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Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping in 2023

Are you still confused about which are the best Shopify apps for dropshipping stores on the market? We collected those popular applications for you that will be of help if you are just beginning with this trading model. The Shopify Appstore offers a large variety of services and at the end of the day, your main goal will be to save as much time and money as possible to kickstart your business.

The number of dropshipping stores is constantly growing thanks to the user-, and “merchant-friendly” technological solutions and business potentials accessible. When taking a glance at the available Shopify apps for dropshipping stores, we can see a certain trend that shapes this trading model and the overall behavior of both new and existing online dropshipping store owners.

Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping in 2022

Dropshipping Trends in 2023 to Keep an Eye on

Are you thinking of starting a dropshipping store just now? Don’t listen to those who are saying dropshipping is dead. Dropshipping is not dead it is just evolving, keep continues changing. The evolution of this trading model makes it possible for online store owners to generate more prosperous revenues and be more successful in the long term.

The reason why we decided to share some of the trends that are shaping this model while showing you the best Shopify apps for dropshipping stores is to give your business an extra boost. It’s beneficial to always stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the world of ecommerce.

  • The role of B2B is growing significantly: Work with B2B suppliers, and on B2B dropshipping platforms such as Syncee.
  • Desire to shop from independent, purpose-driven brands: Consumers see their local businesses struggle nowadays and they want to help them out.
  • Sustainability. Ethical & independent businesses: Have a renewed focus on sustainability when selling products. Customers prefer ethical and independent businesses.
  • Offer multiple payment options: Multiple payment options are more likely to increase the conversion rate.
  • Visual commerce is the next generation of normal static visuals: Consider adding user-generated content, interactive videos, QR tagging, 3D visuals, and 360-degree photos and videos.
  • Personalized online shopping experience is key to building brand loyalty: Consumers prefer getting help to find the products that they need and want.
  • Mobile shopping is becoming even more popular: Optimize your online store for mobile and other devices.
  • Growing volume of voice searches: It is growing in popularity, which directly influences search results and shopping outcomes.
  • Augmented reality is one of the most up-to-date technologies: It gives online shoppers a real sense of what they are going to buy, which helps them to make purchasing decisions easier. AR not only provides a 3D model of an item but also helps customers to visualize the products without trying them on or out in person.
  • In-store experience online: Offer online shopping with in-store experience.
  • Retail is now Omnichannel: Omnichannel is a prevailing trend in the ecommerce industry since this approach focuses on a holistic approach to the overall shopping experience.
  • AI-assisted upselling and cross-selling: They are important to implement in your sales strategies.
  • High-quality visuals: The quality of the visuals, the images, videos, and the whole design is crucial to stand out to attract customers.
  • Multichannel customer support: It is needed for customer satisfaction.
  • Build subscription models: It helps get more long-term fans.
  • Social media as another sales channel: Most social media platforms are evolving to facilitate social commerce so their users can buy products from third-party retailers without leaving the app.

The Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping Stores

We are going to evaluate the best Shopify apps for dropshipping stores based on two categories. First of all, we are going to talk about dropshipping apps for Shopify stores. After this, we are going to share a list with you of the best Shopify apps for dropshipping stores that are not dropshipping apps initially but could be of great help for one who runs their online store with this trading model.

Instead of burning money on applications, you might not even need, check our list out and consider the pros and cons of the apps we share below.

The Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping Stores

Dropshipping Apps on Shopify

When talking about the best Shopify apps for dropshipping stores, we should first highlight actual dropshipping services. The number of dropshipping applications on Shopify is quite high so there’s no surprise if you find yourself lost when being in the middle of searching for the best dropshipping app. However, the competition always changes.

For example, Oberlo shut down in May 2022 even though it was Shopify’s highlighted dropshipping application for years. There is no official reason why they decided to discontinue their services, however, rumors say that the business and technological model Oberlo had was no longer highly functional for the market and the changes in trends and needs.

With this article on Shopify apps for dropshipping purposes, we hope we always help those who are looking for the best Oberlo alternative.

Let’s see some of the most popular dropshipping apps on Shopify you can browse among. There are many factors you must consider when choosing from the dropshipping apps on Shopify so you can be sure the service will meet your business needs.

The most important factors to consider when picking from among Shopify apps for dropshipping:

Reliability, functionality, user-friendliness, and helpful customer support which gets back to you in a short time. For you, it’s best if the service offers automated solutions for you to manage product data like updates and order data synchronization. If you have an online store, you don’t want to be just one in a million. If you can find unique products with fast shipping time on the dropshipping platform you choose, it’s also a win for you.

Syncee - Global Dropshipping

1. Syncee – Global Dropshipping

Syncee is a global B2B dropshipping and wholesale platform designed to help retailers and suppliers connect. On its huge directory called Syncee Marketplace, you can browse among millions of ready-to-sell dropshipping products in various categories, from Fashion through Home & Garden to Pet Supplies. Add them to your catalog and effortlessly populate your online store. The verified suppliers who offer their products on Syncee Marketplace are mainly from the USA, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, and all over the world.

We believe, Syncee is the best dropshipping app on Shopify, check out the advantages of our platform on ou list of Shopify apps for dropshipping purposes.

Major Benefits:

  • Pre-vetted, fast-shipping suppliers from all over the world, not just from one location
  • Local, independent manufacturers and globally known suppliers are also available
  • 6 million+ of trending and niche dropshipping products in every category
  • Transparent, user-friendly platform
  • No hidden suppliers, every important information like website and detailed shipping info available
  • Nincs indulóköltség
  • Add products to your online store in a few clicks
  • Automated product data uploads & updates
  • Automated order data synchronization
  • Bulk product data management is available or pick products one-by-one
  • Pick products one-by-one from multiple suppliers or browse from the list of suppliers and manage one or more companies’ products in bulk
  • Highly customizable product pricing settings
  • Intelligent product search
  • Built-in direct retailer-supplier messenger
  • Retailer reviews on suppliers accessible
  • Discounted prices for high profit
  • The subscription price is reasonable and you can pick from various plans. Manage a large number of products in bulk at a friendly price
  • Free Starter plan available
  • You pay for products your customer ordered directly to the dropshipping supplier via Syncee with PayPal, Stripe, or credit card. The payment with the order details will be sent to the supplier directly.
  • 10+ ecommerce platforms supported
  • Ingyenes ügyfélszolgálat

2. Spocket ‑ US & EU Dropshipping

Spocket is a dropshipping application where you can mostly find US and EU suppliers. The name of the suppliers are hidden and you cannot check their website. It’s a great disadvantage of Spocket that you cannot check the suppliers on the internet who you might work with. Consider these factors when picking from among Shopify apps for dropshipping purposes.

Details to note about Spocket:

  • Hidden suppliers with nicknames are shown. You do not know who you work with. Their website is not accessible.
  • Suppliers mainly from the US and EU
  • B2C products from AliExpress are accessible
  • No supplier list view to browse among companies and manage their products in bulk
  • Reviews state slow customer support feedback time
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Product updates for up-to-date inventory
  • Sample orders are accessible
  • No free plan is available. 14-day free trial

3. DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping

DSers is the third service we offer on our list of Shopify apps for dropshipping. DSers is a dropshipping application famous for its solution to help online merchants resell products from AliExpress. If you consider opening an online store, you must research the market thoroughly as maybe your target audience is not interested in getting AliExpress products from a “third-party” online store. Customers prefer unique, high-quality products with fast shipping nowadays, more and more.

Details to note about DSers:

  • Products only from AliExpress and from nowhere else
  • Shipping from overseas can take a long time
  • Products that customers could easily get from their original source at a much lower price
  • Low-quality products the market is oversaturated with
  • You can find, import, and edit products with them
  • Solution to automatically track and sync shipping information to Shopify
  • Only a few ecommerce platforms are supported

4. Modalyst – Dropshipping

The fourth service on our list of Shopify apps for dropshipping is Modalyst. Modalyst’s main focus is on offering Fashion products only. Their services are recommended for those only who are looking for these kinds of products. If you are looking to broaden your online store’s selection with more unique items, you must look for another solution.

Details to note about Modalyst:

  • Main focus on fashion products to sell
  • AliExpress integration is also in the spotlight where B2C products can be found with low quality and slow shipping
  • Independent brands are also available with faster shipping than from marketplaces overseas
  • Automated inventory and pricing updates
  • Only a few ecommerce platforms are supported
  • Several issues, based on reviews
  • Free Starter plan available
Modalyst - Dropshipping

5. DropCommerce: US Dropshipping

DropCommerce is the next service in our article on Shopify apps for dropshipping. DropCommerce is a Shopify application that focuses on offering products from the US and Canada only. Though it’s beneficial for those who have their target audience in America, it is not advantageous for sellers in Europe, Australia, and anywhere globally. They do not focus on adding new features to their application as time goes on and the market changes.

Details to note about DropCommerce:

  • US and Canadian suppliers only
  • Minimum 30%+ discount offered compared to retail price
  • No hidden suppliers
  • Slow customer support feedback stated in reviews
  • Only a few ecommerce platforms are supported
  • No new features are available as time goes
  • Lower subscription plans are available with only 250 products at most, and if you want to manage more products it is quite costly
  • 14-day free trial

6. CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping is the next service we must talk about when evaluating on Shopify apps for dropshipping. CJDropshipping is a dropshipping application where you can find products you can find on other B2C marketplaces overseas like AliExpress or eBay. You can find impulse buy products here. The selection is wide, however, the quality of them depends on the manufacturer. They are a dropshipping supply chain company in China.

Details to note about CJDropshipping:

  • Sourcing products from 1688 and Taobao directly
  • Low-quality products with shipping that can take long
  • Less than a million products are available
  • Direct product import to your online store, order fulfillment service
  • Track orders
  • Various ecommerce platforms supported
  • Minimum order quantity: 10pcs for a variant and 100pcs for a total
  • Pricing is not monthly-based

7. Zendrop – Global Dropshipping

Let’s continue our list of Shopify apps for dropshipping purposes with Zendrop. Zendrop is a dropshipping service where the main focus is on US dropshipping, and shipping is available only from the US and China. They take care of which suppliers are available on their platform. Their service had been made to cut slow delivery times. They are an emerging dropshipping service.

Details to note about Zendrop:

  • Shipping from the US or China. No warehouses in Europe or anywhere else to meet more merchants’ needs.
  • Product selection count is around one million
  • Only a few ecommerce platforms supported
  • You can create product bundles
  • Ability to set orders to fulfill automatically
  • Accessing all features is quite costly
  • 7-day free trial

8. AppScenic ‑ Smart Dropshipping

AppScenic is a new dropshipping application on Shopify that seems to be a mixture of other dropshipping applications that has been on the market for quite a while. They have five hundred thousand products in their system from suppliers from worldwide in various categories. Let’s see what to keep an eye on when picking from among Shopify apps for dropshipping.

Details to note about AppScenic:

  • 500,000 products available in their system
  • Still new on the market. What it differs from other apps, and why it is worth choosing them is not clear yet
  • Around 100 product categories to browse in
  • Daily updates of their catalogs
  • Auto-ordering is available
  • A few ecommerce platforms supported
  • 7-day free trial

9. Importify ‑ Easy Dropshipping

Our last service on our list of Shopify apps for dropshipping we mention Importify. Importify allows merchants to find products from a variety of companies. The products they offer are mainly from marketplaces such as AliExpress, Amazon, and Taobao. You can find the same products here as elsewhere. They offer their solutions for Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce & Jumpseller users.

Details to note about Importify:

  • Products available on Importify are mainly from AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Banggood, DHgate, Gearbest, Taobao, and other suppliers
  • You can import products from Chinese and US suppliers to your store
  • Price markup system
  • Semi-automatic order fulfillment
  • Available on four ecommerce platforms
  • 1-day free trial

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping Stores for an Effective Run

After showcasing the main dropshipping applications on Shopify, let’s quickly jump to those Shopify apps for dropshipping stores that can help them boost their business and sales activities.

For a Shopify dropshipping store it is not only a dropshipping application that is needed. There are other solutions you need to offer or cases you need to find a solution for.

Now let’s see what these are these Shopify apps for dropshipping stores that can help you smoothly run your online store.

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping to Bring in Customers

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping to Bring in Customers

When talking about Shopify apps for dropshipping stores, we cannot continue without mentioning those services that help you drive more traffic. Once you drive in more traffic so bringing in more customers, you have to turn them into buyers. Now let’s focus on bringing in more new customers.

Shopify apps for dropshipping stores that are made to make your marketing processes smoother can be accessed on an individual page on the platform’s Appstore, where they can be accessed by categories as well.

To provide you with a little help, let us showcase some of the best marketing Shopify apps for dropshipping stores with a brief introduction.

  • Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS: Klaviyo has been made to help you effectively manage your messaging to customers and visitors. This unified customer platform gives your business direct ownership of your customer data and interactions.
  • Product Reviews: helps you collect and display star ratings and reviews about your products and online store. User-generated content is a great way to increase conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement.
  • Loyalty Program, Wishlist +3 by Growave: Under the name of Growave you can find two marketing apps on Shopify that belong to them, and one of them is for boosting customer loyalty, and growing sales with a wishlist, creating gift cards, and collecting reviews and UGC.
  • UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing: It helps you build customer loyalty via a loyalty program. An all-in-one, automated affiliate and influencer marketing solution. You can build a professional affiliate campaign and easily approach potential affiliates.
  • Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS: Privy helps you grow your email and SMS list, and to drive more sales. It also includes exit-driven popups & banners which you can customize yourself. Choose from 100’s high-converting templates or fully customize your design.
  • Ali Reviews – Product Reviews: Developed by OneCommerce, Ali Reviews helps you collect reviews easily and display them aesthetically. You can show reviews to the right audiences in order to level up the conversion rate.

Besides our article on the best Shopify apps for dropshipping stores, in another post of ours, you can find a curated list of more marketing apps for Shopify.

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping to Sell More Stuff

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping to Sell More Stuff

Under the category “Sell More Stuff” on Shopify’s AppStore, you can find services helping you boost your conversion. When looking for Shopify apps for dropshipping purposes, your aim is definitely to sell as much as possible. It stands very closely with the previous category so you must check out both of them to find the services best meet your needs.

Go to the individual page on the Shopify AppStore to find these applications. Once you open the list of applications, you will see more filters by several categories. You must inspire customers to add products to the cart and actually purchase the goods they picked. That’s what these Shopify apps for dropshipping helps you with.

  • Stamped Product Reviews & UGC: is a powerful and easy-to-use service helping you capture and showcase high-impact reviews and ratings, customer photos and videos, and Q&A. Collect and showcase seven types of user-generated content and access various features.
  • PageFly Landing Page Builder: You can be a small/medium-sized business, or a Shopify Plus brand, with PageFly, you can publish high-quality pages and you can manage your site with confidence and great control. Access an extensive library, and page sections to build your pages.
  • Smile: Rewards & Loyalty: Turn your customers into repeat buyers with Give shoppers what they want: rewards for loyalty. Keep your brand top of your customers’ minds in many places. They offer integration with other great Shopify apps.
  • Free Shipping Bar: The Free Shipping Bar app helps you motivate customers to buy more by progressive messages promoting free shipping. Slide-out, customizable bar, progressive messages when the customer puts more items in their shopping carts or congratulating buyers when they get free shipping offers. It’s all available.
  • Product Labels & Badges by BSS Commerce: Their service is beneficial for those who want to use catchy labels on their product images. Place badges on any custom position. Various customization settings are available, and you can choose from their pre-designed library as well.
  • Parcel Panel Order Tracking: Ecommerce order tracking solution for you to improve customer satisfaction & loyalty via the enjoyable after-sale experience. Support 1000+ carriers globally, providing accurate queries. Branded tracking page and auto-customizable shipping notification drive buyers back to your store.
  • Adoric – Email list Pop up, Exit Popup: Adoric allows you to create on-site Conversion Rate Optimization popups of all kinds. With the help of their automated wizard, you don’t need to design or code anything. Also, Adoric They make it easy for you to create abandoned cart popups, email sign-up popups, spin-the-wheel popups, coupon promotion popups, etc. on Shopify.
  • HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk: HelpCenter is a user-friendly customer service App for e-commerce, aimed at making interactions with customers more effective. By combining highly effective solutions – FAQ builder, Livechat & Chatbot, HelpDesk ticketing & Tabs – HelpCenter is a true lifesaver for every e-shop that values customer experience and its own time.
Shopify Apps for Dropshipping to Customize Your Store

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping to Customize Your Store

The next category on our list of Shopify apps for dropshipping stores is the one where we list services that help you customize your store.

Why is it important when talking about Shopify apps for dropshipping purposes? Well, you know what they are saying. Don’t judge a book by its cover. However, in online commerce people actually do. If an online store looks unreliable and “cheap”, no matter what you do, people will not likely buy from you.

You need to make sure your online store’s look shows everything but professionalism.

Check out the individual page for store design apps on the Shopify AppStore.

  • Quick Announcement Bar: Promote any sales & notifications on a customized banner, increase customer awareness and boost sales. Make sure the extra content you add to your site with their solution fits well with your overall store design.
  • Vitals: All‑in‑One Marketing: As its name says, you can use their solution for many marketing activities like upselling, cross-selling, cart abandonment, and more. Customize your store so it converts customers and makes your store stand out.
  • GemPages Powerful Page Builder: Create a responsive online store that boosts sales and drives conversions. Using GemPages’ drag and drop landing page builder you can build your online store in your brand’s own image with ease. Several features are included.
  • Vimeo Create ‑ Video Maker: Vimeo Create can automatically turn your product listings and photos into videos that increase sales. Use it to increase the conversion rate. What’s more, over 3,000 templates are available to help you drive traffic to your store.
  • Spotlight Video Machine: It is a tool that automatically creates and uploads eye-catching videos to your collection pages. Use it to highlight special products and generate more product page views and conversions.
Shopify Apps for Dropshipping to Scale Your Business

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping to Scale Your Business

Scaling one’s business is also crucial when it comes to using Shopify apps for dropshipping stores. There are several services available on the Appstore in the store management category. You must plan for growth and lasting success.

  • Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart: Your customers are counting on you. Offer them the help they’re looking for. Install the chat widget easily to your site. Be ready to communicate with your customers.
  • Easy FAQ Page, Customer FAQs: Easy FAQ helps you to create modern FAQ pages for your store. The app is carefully built by taking all end users into consideration which makes your life easy. Reviews from other merchants do speak for themselves.
  • Loox Product Reviews & Photos: Maintain existing customer relationships. Encourage buyers to keep coming back with special deals and just-for-them services. Try out Loox’s services.
  • AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS: Assist customers after their sales. Great service doesn’t stop at the checkout. AfterShip provides a seamless post-purchase experience to drive customer loyalty and additional sales.
  • Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR: Ensure you are in compliance with the GDPR European Cookie Law. EU Cookie Bar will present your customers with a banner informing them that your store is using cookies. Once the customer agrees to the terms the banner will be hidden from that customer.

If you are looking for further Shopify apps for dropshipping businesses and to boost your online store, check out the whole selection of Shopify apps for dropshipping stores and for any kind of business running on this platform. There are several categories to choose from.

Would you like to see more articles similar to the topic of finding the best Shopify apps for dropshipping stores? Stay tuned! We are going to come along with more blog posts to help you run your new or existing business smoother.

Looking for unique dropshipping products and fast-shipping suppliers to work with?

Check out Syncee Marketplace now!

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