ship them directly to the customers.

Syncee as a dropshipping solution

Syncee is a perfect solution for those Wix retailers who want to browse among millions of products and hundreds of suppliers from the US, CA, EU, AU+ more. There are several advantages of Wix but this can be very suitable if you feel that you want to start something new. Syncee and Wix can be integrated, you can find products easily on Syncee Marketplace and can upload them into your store without any hassle. Moreover, the system will automatically keep your product data updated and will synchronize your order data as well.


All things considered, Wix is an amazing opportunity if you want to start your online store now with amazing features and opportunities. There are really good advantages of Wix, you just need to start exploring all of them!

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