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What to sell in autumn 2020?

New seasons are always great for starting something exceptional. If you are still thinking about what to sell in your online store in autumn 2020, we’ve got you covered with 15 amazing ideas!

First, you should imagine autumn itself. What do you see and how do you feel? When you are in the mood for the season these ideas will come to your mind much easier than ever before. Still, we want to show you some inspirational items which can absolutely led you to further thinking so you can be the best entrepreneur this autumn!

1. Sweatshirt


Sweatshirt is an evergreen idea each and every autumn. You can find several suppliers who are providing sweatshirts with an interesting or funny design, so everyone can find their favourite one. You just have to think about something unique. (I’m sure that chilly autumn evenings with tea or hot chocolate will give you some ideas on what to create.)

2. Mug


If I’ve already mentioned tea and hot chocolate, let’s see our next item which is a special mug. Everyone loves a cool design on their favourite autumn mug. Selling this product will unquestionably be a success during this season.

3. Halloween décor


Halloween is just around the corner and people love to celebrate this spooky event with several décor item. Why don’t you just start thinking about providing something different in this field?

4. Funny socks


These products are getting wilder and wilder every year, but I’m sure you have seen some really good ones while you were waiting for the bus. Funny socks are always a great idea and even if you like the tiny details, or something more eye-catching, you will love designing socks which will smile at you from someone’s feet.

5. Night light for kids

Night light

We should not forget about our little ones. As the days are getting darker and darker they will love the idea of a cute night lamp which they can use in their bedrooms, so they won’t fear from the monsters under their beds anymore.

6. Hair treatment

Hair treatment

Our hair are quite damaged after summer, as we were swimming and sunbathing all day long, so a hair treatment is definitely essential. You can start thinking about this option as a great item to sell in your online store as people will love to read good reviews on something like this.

7. Funny cookie cutters

Cookie cutter

As we are getting closer and closer to winter, we are starting to feel the urge that we have to make something sweet and tasty. Small cookies are amazing for snacks and why don’t we make a little twist here with some funny cookie cutters?

8. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

We all love to drink something tasty with the funny looking cookies, right? Finding out a unique and catchy name to your tea, coffee or hot chocolate will surely make the customers try them. What a great season to start selling these products online!

9. Candle


Can you smell the pumpkin-scented candles in the air? People love to buy candles to make a cozy afternoon more comfortable. Autumn has got a lot of scents, so why don’t you explore every inch of them?

10. Indoor workout equipment

Home workout

After snacking for long ours, people tend to think about starting a new workout plan. However, the days are getting colder and colder so they have to do their workouts indoors. Therefore, selling yoga mats, weights and other sport supplies can be a great business for you this time.

11. Pet jacket

Pet jacket

Our pets need some spoiling too. People will love to buy some cute jackets and dog leads for autumn, because their adorable pets need something new too.

12. Warm slippers

Warm slippers

Eating funny shaped cookies, drinking hot chocolate in your cozy sweatshirt…this sounds just like a dream. But something is missing! A cute, fluffy and warm slipper. People love a new design this time of the year.

13. Scarves


During autumn people love to buy new scarves for themselves. A warm, colorful and trendy scarf will always be needed. Therefore you should consider selling scarves for women, men and children too. You can create odd patterns and people will love showing off with their newest purchase.

14. Pajamas


A funny pajama with your partner or family is always an extraordinary option. During autumn as the nights are getting colder, cuddling with your loved ones in a cute and unique pajama will make your evening chill much better.

15. Face cover

Face mask

Unfortunately, this autumn is about face masks too. Therefore, people will need to buy them. If you have a cool design idea or you just think about selling something other in your online store, you can try this idea.


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