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Best products to sell in spring & summer 2019

Kickstarting an online store is not only about a product idea that just pops up in your mind and then the only thing you have to do is to wait. You need some skills in commerce to success, and you have to know how to work with the newest marketing methods. But what if you are not even sure what to sell yet?

Finding the best products to sell means you catch a niche, a product that is missing from the market you target, so you fill a demand. There are a few steps that can be beneficial to take if you want to dig deep in your market while discovering your potentials. Also, if you have a product idea you decided to sell, first it is better to do research to find out whether it is a profitable business or not.

Keep in mind that constantly (1.) learning about what products are trending or (2.) looking for what items are missing from your target market or (3.) getting to know what those things are that people have a high demand to buy is key if you want to soar your online store in the long run. Once you start being active in business life you always have to walk with your eyes open.

Check what products are worth selling in novel ways:
  • Google Trends – Research your ideas on Google’s website, the Google Trends that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages.
  • Seek for influencers – Check what products people are passionate about by reviewing influencers’ (bloggers, vloggers, Instagram celebrities) sites, not forgetting about reading the comment sections. We live those days now when people desperately want products that content creators share on their channels.

If you don’t know where you can find reliable suppliers who you can resell high-quality products from, check Syncee’s supplier catalog where you can also upload/update the items’ data automatically on a daily basis into your Shopify store. It can be easy to save money and time for yourself.

The list we compiled to give you a head start:

Athleisure – Active wear


Why is it worth selling: people love wearing good-looking clothes, shoes without giving up on sacrificing comfort. They can also choose when they want to wear it: during the workout or running, at work, while shopping, when they are traveling. So anywhere, anytime.


watch 1

Why is it worth selling: watches make the outfit to be a whole. These accessories are good for both women and men, also for children. Choose a style you want to represent: minimalist, wooden, fitness, smart.

Running shoes

running shoes

Why is it worth selling: it feels refreshing to do sports outside in the good weather, but people can also wear running shoes at the gym or just on a normal day too as it is a pleasure to wear. Take advantage of it and sell them.



Why is it worth selling: women prefer wearing jewelry when the weather is sunny and warm as they can show what accessories they have and even express their personality with them. You can choose from many styles, pick the best ones that would be truly worth selling in your niche market.

Travel accessories


Why is it worth selling: in these months people travel more than at other times of the year. Hop on this trend, and find out what people need the most for a comfortable trip.

Summer dress


Why is it worth selling: clothes are those products that people always need. It’s not easy to stand out of the crowd, so you have to find an element that makes you unique. Choose quality clothing items that have a nice style, sell products your target audience needs.

Gym equipment


Why is it worth selling: there are many people who don’t like going to the gym because of the crowd or any other reason. They just want to work out at home whenever they want. Help them by selling nice equipment so that they can do exercises at home as well.



Why is it worth selling: you can sell toys for children that can be educational, funny and cool. Also, you can sell toys for adults. Think about interesting board games, cards and a lot more.

Beauty products


Why is it worth selling: women – and also men – like using beauty products like makeup, face cream, and other moisturizers. There is a big product category selection you can choose from in this field. Make sure they are good and effective, sell the best items.



Why is it worth selling: there are always occasions when people are looking for special, unique gifts for their loved ones. Birthday, Christmas, wedding, bachelor/bachelorette party, anniversary, other holidays.



Why is it worth selling: sell basic, comfortable and good looking lingerie, or sell hot ones for special occasions. People want to look good in every situation.



Why is it worth selling: you can open an online store where you only sell swimwear, or you can expand your product range with these if you sell clothing items. It is the best time of the year to sell them.



Why is it worth selling: There are many kinds of bags on the market you can choose from when you are about to decide what to sell for your customers. Backpacks, clutch bags, crossbody bags, handbags, rucksacks, shopping bags, shoulder bags etc. made from various materials. Leather, Leatherette, cork leather and many more.

Portable blender, innovative shaker


Why is it worth selling: help sportsmen and women to get the smoothest supplement shakes in just a few seconds using a portable blender, electronic shaker.

Adult products


Why is it worth selling: adult products take a quite big, however, an invisible slice of the market. There is a significant demand for these items. Help people get pleasurable times.

Home decoration


Why is it worth selling: providing home décor that suits the latest trends and also looks aesthetic is always a good idea. People want to live in a good atmosphere.



Why is it worth selling: It’s time to sell high-heels, sandals, sneakers, running shoes, flip-flops.. and every kind of shoes that let people’s feet breath during the hot summer.

Organic products


Why is it worth selling: what products can be organic you can choose to sell? Well, almost everything. Food, drink, makeup, creams & lotions etc. You have a lot to pick from, and nowadays more and more people want to change their lifestyle. Grab the opportunity, help them be healthy.


occhiali da sole

Why is it worth selling: sell high-quality and good-looking sunglasses to your customers. Provide these accessories from the most basic styles to the most special and unique ones. Obviously, summer is the best time of the year to sell these products.

Bluetooth speaker


Why is it worth selling: being alone at home or taking part in a get together is better if there is a bluetooth speaker that everyone can use with their phone to play music. It can raise the vibe of the party or the time spent alone.

Well-designed, logical toys


Why is it worth selling: these toys are not just good home décor elements but nice logical toys for creative minds as well.

Special lamps

special lamp

Why is it worth selling: special lamps raise the athmosphere of every room. If you sell unique products, you will attract many potential buyers.

Phone Accessories

phone case

Why is it worth selling: as long as everyone uses smartphones, there will always be a demand for phone cases so that people can protect their gadgets. Make your store unique buy selling not cheap and boring pieces of cases.

Pet products

pet product

Why is it worth selling: let people buy quality and useful products for their little loved ones. Help owners give the best for their pets.

Security camera systems

security camera system

Why is it worth selling: provide safety indirectly to people. Security camera systems can be used at workplaces and at home too around and inside the property.

It’s not enough to have good products in your online store, you also need to have good customer service. People ignore bad services after a short time if they are not satisfied.

If you want to find reliable drop shippers or wholesalers whose products you can upload & update into your Shopify store automatically on a daily basis,


that contains thousands of products you can sell. Let us help to make your e-commerce activity be easier.

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