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32 Health and Beauty Goods to Sell

If you are thinking about starting a new business or you have already owned one with health and beauty products, this article is perfect for you with its useful product tips.

Finding the best products to sell in your online store can be a tough job but we are here to save the day with these amazing ideas about what to sell as health and beauty products.

Beauty Tools and Accessories

The very first category we talk about as health and beauty items are beauty tools and accessories. You will need a bunch of them in your beauty store. People love to buy new devices and accessories all the time. Sell quality items and you will not be lack customers.

Beauty tools for health and beauty

1. Brushes

Brushes are needed all the time. Makeup lovers are fond of owning thousands of them. Therefore, you should not miss this great opportunity to start selling them unique and personal brushes.

2. Foldout Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall… Well, this mirror is not actually on the wall. A foldout mirror can come in handy if we talk about makeup.

3. Foundation Sponges

Foundation sponges are essential and useful. You can start selling hypo-allergic sponges too so everyone can buy them and they will be very pleased with the material too.

4. Body Brush

Taking a shower can be very relaxing. Why don’t you make this experience even better with an amazing body brush?!

5. Makeup Organizer

Those who own a lot of makeup can easily become messy with all the makeup tools around everywhere. A makeup organizer can efficiently solve this problem and your customers will be satisfied with the result.


Who does not like fragrances? You should not miss the opportunity of selling some pleasant odor for your customers in your health and beauty online store.


1. Deodorant

A deodorant is needed in every household. You can start selling alcohol or/and aluminum-free ones as a healthier option.

2. Perfume

Perfumes are essential parts of smelling nice. People cannot really smell the odors therefore, you have to write the information about it as good as possible.

3. Body Mist

Body mist is a softer and lighter fragrance so those customers who are not keen on perfumes will definitely find their favorites here.

4. Body Lotion

Body lotions are good for the skin and can smell nice at the same time. Your customers will love both functions with this product.


We have to take care of our skin all the time because it can be easily damaged. Selling skincare products can result in having more customers in your health and beauty store.

Skin care for health and beauty

1. Bath Bomb

Bath bombs can be an essential part of a relaxing afternoon in the bath. Try selling them in different colors and fragrances.

2. Face Cleaning Mask

Face cleaning masks are also great for relaxation. Your customers will be satisfied with the range of opportunities you give them to use for relaxation.

3. Organic Soap

Organic soaps are all natural and better for your skin. Why don’t you start selling them instead of regular soaps?

4. Body Butter

Body butters are so much better than body lotion. It creates smooth skin and it makes it more hydrated than it was before.

5. Lip Balm

Hydration is important for the lips too. Therefore you should give the opportunity for your customers to find their favorite and the most effective lip balms in your shop.

Hair and Accessories

A beautiful hair accessory can always save the day. However, people have to use different products to make their hair more beautiful and healthy. Offer unique and pretty pieces in your health and beauty store.

Hair and accessories

1. Beard Balm

Let’s not forget about the men! Beard balm and other beard accessories can be essential for those who are trying to grow the best beard ever.

2. Hairpins

Hairpins and other hair accessories are necessary for those with longer hair. These items can ease their everyday lives as their hair won’t be in the way anymore.

3. Brushes

Brushes are fundamental in every household. You can sell different shaped and sized brushes so everyone can find their number one.

4. Hair Balm

Hair balms are useful for those who are trying to take care of their hair all the time.

5. Hair Dye

Changing hair colors is in trend these days. Therefore, you can sell different colors for your customers who will love to try out all of them.


Makeup is an essential part of a lot of people’s everyday life. You can start selling various products in different colors. A health and beauty product with natural cosmetics can be a top-notch business.


1. Lipstick

Stronger or lighter colors? Fortunately, you have a lot of options when you want to start selling lipstick for your customers.

2. Mascara

People can struggle to find the best mascara for themselves. Help them with a lot of choices and perfect descriptions.

3. Foundation

Foundation is essential for those who are using makeup regularly. Therefore, you have to provide this item if you are about to start selling health and beauty products.


Who doesn’t want beautiful and neat nails? With the next products, you will have the opportunity to show your customers that they can count on you when it comes to nails. Broaden your health and beauty online store’s selection with these products.

Nail polish

1. Nail Polish

Nail polish is very important for those who are trying to make their nails as beautiful as they can.

2. Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are great designs for those who are trying to hurry with creating the finest nail styles.

3. Nail Extension Gel

You can help your customers to grow their nails in a minute! They will love this feature as it can take so long to grow our own nails.

Health Care

Nowadays we have to take care of ourselves even more than before. Therefore, it can be a great opportunity for you to start selling a wider selection of health care products in your health and beauty online store.

Health care

1. Face Mask

Unfortunately, we have to wear face masks these days. But we can make it better with cute patterns.

2. Vitamins

Vitamins have been very important now and then. If you are willing to sell vitamins you have to provide a very good description for your products so people can easily decide on buying them.

Shavers and Hair Removals

Hair removals have been an essential component of everyday life. Let’s sell different types of items in your health and beauty store for those who are trying to lose unwanted hair easily and in a painless way.


1. Wax Beans

Wax beans are fun and easy to use. Therefore, you should consider selling them to your customers as they can make the whole experience way better.

2. Electric Wax Heater

Electric wax heater is essential for wax therefore those who like this procedure will definitely choose them for the wax.

3. Razor

Razors are the most basic elements of hair removal. This is the most painless opportunity. You can create colorful and different-shaped razors for a playful experience.

4. Shaving Soap

You can provide shaving soaps for the razors.

5. Epilator

Epilators are another way for removing hair and another opportunity for your customers to choose from.


After these great ideas, you can easily start your own store with health and beauty goods.

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