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Nikoleta Koklevičiūtė

Fulfillment centers from all around the world

We collected reliable fulfillment centers for you, who you can cooperate with. Improve your service by a courier company, who will take care of your deliveries.

Have you heard of remote warehousing, which is an alternative solution to drop shipping? This e-commerce method is very similar to the traditional process of drop shipping but includes a major difference among others. This is the involvement of a third-party, a fulfillment center or a warehouse, who will help you to deliver the packages to your customers. We listed the advantages of remote warehousing over drop shipping in another article.

It is great to work with warehouses and fulfillment centers because they receive the orders first from the supplier. As a result, they can make sure that the item is in good condition, not broken or there are no missing parts. After this, they repack all of the orders of the customer into one main box and deliver it. This process is especially advantageous if you order from Chinese suppliers and the packaging shows Chinese letters and characters, which otherwise makes the customer suspicious about its origin. Contracting with a fulfillment center is most probably your only option if you are not operating your Shopify store from your garage or kitchen, due to the fortunate high number of orders. In this article, we gathered numerous warehouses for you who you can trust in and work with.

The list is categorized by continents and is in alphabetical order, to make it a lot easier for you to browse it.


  Fulfillment Centers Warehouse Location Worldwide Shipping? 
Digital Planet South Africa Yes
  DSV Logistics South Africa  Yes
Efinity South Africa  Yes
  ideliver South Africa Yes
Nexus Fulfilment South Africa No
On The Dot South Africa Yes
aCommerce Indonesia No
Asia Commerce China, Indonesia, Singapore Yes
B2C Europe China  Yes
BFE China Yes
Easyship Singapore  Yes
FlashGlobal Japan  Yes
GATI Freight Forwarding India, Thailand, China, Nepal Yes
Fengfeng Logistics China Yes
Fulfillman China Yes
Shipwire China  Yes
Simple Global Korea  Yes
  SP Ecommerce Singapore Yes
Swiss Mail Solutions China  Yes
BFE   Yes
Easyship   Yes
  Efulfillment Service   Yes
Shipwire   Yes
B2C Europe UK, Belgium, Netherlands,
Switzerland, Italy, France,
Germany, Spain
BFE UK, Germany Yes
BIZ Courier Greece, Ireland  Yes
Easyship Netherlands Yes
Ecosam Slovakia Yes
  Efulfillment Service UK Yes
Fulfillment for Europe Ireland, UK, France,
Spain, Switzerland, Austria,
Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark
Fulfillment Europe Slovakia Yes
Hermes GmbH Germany  No
iLogistic Hungary  No
Logistiko Poland Yes
Lufapak Fulfilment Germany, UK  Yes
Maco Netherlands No
Printful Latvia Yes
  Rapid Fulfillment UK  Yes
  S&H Netherlands No
Shipwire Netherlands, UK Yes
Simple Global Netherlands  Yes
Swiss Mail Solutions Serbia, Austria  Yes
Webshippy Hungary No
  APL Logistics USA  Yes
B2C Europe USA Yes
BFE Canada, USA Yes
Bluegrass USA Yes
Capitol Fulfillment USA No
Coast to Coast Fulfillment USA  No
Christopher Morgan Fulfillment USA No
Easyship USA Yes
eFulfillment Service Canada  Yes
eHub Solutions USA Yes
FlashGlobal USA, Mexico Yes
Fulfillment Center USA Yes
Fulfilltopia USA  Yes
MDS Fulfillment USA Yes
Meridian International USA No
Karol Fulfillment USA No
IDS Fulfillment USA Yes
OTD Fulfillment USA No
  Planet Express USA Yes
  RedStag Fulfillment USA No
  ShipBob USA  Yes
  Shipmonk USA Yes
  Shipping and Handling USA  No
  Ships-a-Lot USA Yes
Shipwire USA Yes
Simple Global USA  Yes
United Fulfillment Center USA Yes
USA Fulfillment USA No
Verde Fulfillment USA Yes
Yes Wiptec Canada Yes
Wolff/SMG USA Yes
Xpert Fulfillment USA Yes
FlashGlobal Brazil, Argentina Yes
MIGroup Colombia No

Come back later, our list is constantly updated!

If you are looking for new drop shippers, wholesalers to work with, check Syncee Marketplace and find the best partner for your needs.

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