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Why Should You Rate Your Supplier(s) in Syncee?

If you own a dropshipping store, it is very important to rate your supplier(s) in Syncee Marketplace because of several reasons. If you think about the fact that someone can develop through feedbacks then you can realize that improving someone via rating them can help your business too. Moreover, you can also help other retailers with this.

Feedbacks are one of the most important factors for suppliers who are trying to do their best. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for us at Syncee, because we can see what is the experience of retailers with suppliers in our Marketplace.

Fortunately, you can easily send these reviews to your suppliers in Syncee. With our guide, you will eventually find where to rate your supplier(s) and give some advice or share your thoughts about their service and products.

Review your suppliers

You are probably working or planning to work with dropshipping suppliers. Dropshipping is a business model where you do not have to own an inventory as this is going to be your supplier’s job to do. You just need to own an online store where your customers can order the products, and you need an efficient marketing strategy. The order data go to your supplier who ships the products directly to your customers.



Syncee provides you an exceptional opportunity in connection with suppliers. It is a global B2B platform with millions of products and hundreds of suppliers. If you own a Shopify, Ecwid by Lightspeed, Wix, BigCommerce, Jumpseller, KMO Shops, WooCommerce, or Shoprenter store you can easily start selling the products from Syncee there. Look around on Syncee Marketplace to check if it provides you with the products which are needed for your online store.

Syncee provides you automated product data uploads and updates daily with automated order data synchronization. There is an in-app retailer-supplier messenger so you can easily consult with your supplier.

Why Should You Rate Your Suppliers in Syncee?

As we have already mentioned before, it is very important to rate your suppliers for several reasons. We would like to show you why.

1. Others Can Learn From Your Feedbacks

The most important factor on why you should rate your suppliers in Syncee is that you can give information to others. If you provide a great review people will feel that they can trust that supplier. Think about your own store. You would probably be happy if a lot of people would rate your store in a positive way. If they are happy with your products they will tell this to others and you can earn some more money due to this as more and more people will buy from you.

2. Your Suppliers Will Know What You Want

If you have any kind of questions or problems, your suppliers will know what you want. You can easily tell your opinion by rating them. You can even give them some ideas about improvements and that way they can easily create a solution for you. That way you can easily improve your own features at your online store.

3. Improvement of the Supplier’s Work

If you rate your supplier in Syncee, they will eventually see if there is any kind of problems with their service. Unfortunately, if you give ratings via the different platforms and not in Syncee, they will not see any of these problems and they will not be able to provide a solution for it. Your supplier can improve their work and service if you give enough and proper information on why you have found any kind of complications.

4. You Can Summarize Your Feelings About a Supplier for Yourself Too

Writing a review about your supplier can be really good for you too as you can easily summarize how you feel about the given supplier(s). You can create some important information for the future as you will have a list of advantages or disadvantages about a supplier. That way you can easily realize if something is good for you or not.

5. You Can Help Us at Syncee

What is more, if you rate your supplier in Syncee, you can also help us. We will see what your opinion is about the suppliers we have on Syncee Marketplace. Moreover, if there are any kind of problems with a supplier, we can contact them to solve the problem immediately. Well, for the first time it is best to tell us via our in-app chat, maybe there is a wrong setting that caused the problem. We can learn a lot from your feedback to improve our service and find the best suppliers possible for the online store owners.

What Should You Rate in the Reviews?

What Should You Rate in the Reviews?

When you start rating your supplier(s) you need to keep in mind that it would be so much better for everyone if you could provide more and more information about the supplier. This would be beneficial for everyone so we collected some important features to think about when you want to rate someone. These are just some ideas, feel free to add more information to the list.

1. Costs

You can write about the reasonability of the different costs. Do you feel that the products are a little bit pricy or the shipping costs too much? Write down your ideas to provide information to the suppliers about your concerns in connection with costs.

2. Shipping Time

Writing about the shipping time can be a huge help to everyone. As your customers will try to choose those products which will be delivered in a shorter period of time, shipping time is very important. If your customers get their products late and/or there are problems with the products after shipping, you can write your and your customer’s experiences in Syncee.

3. Flexibility

Writing about your supplier’s flexibility is also a key issue. If a supplier cannot change something after you have agreed on doing so, others should know about this issue.

4. Responsivity

Responsivity is also a key feature when you decide to rate your supplier. If your supplier does not respond back for a longer period of time and you cannot reach them, you should definitely write about this. However, you can also give positive feedback if you feel that you can always ask for help if you encounter a problem.

5. Partnership

When you search for a supplier it is also important to create a feeling of partnership. If you realize that you can work with a supplier and there is an opportunity for further work together, feel free to write about this in your review. The supplier will be happy that you feel that working together provides a real partnership.

6. Advice or Complaint

If you rate your supplier you have the opportunity to write down some advice or complaint if you feel like that it would make a change. If you think about your own store, you would also be happy if someone gave you some useful advice to improve your business.

7. Opportunity for Growth

It is very important if the supplier can provide an opportunity for growth. If you feel that your supplier does not give you this opportunity, give some advice while you rate your supplier(s).

8. Quality of the Products

Having good quality products in your store is a must. You should write about the products’ quality while you rate your supplier to give some information to others and the supplier too to create better products for you and your customers.

How Should You Rate Your Suppliers in Syncee?

If you want to rate your supplier(s) but you do not know how to start, our guide will help you through the process. It is very simple, you just need to log in to your Syncee account, and go to Syncee Marketplace first.

1. Go to Marketplace > Find Suppliers

Rate your suppliers

The first step is to click on the “Marketplace” and “Find Suppliers” menu. You have already met this one before, as you can search for suppliers here too.

2. Choose Your Supplier

a) Suppliers with Reviews


The second step is to choose your supplier and click on the reviews. You will already see some reviews about the supplier you just need to add yours.

b) Suppliers with No Reviews (yet)

No reviews

If there are no reviews you can easily click on them too and give the first feedback to the supplier. Do not forget that it could be a huge help for them to improve their quality of service.

3. Write Your Review

After finding your supplier, give stars and give proper feedback to help them improve their business for further partnership and to help others decide whether a supplier is reliable or not.


All in all, it is very important to rate your supplier(s) as this can be a huge help for everyone. You need to keep in mind that writing a review in Syncee can arrive at the suppliers easily and they can do something about the problem.

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