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How to Start a Jumpseller Dropshipping Store with Syncee?

Do you know what dropshipping is? Do you have a Jumpseller store? If both of your answers are yes why don’t you start a Jumpseller dropshipping store with the help of Syncee, and get products from its suppliers?

Qu'est-ce que Jumpseller ?

Jumpseller is an ecommerce platform where you can create your online store without any advanced IT knowledge. The platform is very easy to use but you can always search for experts who can answer your questions or create the whole online store for you. You can choose from multiple languages to manage your online store. Furthermore, your customers will use your platform easily as the interface is very user-friendly, and has many advantages.

Start a Jumpseller dropshipping store with Syncee
Source : Jumpseller

The prices of the different plans are not that high and you can choose from three plans, both in monthly and annual versions. The plans are the next: the Plus plan for 21 dollars a month, the Pro plan for 42 dollars a month, and the Premium plan for 84 dollars a month in 2021 August. At later times it might be different. If you are interested in the different features that the plans can provide you and want to have up-to-date information on the prices, check the pricing on Jumpseller’s website.


Dropshipping is a trading model which is ideal for those who decide to start an online business without huge capital investment and without a warehouse to stock the products. By using this model your suppliers will be the ones who will send the products directly to your customers. You do not have to meet the parcels.

However, if you have a lot of suppliers, your customers might add products to their cart which belong to different suppliers. It might cause chaos as those items will be shipped to the customer at different times, from different companies. To avoid this, either ask for the products to arrive at your place first, so you can repackage everything, or pick only 1-3 dropshipping suppliers with completely different product selections in a way that it is not likely that the customer will add those kinds of different products to their cart at the same time.



Syncee is a global B2B platform with millions of ready-to-sell products from hundreds of suppliers from the US/CA/EU/UK/AU/AS+more. You can search for either the suppliers or the products themselves on Syncee Marketplace.

What is more, you can upload products one-by-one OR you can also upload them in bulk to your online store. Syncee Marketplace is a good starting point if you wish to find the best products available there. You can not only find products and supplier partners on the system but Syncee will also manage automatic product data uploads, updates, and automatic order data synchronization for your online store.

Syncee provides you great opportunities if you want to start a Jumpseller dropshipping store. Do not forget that the Syncee team can give you answers and help whenever you feel that you do not understand something or you just have some questions about something.

How to Start a Jumpseller Dropshipping Store with Syncee?

Open Your Store & Add the App

First of all, you need to add the Syncee – Global Dropshipping app to your already existing Jumpseller store if you want to start a Jumpseller dropshipping store. For this, go to your Jumpseller admin, Apps menu, and look for the app on the list so you can install it.

Search for Products

After adding Syncee, you can start browsing on Syncee Marketplace. It offers two main solutions, the Search Products and the Find Suppliers view/menu. On the Search Products menu you can see the directory’s complete product selection and can pick from it one-by-one, or in bulk. You can set several filters to be able to browse among relevant search results.

Search for products in Syncee Marketplace

Search for Suppliers

On the Find Suppliers menu, you can see the suppliers in a list, and you can add their products easily to your Syncee catalog in bulk. Here as well, you can set the filter so you can browse among relevant search results. To start a Jumpseller dropshipping store with Syncee is easy, as you can fill your online store with products in only a few clicks. On Syncee Marketplace you can also look for products and suppliers by warehouse and shipping location as well.

On Syncee you have to assign the chosen products to a Syncee catalog, and you can manage the settings on how to upload the goods to your store. You can add your own pricing rules, and price margin, along with many useful product and catalog settings. Once you are ready, you just have to click on the Sync button in your catalog to make the products be available in your online store, and have their data updated every day, automatically.

Syncee Prices

Syncee offers more plans for those retailers who would like to use Syncee Marketplace. The first plan is free and it is for those businesses who want to try Syncee by integrating 25 products into their online stores. The products are updated daily automatically and you can get free support whenever you need it.

Syncee prices

The Basic plan is the most popular one. It is a really good option if you want to start a Jumpseller dropshipping store with only a few hundred products. You can integrate 500 products at most to your online store with automatic daily product data uploads, updates, automatic order data synchronization, and free support for 29 dollars a month.

The Pro plan is beneficial for you if you have a bigger business and you want to start a Jumpseller dropshipping store. You can integrate 10.000 products into your store for $79/month.

The Business plan is the fourth plan for those who want to integrate not more than 30.000 products into their store. It comes with all of the features of the first three plans for $129/month. This gives you an amazing opportunity to start a Jumpseller dropshipping store.

For more information on how to manage products with Syncee for your Jumpseller store, please check our Help Center.


In conclusion, if you want to start a Jumpseller dropshipping store, Syncee gives you amazing opportunities to find everything that you need to find products to sell and suppliers as reliable partners. Moreover, Syncee has you covered with automatic product data management processes.

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