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22 Hot Summer Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2022

Looking for ideas on how to boost your sales during summer? People prefer spending their time outside in this hot season thus many services and businesses lack traffic – except tourism, of course. Do your best to level up your business this time as well. Now we are here to recommend you the best summer dropshipping products your customers will love!

There is no guide or script that suits all businesses helping them maximize their sales for sure. Every business is different. What factors make online stores unique and different? Products, who your target audience is, their geographical location, money you spend on marketing, design, branding, message and purpose, written and visual content, social media activity, sales offers, and more.

The products we recommend here could fit either a business that sells only a specific kind of product, or stores that sell several kind of goods.

Have you heard of the cross-sell, and upsell marketing strategies? You can implement these models easily into your sales activity by selling one or more of the products we suggest below.

Summer Dropshipping Products for 2022

What to Avoid When Picking a Product to Sell

Now let’s focus on opening a new online store. There are many factors you should keep an eye on when being in the middle of planning your business strategies. If you want to avoid the most common mistakes when picking summer dropshipping products to sell, check out the bulletpoints below. Your customers and your wallet will both be thankful!

What to avoid?

  • Starting to sell a product without observing the market in advance.
  • Selling products your local market is not in need of at all, even if you saw online it’s trending elsewhere.
  • An oversaturated market in the product category you picked.
  • Competiting with huge brands without adequate means.
  • Not being patient when waiting for sales to arrive.

Summer Dropshipping Products for 2022

If you are looking for a place to find suppliers for summer dropshipping products, make sure to check out Syncee Marketplace.

Syncee is a global B2B dropshipping platform helping retailers and suppliers connect easily. On its marketplace, millions of products are waiting for you from pre-vetted suppliers having their warehouse in the USA, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, and more.

We list products in different kind of categories below to help as much online stores as possible – considering that there are so many kind of products you could possibly sell.

You can also check out Google Trends anytime if you want to learn more about market trends. You can check a report of the current shopping trends on one of their unique pages, or you can explore trends based on reports you set the conditions for. Make sure you focus on your marketing activity. Post regularly on social media, send newsletters, or use animated ads.

1. Affordable Jewelry

We are living the days of minimalist designs. People prefer their walls and furniture be white at home, and they like styling them in a modern way. Sometimes they look futuristic, though this term and what it represents differes from year to year.

As people prefer everything around them being minimalist, this is what we can observe in the fashion industry as well. Now, to jump right from the catwalk to our everyday lives… Besides buyers like choosing minimalist designs regarding their accessories as well, they want these items to be affordable.

This is why you should sell affordable jewelry to your target audience, but make sure they are of quality and are available with short delivery time. The advantage of selling jewelry is that they are easy to ship. Check these summer dropshipping products out!

Jewelry on Syncee Marketplace

2. Yoga Tools

Yoga is one of the most popular way of not just relaxation but as a sport as well. You can hear about different kinds of yoga methods. The goal is always the same: to live a healthier life. Menthally & physically.

You can pick from different kinds of yoga tools, there are many yoga accessories on the market, and yoga mats as well and they are one of the most trending summer dropshipping products.

Yoga Tools on Syncee Marketplace

3. Cork Products

Cork products are also trending on the market nowadays so it is a good idea to start selling these summer dropshipping products.

If you are new to it, now we tell you what kind of cork products you can sell, and what can you find in the selection of suppliers on Syncee Marketplace. Yoga mats, all kinds of bags, bracelets, earrings, wallets, rings, phone cases, watches, belts, fabric itself and more.

For example check out the supplier MB Cork or Corkor on Syncee Marketplace for these goods.

Cork Products on Syncee Marketplace

Summer Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2022

4. Mesh Shoes, Stylish and Comfortable Slippers

Now we arrived at footwear as summer dropshipping products to sell. You should think of a wider target audience and offer goods that suits more needs and tastes.

Mesh shoes are super comfortable as it is so light and doesn’t cause a discomfort while wearing it when the weather is warm. What about slippers? We can mention two big groups regarding these items. One can be super stylish but cause so much pain to the feet. Or it’s also a case that it is very comfortable but the style of it was not made for the newest trends.

Try to find a balance, and offer stylish but comfortable slippers, flipflops to your audience.

Footwear on Syncee Marketplace

5. Summer Dresses

Okay. Our list of the hottest summer dropshipping products cannot be complete without mentioning summer dresses. Want us to be a bit more specific?

Have you heard of shift dresses before? Well, these clothing pieces are super trending now and are perfect for summer. How about tunics? Offer these as well. Following the color trends of 2022 is also something you should focus on.

Represent only one style or more, do your best to stand out from the crowd. Not just buying these goods are on the number one spot in online shopping but selling them as well. This is the category in which you can find the most online stores. You should find a way to grab customers’ attention.

Dresses on Syncee Marketplace

6. Pet Accessories

Pet products never get old. Their market is still blooming and we sure understand why! Our little loved ones deserve the best. You should tell customers to focus on getting quality items to them. Regarding food, accessories and other supplies.

On Syncee Marketplace, you can find several suppliers who provide pet products not only for dogs but cats and other small animals as well. Find your next trending summer dropshipping product there.

Pet Supplies on Syncee Marketplace

7. Home Carpets

Looking for summer dropshipping products to sell? When the sunny weather comes many people have the inspiration to start redecorating their home. They are full of joy and motivation.

That is why you should consider selling these trending items as well: home carpets.

Check out the unique features of your target audience. What you should focus on the most, what style of goods you should offer depends on many factors. The target audience’s location, culture, the weather even, and more. It can give art and comfort to one’s home.

Home Carpets on Syncee Marketplace

8. Water Bottle

Remind your customers to stay hydrated! (And don’t forget about yourself as well.) Sell unique water bottles. They can be of any style, and make sure they are durable, leakfree, and meet all the requirements a quality reusable bottle should.

When choosing water bottles to sell as your next summer dropshipping product, you can consider offering them in different materials as well, even with different covers/cases that keeps one’s drink hot or cold.

Water Bottles on Syncee Marketplace

9. Plastic Sandals/Clear Heels

If you follow current fashion trends you probably already heard of those plastic sandals that are made of transparent material on the heels and the front part. They call them clear heels as well. They are also one of the hottest summer dropshipping products.

If you think this is something that you could find an audience for, then you should go for it and offer them to buyers who like representing the latest fashion in the way they dress.

High Heels on Syncee Marketplace

10. Household Storage Containers

Do you know what a girl wants? Pretty and practical household storage containers! These goods help people organize their life… okay it helps them organize and store several house items of theirs and food, supplies, clothing pieces and more.

If they are pretty enough they work just fine as home decoration items. Check out these summer dropshipping products on our platform!

Home Organization Products on Syncee Marketplace

11. Beach: Towels, Toys, Inflatable Items

Probably everyone will agree with us on the following matter: beach products are evergreen on the market if you consider products to sell in summer.

When we talk about summer dropshipping products, and more specifically beach goods, you can sell beach towels, beach toys for kids, inflatable items, and even more.

Pick cute items from your suppliers and your customers will love your selection of items!

Beach Accessories on Syncee Marketplace

Summer Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2022

12. Hair Styling & Beauty Products

Hair styling products are a good niche to consider focusing on when deciding on summer dropshipping products to sell.

Think of beauty products as well that can be makeup, skincare items, bathing products. If you offer vegan, organic and cruelty-free goods, your customers will sure be satisfied with your selection and service.

When the weather is pretty, people – not just women – like to focus on their appearance even more than ever. This it the trend you should hop on.

Beauty Products on Syncee Marketplace

13. Eco-friendly Tools

The list of the different kinds of eco-friendly products available on the market is constantly growing based on not just the demand of custemers but based on the resourcefulness, ingenuity of the manufacturers.

Now we are talking about summer dropshipping products to sell, and we can say these eco-friendly goods are trending on the market currently: kitchen tools, home decoration, health products, beauty tools, clothing and accessories, stationery, mobile phone accessories and more.

Eco-friendly Products on Syncee Marketplace

14. Swimwear

A list of the hottest summer dropshipping products cannot be complete without talking about…yes! Swimwear! The beautiful pieces available on the market are so great, there are plenty of new styles you could implement into your selection.

You can, for example, open an online store in which you sell not just swimwear but all kinds of lingerie, underwear as well. In this way, you will have traffic – if you manage your marketing activities properly – throughout the whole year.

Swimwear on Syncee Marketplace

15. Home Decoration

We have already talked about home storage containers and carpets, but it is best to mention home decoration in general as well when making the list of the best and most-sought summer dropshipping products.

The category of home decoration consists of pillows, candles, wall decoration, posters, ceramic or glass or vinyl decoration, vase, photo frames, hanging ornament, and more.

Home Decor on Syncee Marketplace

16. Sunglasses

Offer quality sunglasses to your customers! There are several manufacturers in Europe, and even in the United States who make pretty, stylish and high-quality eyewear that protects one’s eyes from everythingthat’s harmful.

Check out the selection of available suppliers on our platform with the best summer dropshipping products.

Sunglasses on Syncee Marketplace

17. Trending Bags

Want to sell bags? Consider selling baguette clutches to sell, as they are the best summer dropshipping products. Customers love these items, and they love staying up-to-date with their accessories when going out.

Check out the biggest fashion brands, and see what the bestselling bags are currently.

If the bags you sell are of quality and are available at reasonable prices, your customers will love your store.

Bags on Syncee Marketplace

Summer Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2022

18. Outdoor Furniture

After a long winter people like spending their time outside. That is why outdoor furniture is a trending summer dropshipping product category and also it was trending throughout spring as well.

You can sell benches, chairs, tables, sunbeds, and more. We are sure if you check the selection of a supplier who expertises in this field, you are going to find some great ideas on what new kind of products you can broaden your online store’s selection

Outdoor Furniture on Syncee Marketplace

19. Sunhats

Imagine a stylish woman’s wardrobe in summer time. You will sure find one or more beautiful sunhats, summer caps on her selection of summer goods. This is why we recommend you offering these beautiful pieces in your online store.

Sunhats nicely compliments the selection of a store that offers clothing goods, accessories, beauty products – it gives a nice shade to the face that protects skin well.

Hats on Syncee Marketplace

20. Activewear

There are three periods during the year when more people decide to go to the gym or to start other sports activities.

The first time is the beginning of the year when they make new year’s resolutions. The second time is the beginning of Spring, when the weather slowly turns sunny and fine, and they feel like being motivated enough to work out. The third and last period when they focus on sports activities more is summer when they want to have a beach body.

During autumn, you still shouldn’t forget about those who actively do sports throughout the whole year. So selling activewear and every kind of sports tools is a good idea not just in the first half of the year.

Activewear on Syncee Marketplace

21. Coffee

There is no better thing than a nice cup of coffee. It is again an evergreen product and not just a hot summer dropshipping product idea we can recommend you to focus on.

There are wonderful manufacturers, suppliers on the market offering the most special kinds of coffee, in tastes you couldn’t even imagine before.

Check out the suppliers providing coffee beans and coffee tools and every kind of coffee-related goods now on our marketplace!

Coffee on Syncee Marketplace

22. Gaming-related Products

We don’t forget about gamers as well when talking about the best summer dropshipping products. Though gaming supplies, gaming-related products are trending on the market for many years now, they are still shining bright.

You can offer them gaming chairs, mouses, keyboards, t-shirts, posters, mugs, pens, notebooks, decoration items, storage boxes, and other collectibles.

Gaming Goods on Syncee Marketplace

Looking For a Place to Source Products?

Check out Syncee Marketplace for fast-shipping suppliers, and to find the hottest summer dropshipping products to sell in your online store. Syncee supports various ecommerce platforms, so there is a great chance you can connect your store to Syncee to upload products to your store easily in bulk.

You will also love the feature of managing the product updates and order data synchronization automatically. You can also check out one of our previous articles about the best dropshipping products to sell throughout 2022.

Explore Syncee Marketplace

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