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How to Find Niche Products to Sell in Your Online Store? – 15 Extraordinary Tips

After you have decided on opening an online store, you will have to think about the products which you will be selling there. If the idea of the products did not come first do not worry, you can always start thinking about some niche products which will definitely make your online store outstanding.

Finding the best niche products is not that easy, therefore you should consider the next 15 tips which can help you in creating the best online store with useful products which is necessary for a lot of people.

First of all, what is a niche product? A niche product is a product or products which are really needed by a lot of people and still not on the market. It is really hard to find such products but in the end, people will love you for your creativity and they will eventually try out what your brand can offer them.

1. Your Own Preferences as Niche Products

First of all, you should think about your own life. What are the things which are missing? What are those problems which you encounter daily? If you have one or two such obstacles you can start thinking about the solutions. You might realize that your problems are also part of other people’s lives and you can help them too with your own solutions. During the process you can even find niche products, so give it a try and let’s see what happens. Just grab some paper and pen and start brainstorming about the ideas.

What is more, you do not even have to think about a new problem. Maybe there was some kind of difficulty in your life which had been solved recently. Think about it for a minute and realize if the company or brand made niche products. You can even think about improving the idea.

2. Surroundings

Walking in the village can give you some ideas about great niche products

Looking around in the city might give you some inspiration. Just walk slowly and look around. Pretend that you are being a detective and you are searching for the best niche products. Well, it sounds a little bit cringy, so you might not want to become this kind of detective, but you should definitely try the looking around part. 🙂 The small streets and tiny shops will create a great atmosphere for thinking about your own products. We suggest that you should go alone to this walk because that way you can observe more from your surroundings.

You do not even have to look for tiny shops, just observe the different difficulties. Is there a lot of trash on the streets? Are there any broken benches? Even these “tiny” problems can lead you to find the best niche products.

3. Friends and Family

Friends and family

When you are looking for niche products you will need to ask your friends and family about their problems in their everyday lives. Maybe they will be the ones who give you the best idea about what niche products would be the best for your online store. Furthermore, they will feel honored that you are interested in their ideas and they will love to help you.

4. Social Media

Social media is one of the places where you can find almost everything. If you do not have any ideas yet, start looking for different kinds of groups which are representing different ideas and sectors of life. You will be astonished by the different ideas and maybe realize something which was unclear before. These platforms are great again if you already have an idea about what to sell.

You can join groups and start looking for members of your online store. You can even talk to them and ask their opinion about different products, which can lead them to become your first customers when your shop is ready. Do not underestimate the help of your customers and soon to be customers when you try to find the best niche products.

5. Trends


Trends can be found everywhere. You can find them on social media and other platforms too. These trends are a great starting point for you and your business. Just be creative with these ideas and always look for more! Do not forget that a lot of people love unique products and they will love to try out yours if it tries to solve their problems.

6. Syncee, AliExpress, eBay


You can always search for different products on marketplaces where you can find the best ideas for your online store. These products can give you further ideas about your niche products which you can start selling in your online store.

7. Other Entrepreneurs

Talking with other businessmen is again a great opportunity for you because you can share your experiences and thoughts on different issues and problems. These consultations can make you think through your already existing thoughts and viewpoints. The help of other entrepreneurs is also beneficial because they can show you different tricks on how to launch your store the best way possible. In this case, you can even start working together and you can start trying to find niche products together. You can never know what can happen after a great talk with others.

8. Ask Your Local Shops

You can always try and collect ideas from shops. Ask the shopkeeper about some products which he or she is missing from the market and products which would be beneficial for them. They can give you really good ideas as they see what people like to buy on a daily basis. Maybe they have the opportunity to talk with the customers and they can express their feelings and thoughts about different problems which could be solved by niche products.

9. Missing Products Locally

While you are taking a walk and you become the detective of your surroundings you should totally look around for missing products. You can check the smaller shops and businesses which can be a great starting point. When you looked them through you can easily find at least one missing product or shop from the streets.

10. Bring Trends Back

If you love a specific trend from the past, bring it back! People love the trendy products from the past so make a survey on what people really want to bring back and voilá you have a niche product.

11. Questionnaire


I have already mentioned a survey with the old trends, but you can make any kind of questioners. If you want to start an online coffee shop, ask people about their favorite ones. Ask them about their preferences and the best coffee experiences. These questions can be about other fields of life too, coffee is just an example. The most important thing is that you should really care about these answers because they can be the ones that will shape your online store and niche products as well. What is more, people will love to answer surveys about the things they really like.

12. Reviews

While you are searching for different products on marketplaces you should look for the reviews as well. These are those pieces of information that can lead you to the conclusion that some products are worth having in your online shop and some are not really. These reviews can also shape your thinking way and you can realize what people really need.

13. Social Communities


You can join different social communities online and in-person too. There can be a sewing club for example in your neighborhood where they are in a need of useful products. You should ask around and join them if you are also interested in the same area of life. Social communities will love that you participate in the same activities while also creating niche products for them and yourself too.

14. Own Customer Reviews if You Already Have an Online Store

If you have already had an online store, reading the customer reviews can help you to understand the needs of your already existing customer base. It is important again to start a conversation with them to decide if something is really needed.

15. Hobby


You definitely have a hobby, right? Your free time activity can create a great opportunity for you to find people with similar interests. They can be your guide and inspiration whenever you feel down and lost during your project. Their ideas can open your eyes to great niche products, you only have to listen to them. The greatest part is that you are spending your free time with things you love and believe us, this is the most important part of creating niche products or any products in general. The enthusiasm can be a huge help for your customers as they will see how your products are made.


All in all, you should always keep your eyes open to new ideas because they are everywhere. If you feel that you do not have any idea, do not give up, because you have started the searching process for a reason. Just start to think about some other ways of finding a solution and everything will be all right.

If you are interested in different criteria for starting an online store check out our other blog post.

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