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Barbara Racz

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Syncee Rewind 2022: Key Moments of the Year

Another year has gone by and we are so happy to share a few milestones from the last 12 months of Syncee. Our logo has changed, we published new features, and we made our solutions even more user-friendly. Thank you for sharing these exciting months with us in 2022. We can’t wait to help you in making your online store more colorful in 2023 with products from Syncee Marketplace.

With our dropshipping solution we help online store owners in finding dropshipping products to sell and suppliers to work with from all around the world. We always make sure to best meet the market demands with solutions that store owners love.

Now let’s see a few milestones from 2022 we are proud of.

New Logo – Here’s How to Recognise us From the End of 2022

We have changed the logo of Syncee at the end of 2022. It’s all clear, and representing that high value and quality we are proud to offer with all our services. It shows how up-to-date we are, not just with the latest design trends, but with the automated dropshipping solutions we offer to help store owners in running their business as smoothly as possible. We also shaped our whole design that is now more simplified and trending than before.

Here’s the transition the Syncee logo has gone through:

New Logo - Here's How to Recognise us From the End of 2022

Hundreds of Thousands Have Chosen Syncee

We are more than happy to see that the number of merchants looking for dropshipping products and suppliers is constantly growing. We are happy to help new and existing online store owners to kickstart or extend their business. It’s not a surprise that dropshipping is still growing in popularity as it’s a great way to run a store with low upfront cost.

The number of merchants—both retailers and suppliers—using Syncee all over the world has grown rapidly, and it’s been multiplied. More than 200,000 merchants has chosen Syncee already!

New Products & New Suppliers Day-by-Day

Hundreds of new suppliers have joined Syncee Marketplace in 2022. The number of products available on our platform has reached the 6 million.

We are always proud to promote the Supplier of the Month each time. It is a great exposure to the suppliers on our platform. Check them out anytime on the home page of our Marketplace, and stay tuned for our newsletters!

New Products & New Suppliers Day-by-Day

New Integrations

Syncee has started to support more new ecommerce platforms in 2022 and we have opened our solutions to a bigger market. We want to take our dropshipping solution to more online merchants’ life to help them skyrocket their business.

For example, one of our new partners was EKM that is one of the biggest, local ecommerce platforms in the United Kingdom.

New Features

Syncee takes pride in constantly offering something new to online store owners. The number of new features that became available on Syncee in 2022 has grown, and we are always happy to see merchants’ feedback on them.

Just to highlight a few new solutions, we were happy to offer a new payment gateway to both retailers and suppliers: Stripe.

The built-in chat for merchants has developed, and we added more filters to our Marketplace to help store owners in finding the most suitable product for their business.

We have taken several features to a higher level and boost our solutions’ performance.

We never stop evolving, and we are happy to offer a platform that is becoming more and more user-friendly as the market shapes the merchants’ demands.

New Features

New Plans

No news when we say that Syncee offers a free Starter plan to every merchants. We have it for years, and store owners love it as they can check out the platform and prepare the collection of products they want to sell in their store in the long run.

However, from this Autumn, we offer a free trial as well that allows merchants to test any features of Syncee. Like this, they can really get to know what their business will require.

Syncee in the Spotlight

Syncee has been highlighted by more ecommerce platforms throughout the year. Just to mention a few of them, we were proud to be highlighted on the Shopify AppStore among the dropshipping solutions for months.

We are also happy that merchants were able to find us on the home page of the WooCommerce Extenstion Store.

What we are also more than happy about is that Syncee were highlighted at the Team Picks section on the Wix AppMarket more times in 2022 as well.

Syncee in the Spotlight

Growing Team, Growing Family

The team of Syncee has grown this year again. We doubled the numbers in so many things in 2022, and the number of our team members is also one of them. We organised events where this huge group of friends could spend more time together. It’s a blessing to know that we are not just a group of professionals but a group of great friends as well. This is how we can work as a team effectively!

2023 Prospects

We are preparing for 2023 to offer more new solutions to online merchants that will help them in starting or growing their business. We can’t wait to start this exciting new year with you all. We promise the number of products and suppliers on our Marketplace will be keep increasing, and that you will love Syncee even more in this upcoming year!

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