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How to Start an Ecwid Dropshipping Store with Syncee?

Have you thought about opening a dropshipping store on Ecwid ecommerce platform? If not, you should definitely consider this as an option for your business. We are telling you why to start an Ecwid dropshipping store with Syncee.

What is Ecwid?

Source : Ecwid

Ecwid is a really easy platform to use if you want to start your online store. It is perfect for small-to-medium size businesses as it gives you the opportunity to create the best store possible with few clicks. You can start your free trial and keep going like that way if you only sell less than a dozen products in your store. What is more, the pricing plans are not that expensive therefore, it can be very beneficial for you to start here.

Fortunately, you can get a lot of help from the team via email and live chat support whenever you feel the urge to solve an uprising problem or you just have some questions about something.

If you are interested in the advantages of owning an Ecwid store, check out our article on this topic.

What is Dropshipping?

You must have heard about this term if you check out our articles but we always think about those who have never heard of this expression.

Dropshipping is a business model, a process when you sell products for your customers without ever touching the products. Sounds strange but this is the truth. When your customers order from your online store, the order data goes to your supplier with the products stored. The supplier will ship the product directly to your customers.

What is the point of it? Well, you can easily sell products without spending money on storing them. It is very easy and beneficial in the long run.

If you are about to start an Ecwid dropshipping store you have to think about a lot of questions like which supplier to choose and which products would be good for your store. Do not worry, we are telling you everything Syncee can offer you so you will be able to choose if this application is right for you.

What is Syncee?


Syncee is a global B2B platform where you can search from millions of products and find hundreds of suppliers for your online store. The app manages product data uploads, updates, and order sync processes automatically.

If you think that it is time to start an Ecwid dropshipping store, Syncee is here for you. Syncee Marketplace is a perfect place to start searching for new products and suppliers. You can always look for smaller or larger amounts of products because whatever you choose you can upload all of them to your online store easily.

If you have some questions, our team gives you the best solutions possible so do not worry about asking right away.

How to Start an Ecwid Dropshipping Store with Syncee?

Syncee on Ecwid to start an Ecwid dropshipping store
Source : Ecwid

Add The App

If you decide to start an Ecwid dropshipping store and wish to manage products smoothly you should add the Syncee application first. As you can see above you can click on ‘Get’ button to start your journey with Syncee.

Search for Products

If you know the exact products that you want to sell in your online store start searching for them in Syncee under the ‘Marketplace’ and ‘Search products’ menus. You can choose from the different product categories but you can also create an advanced search for finding the best products for your business. Assign products to your catalog, and fill your store with items in a few clicks.

Search for Suppliers

In Syncee Marketplace you have the chance to look for specific suppliers, and to browse the long list of the companies. You can manage their products in bulk, and upload those items into your store in just a few clicks.

Syncee’s multi-lingual Help Center is of great help for you with articles and videos if you have questions about how to manage products with the application!

Syncee Prices

Prices at Syncee

There are four plans to choose from if you want to add the Syncee app to your Ecwid store, and if you want to use Syncee’s Marketplace solution as a retailer.

The first plan of Syncee Marketplace, is the Starter Plan which is perfect for those who want to integrate only 25 products to their online store and test the app. It is totally free and updated daily.

The second plan is the Basic plan, it is the most popular and if you choose this you can upload 500 product to your online store for 29 dollars monthly.

The third plan is the Pro plan which is for larger businesses where you can upload 10,000 products for 79 dollars/month.

The Business plan costs 129 dollars monthly and you can upload 30,000 products into your online store for this price, which is great for those who want to sell a lot of products to their customers.


All in all, Syncee can be a great opportunity if you want to start an Ecwid dropshipping store and to make sure product management processes will be smooth and automated.

If you are looking for suppliers, check out our articles on how to find reliable European, Australian, and US dropshipping suppliers.

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