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Dropshipping Page of Suppliers – What Should it be Like?

As a supplier who is present online with their products, it is recommended to provide as much information to resellers as possible. That’s why having a particular wholesale or dropshipping page and menu on their website is essential. We collected the most useful elements of such a page. Consider taking our advice below, and run your partner program with your resellers effectively.

There are many suppliers who do not only provide their products to retailers but they sell their goods to a bigger audience, to customers as well. By supplying their inventory to more people, their business can become more lucrative. In their online store, they usually show retail/consumer prices, and their website’s content was made for customers and not for companies. Meanwhile, they are probably present on B2B platforms like Syncee Marketplace with their products and offering their goods to resellers.

Companies tend to forgive sharing the information on their website that they are open to cooperating with retailers. If you haven’t shared anything about it on your website yet, or if you did but you wish to shake up your business, all you have to do is to create a wholesale or dropshipping page on your website and make it be persuasive and informative.

Dropshipping pages are important

Why Create a Dropshipping Page?

Start your partner program with retailers now! Online trading is blooming nowadays so it is the best time to hop on this wave now and provide your products to a wider audience. Having a dropshipping page on your website helps retailers to find out you have dropshipping service and they can resell your products. They can find you via Google by relevant keywords, on social media, or on marketplaces. It is important to share as much useful information with them as possible in an easily understandable way. Let merchants know you are a reliable supplier with great products and boost your income.

Information to Include in Your Dropshipping Page

Most suppliers who sell their products to retailers online are not just providing a wholesale solution but they are working with a dropshipping model as well. Why is dropshipping a better choice if you want to build a partner program with resellers? It is because for retailers it is easier to kickstart and run an online store if they do not have to invest in product stock. They need less capital investment. Let’s see now what information you should include on your dropshipping page to be professional.

  1. Tell what dropshipping is to make sure retailers will get the idea clearly.
  2. Share visual content as well that describes the model of dropshipping.
  3. Talk about your business, and products briefly.
  4. Let people know how much it costs to resell your products, and tell if it is free.
  5. Include the average shipping time, cost, and method.
  6. Share the information with merchants in what way they can start reselling your products, what the process looks like, and how to register with you.
  7. Let them know your products can be found on Syncee Marketplace where they can use a reliable technological solution for product data uploads, updates, and order data synchronization.
  8. Share the conditions of selling your products.
  9. Share information on the discount you offer resellers compared to your store prices.
  10. If you provide your products in bulk as well, so via the wholesale model, share details about it.
  11. If you also have product datafeed files in CSV, XML, XLS(X), JSON, or any formats, you can provide it with additional information here.
  12. Provide information on how they can contact you in case of any questions.
Dropshipping page of suppliers

What Should a Dropshipping Page Look Like?

As for visuals, the page should look professional or merchants will think you are old-fashioned and maybe not even being active anymore. You do not have to create a fancy, glamorous page, do not overthink it. It is best if it is designed in minimalism, if it is transparent, simplified, reader-friendly, and all in all, looks professional.

Make sure you do not overwhelm your potential partners with so much information they can’t understand and see through easily. Highlight the important parts, use great and informative visuals, and write the content in order of importance (for this, read our guide above on what should a dropshipping page contain).

If you are a listed supplier on Syncee Marketplace, besides writing information on why they should use Syncee to manage product data, you can even share a badge on your dropshipping page. The badge says Find us on Syncee Marketplace which helps merchants identify you as a reliable supplier.

Suppliers like Vie Belles, Sernes, Nova Engel, The Bone Art Place, ek Wholesale, InQue.Style, ZuZu Jewellery, already have a wholesale or dropshipping page, you can check what do these pages look like on a live website. You might gain ideas from them or can notice what you should avoid when creating your own menu for the dropshipping page.

Syncee Marketplace Badge in Footer

Join a Real B2B Dropshipping Platform!

You can provide your products to a global audience of more than 65,000 retailers. Syncee is a B2B dropshipping and wholesale platform for retailers and suppliers. In its most popular solution, Syncee Marketplace retailers are browsing among products of real suppliers from the US/CA/EU/UK/AU/AS+more. The system provides product data uploads and updates automatically and offers an automated order data synchronization solution.

Being a listed supplier on Syncee Marketplace is completely free, there are no hidden fees and transaction fees. It is a great opportunity for you to expand your retailer network easily and boost sales.

If you have become a supplier on Syncee Marketplace you can join our Partner program and place a Syncee Marketplace badge on your website along with a referral URL you can link to the badge so you can even get an income after bringing new Syncee retailer subscribers. How to use the badge? You can insert it in your website’s footer, but you can also place the badge on your dropshipping page as well when telling retailers why it worth using Syncee to manage products.

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