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Why is it worth creating a blog for your Shopify store? – Tips and Tricks

Maintaining a blog for your online store is worth the effort because it can help you to get more sales. How? Let’s see!

You can see that not only many online stores have a blog but companies too, no matter what their service is. You might think the blogs are old-fashioned, thing of the past, nobody read them and are ineffective. However, you have to keep in mind that articles can be really useful in helping customers with their decisions and giving advice to them. Having blog posts can be a good promotion method on the biggest social media platform likewise.

Hereinafter you will get points about why is it beneficial to have a blog for your Shopify store. I will also give you some tips on what content to post.

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Why is it worth creating a blog in general?

You can get more sales and increase traffic by maintaining a blog and posting interesting content regularly. Well, having bigger traffic is more significant than getting more sales of course, but this is a natural phenomenon and having more visitors is great you can say. Blogs are also good for customer retention. So, if someone has already bought something from your store, it’s possible for her/him to read more about a certain product – how it works and so on.

If you post a relating content, you can send that in a newsletter, e-mail to the buyer after an order has been made. As for the e-mails as well, send a newsletter to subscribers regularly, always write about interesting, helpful information, and also always send your newly published blog posts so that more people can get to know about them. With these articles, you can generate content on Facebook and on any social media platform, you can share them freely anywhere.

Actually, the more blog posts you create the more pages you will have that point to your site when it’s about having those articles posted on social media and finding them on Google. You can also use more internal links in all of your blog posts. Another benefit of maintaining a blog is that if you have content that people really like, it will help you rank in search engines, it improves SEO (Ottimizzazione dei motori di ricerca). Every link of yours that are on other platforms is a signal to Google that your site matters.

Make sure you always remain consistent with your branding when thinking about writing about a topic. Furthermore, don’t forget: if there’s a blog on your online store’s website, people will likely spend more time on your platform.

What can you use the blog for?

  • Promoting your products (new ones, seasonal, by any category, occasions).
  • Show and have an explaining content about a product or a new product category you have uploaded to your online store. You can have new products via dropshipping applications such as Syncee.
  • Use it for marketing. You don’t always have to write articles about your products. You can generate traffic on other interesting topics. In this way, people spend more time on your site, and they can go to the product’s pages with ease. Write about relating themes. At the end of this blog post, you can read some recommendations categorized by product types.
  • You can tell your story, or your customers’ story relating to your products.

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Tips & Tricks

  • Use neat design, choose colors and every visual element ably.
  • Keep everything simple.
  • Use high-quality, neat images, show off multiple angles of products.
  • Inspire visitors. Write about topics that persuade them to buy your products or to raise their interest.
  • Be aware of how you write, grammar is one of the most important factors as for blog posts. The text layout also has to be well-kept.
  • Keep your blog aesthetic.
  • Put as many links as you can within your articles leading to relevant products in your online store.
  • Try not to overload visitors with information.
  • Post articles that are about testing your products.
  • Always speak to your target audience and care about how they feel when visiting your blog menu and also your store itself. See with their eyes, think with their minds.
  • Tell stories about yourself – history, vision, growth – or about your customers, and their experience with your products, service.
  • Use AIDA model when creating a blog post. You can read about it in our other article.
  • Upload new posts frequently, because if people see the last date of publishing, they will know that you are an existing company, and is a sign that you are being updated. How frequent? For instance, once a week.
  • You don’t have to be a great writer, short posts are okay. Even you can ask for someone’s help or hire anyone who can help you in maintaining your blog.
  • A blog is useful for brand building on the long-term.
  • Always give knowledge on the topics, and try to be on creating impact.
  • Write about developments in your industry.
  • Share content about what news, developments you have with your company.
  • Announce your sales in blog posts.
  • Give tutorials on how to use your products. Give help.
  • Describe how and where your products are made, what people can use them for.
  • Word headlines that sell and bring more traffic. Use question mark and prime numbers in the title.
  • Stay with the 7,000-8,000 character length (with spaces).
  • Tell about what events you take part in.

Where to get free-to-use images from?

Well, in your blog you will most likely embed your own products’ photos. In that case, there’s nothing to worry about. However, what if you want to use other, neat pictures in the articles? There’s a lot of websites where you can find free-to-use images. Please, do not use images that are not royalty free if you haven’t paid for them. Moreover, if it’s needed, do name the source. If you are on a page of free stock photos, you also can’t use all of the images, but it’s not complicated to find out which ones you are allowed to use. You will see watermark on them, or a yellow star or crown or any such things that show they are not free to use.

The best sites where you can find free stock images in our opinion:


Specific content ideas by product categories

  • Accessori: as for products like jewelry and watches: what’s trending this year, details about how they are made.
  • Adult: what to use on certain occasions, what if my partner likes…, what is what, how to enjoy life more.
  • Baby, Children Products: health, pregnancy, what characterizes the first few years, cute and cool photos.
  • Bag: bag types, what to wear on certain occasions, leather and leatherette differences.
  • Beauty: health, tutorials on make-up, for example, fashion, fast fashion, recycling, pet care, how to spend your money smart, designs, matching colors, styles, what people used in the past, make-up for occasions.
  • Clothing: some special new products, advise collections, wardrobe essentials, seasonal products, dress shapes for body shapes, a throwback to past times and trends, new collection, outfit referring to movies from your cloth products, how to organize your clothes, rules of being trendy, an article about famous designers, what to wear to…, what colors watches, bring the color of the year in your wardrobe, what products match to each other, photos from your customers of your products.
  • Food: new products, recipes, products and tastes by location (Thai, Middle-East for example), chefs, sweets, special meals.
  • Furniture: home decoration tips, what materials match each other, ask for photos from your customers of your products at their home.
  • Gift Shop: blogs about occasions and your products for male and female, friends and relations: birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and so on.
  • Hobby: what to do depending on the weather, new arrivals, tips, and tutorials, product photos and stories from customers.
  • Home Décor: home decoration for every style, for instance, neat white, modern grey, sensual red, happy colorful, rustic, vintage, pet-friendly. Also what colors match, pictures of awesome designs/homes, new products.
  • Electronics: how to repair gadgets, the newest developments, new products, tests.
  • Outdoor Gear: it can be about hunting, knives and so on: new products, post about product types, high-quality nature photos, stories of adventures.
  • Pet Products: how to make your pet happier, diseases, toys, activities, new products, essential products.
  • Sports Merchandise: health, what to eat as a sportsman, what clothing items are the most comfortable to certain sports, products to certain sports.
  • Toys: the best kind of toys by sex, age group, interest. What educational toys would you advise, some indoor and outdoor products, posts containing neat pictures, stories.
  • Vehicle Products: car and other vehicle reviews, posts about repairing from the start, new products, products that every certain vehicle owner need.

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