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How to find your niche product?

You have decided to open an online store. What now? What should you sell? How to find a niche product? How can you get money with this e-commerce business? Grab a paper, a pen, and make notes if you read something inspirational in our guide here below.

If you don’t want to be just one in a million, someone who will disappear from the market in a short time, then you have to take a lot of care about what products you want to sell. It can be something that is trending or something specific that is missing from the market in your target location and people would need it. The latter is called the “niche”.

You can do well if you fill a specific market niche.

If an idea hasn’t popped up in your mind yet, and you didn’t decide to start an online Shopify store just because you got a thought that you want to sell a certain product, you just wanted your own business, then read our elaborated article carefully.

Before we dive into this topic we would want to tell something else, but relevant. After finding your product niche all you have to do is to find the best supplier—if you haven’t got the product idea just by finding a wholesaler, dropshipper—, then install Syncee that is a product managing Shopify application, so that you can import and update the items into your online store with ease.

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How and where can you find your niche product?

After giving a try to any of the following processes, you will have to double-check the chosen, potential product idea again if you got one, consider it in more detail. Would people be really interested in it, would it worth it for them, is it something that could solve a problem, that people need, that would make others satisfied and happy? If you have an answer “yes” to at least one of the statements above, then pick that one product if there aren’t many other stores that sell the same thing as you want.

Now let’s jump into the details.

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What are your own needs?

You have to start devising with the most obvious question when it’s about finding a product to sell. Is there anything that you, as a consumer, would need but you can’t get it easily? Something that you want a long time ago, something that you are a big fan of, or a product for one of your hobbies, interests. After you find something, just think about whether there are more people who would buy those items too.

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Your local community, friends

Ask your friends or people from your location about what products they miss from the place they live in, what would be good to get there. You can do it with mini interviews on the street, or creating a questionnaire and ask the appropriate people to fill it. It’s also good if you only ask your—close and distant—acquaintances about this topic.

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Check what other online stores sell

Check your potential competitors’ offers, what product they work with on the market. Ponder not just the biggest but the smaller brands, companies too. You can find products that just a few businesses sell, or maybe you will find a really trending item. You have two options. You get involved in it and sell the same, but do it only at the time when it’s just arrived at the market and people can find it on every corner. Think about the products you see everywhere.

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Things you see around yourself

Go for a walk in the city. What things do you see? Is there something that inspires you? Listen to the radio, watch TV, read magazines. Do you see any heartening items? If you are on a holiday it’s more likely that a good idea will pop up in your mind because of the new environment and every new impulse that reaches you.

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Social media communities

Social media—so as forum communities on any other page—is a good platform to check what people are interested in. Join, and ask a question in Facebook groups, or on your own profile. Check what are those pages, services or products that people like. Check hashtags. What other social media sites can you think about? Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr. On the biggest video sharing site, you can watch the influencers’ videos.

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Ricerche di mercato

Send your poll’s URL to every page that matter. Think about Facebook groups and profiles, Instagram sites, and any other place on social media platforms where you can share a website. The questionnaire has to contain every necessary topic and part so that the answers can really ease your job.

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Look to the past

Check what products were popular, trendy in the past. Not 1-2 years ago but for example more than 10 years back. Fashionable items appear again and again as time goes by. Find those that you think would raise people’s attention or something that is already available on the market nowadays, but not that popular yet. Customers like traveling back to the past, and nostalgia too.

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Can you buy the item locally?

It’s the part of the first few angles we mentioned but worth considering itself alone. If there are missing products on the market of your location then consider whether you could sell it online with cheap or free shipping. Promote your online store mentioning your location so that people can decide easily to buy from your shop.

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“Best products to sell” lists

There are many online sites that provide articles about what products worth selling nowadays. You can also find two posts on our website, one suits for the whole year 2018, and we created another one about the top-notch products of this summer. Lists like these can be a good inspiration, but don’t take everything from anywhere granted.

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Examine AliExpress, eBay

Although we don’t recommend you to get your products from marketplaces like eBay, AliExpress or Amazon, for example, they still can be a good platform to get product ideas from. Check what items are trending on the market, choose wisely, but get products from real, local suppliers.

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Parlare con altri imprenditori

If you can’t decide, just talk about this topic with entrepreneurs you know. They can be sellers too, but also businessmen from another market. Ask what they would recommend. As they are also into commerce and two heads are better than one, it’s possible that they will give you fine ideas.

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Check Syncee Marketplace

Kill two birds with one stone. If you find a product idea by finding a good supplier, then you save time and stress for yourself. You don’t have to go and search for a supplier. In Syncee Marketplace you can find millions of products from reliable suppliers from all over the world, and the app also helps you in the product data updates!

Walk around with your eyes open!

What products are trending now?

Based on a product, niche, and market research we did in our biggest Facebook group we can show you this illustration about what products retailers sell now most notably, or what they plan to sell. Then we show you that as for our experience what would be the best product to sell in your Shopify store, that would convert.

The result of a quick market research in July 2018:

the result of a quick market research in July 2018

Syncee’s tip on what products to sell in 2018:

syncee's tip on what products to sell in 2018

Let your product inventory be always up-to-date after finding your market and supplier! Be unique, sell well and make your e-commerce dreams come true.

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