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30 High-Demand Dropshipping Products to Sell in Winter 2021/22

Time flies… Winter is coming! Fill your online store with the best, high-demand dropshipping products for the cold season of 2021/22. Are you ready for the coolest ideas?

It is always best to check your target market’s demands before you plan to upload loads of products to your new online store, or before you start extending your existing range.

Dropshipping comes in handy for both kinds of entrepreneurs.

New store owners can kickstart their business without inventory risk, and they have lower upfront costs as well than those who get physical stock in bulk.

For existing stores, it is beneficial to implement dropshipping to their business strategy as they can easily offer more goods for their audience without the need of renting a bigger warehouse or investing money in physical stock. They can reach a wider customer base easily!

Instead of spending money on inventory, they can use it to make their website more attractive and their marketing strategy more effective.

Find High-Demand Dropshipping Products to Sell in Winter 2021/22

A common reason for both of them among many other benefits is that they don’t have to be afraid of not being able to sell every good they got in stock. They can modify their product selection anytime like a piece of cake! They have the chance to ‘test’ products, and they can form their range in a way so they can definitely offer high-demand dropshipping products fine-tuned right to their own, one-of-a-kind target audience.

How Can You Do So?

  • Research the market demands.
  • Create questionnaires, post questions in relevant Facebook groups, forums.
  • Look for analytics, market data in reliable, professional sources.
  • Check what the trending products are on the market locally and globally.
  • Check what is missing from your target market.
  • What kind of products your target audience is in need of.
  • What kind of products have potential in them you could awake interest for.
  • What kind of products are trending on influencers’ YouTube and social media channels.
  • What are you personally interested in?
  • What are your target audience’s shopping behavior, habits, and qualities like?
  • Find something your target market is not oversaturated with.
  • Find product niches with low competition in your target market.
  • Check the top search queries made on Google to find what is trending now. You can do it on Google Trends.

30 High-Demand Dropshipping Products For Winter

Finding high-demand dropshipping products for your winter sales can be challenging.

It’s best not to forget that everything depends on if you are about to start a new store or if you have an existing business. What kind of product category are you interested in? Do you have any ideas on what to sell? Do you just want to open a store and sell whatever is trending, or there is something close to your heart?

What are the best-selling products in your existing store? Are you just looking for what goods are trending to find out what items to highlight in your store and in your promotions? Are you looking for ways to extend your existing selection?

Based on the data that can be reached on Google Trends, also based on what we see on the market, and what we experience on our B2B platform about what the most sought products are, we prepared the following list of high-demand dropshipping products for you all.

If you are just looking for high-demand dropshipping products to focus on in your holiday sales, you are also free to check NRF’s statistics where you can find what kind of gifts people would like to receive and in which location. Based on this you can see what goods are worth highlighting during your sales.

2021: What gifts consumers would like to receive (via NRF)

1. Eco-friendly Products

Let’s begin with a high-demand dropshipping product that is, luckily, getting more and more popular on the market as time goes. You can sell home decoration, kitchen tools, reusable bags and other similar products, clothing, organic health & beauty items, accesorios, and even various kinds of, useful regalos. Don’t forget about children as well, sell them plastic-free juguetes.

2. Scarves

A warm, comfortable, and pretty scarf is everything on a cold winter day. Do you sell fashion goods and are looking for new items to broaden your product range? Or do you plan to offer only scarves and other similar accessories to your target audience? It is an amazing idea! Sell something that is not available for your target market yet. Look for quality suppliers.

3. Water Bottles

Water bottles are not just an important element of an eco-friendly online store. This high-demand dropshipping product is something that loads of people use every day. At home, at the workplace, on a trip, and basically anywhere. Feel free to sell it in your store if you offer sports products, home & garden goods, gifts. These can be made of stainless steel, glass, even plastic if they are BPA-free as people don’t throw them away, they reuse these bottles.

4. Stationery Products

These high-demand dropshipping products are not just good as a Christmas present but are highly sought at the very beginning of the year as well. Of course, after that time too, people will always look for them. Stationery products that are popular are wonderful pens, pencils, and pretty notebooks.

5. Personal Planner

To continue with the line of stationery products, we would like to highlight annual planners, bullet journal notebooks, and personal planners that many talented manufacturers make already. Find a supplier that covers all your needs and sell unique and beautiful notebooks to your customers. It’s a high-demand dropshipping product category especially in the end and the beginning of the year.

6. Candles, Wax Melts

People love candles all along the year. Customers who are huge candle fans enjoy trying out new types, styles, scents of candles and wax melts as well. Sell soy wax candles that are not as harmful as usual ones. You can sort them in certain thematics. It is not only great to open an individual candle store with products of wonderful manufacturers. Candles are also great as additional goods in a homeware or lifestyle store as well for example.

Candles, Wax Melts

7. Fandom Products

Fandom goods are those kinds of high-demand dropshipping products that will always stay popular. You just need to stay up-to-date on which movies, series, musicians, books, games are trending currently. You can sell various kinds of goods. Mugs, pillowcases, pens, magnets, t-shirts, keychains, pins, bags… If you find a suitable supplier, you can definitely find other kinds of unique fandom goods as well.

A few “general” fandom categories that will probably stay popular during 2022 as well are Harry Potter, Marvel, DC Comics, and many more. Everything depends on the current time. Also, what a trending fandom is might differ by the location of stores’ target audience.

8. Tea & Coffee

There is no better thing than a cup of tea or coffee on a chilly winter day. Find a great supplier with delicious products, and also sell additional products related to having tea and coffee such as wonderful cups, filters, spoons. Sell something unique to your audience. Show them new and exciting flavors.

9. Blanket

Another high-demand dropshipping product for winter! A warm, fluffy, soft, beautiful, stylish blanket is everything on a winter day. They can be decorative bedsheets to just cover the bed, or soft blankets to snug with on the couch while watching a movie. But you can also sell bedding, blankets that not just look good but are great to cover yourself while sleeping.

10. Cushion Covers, Pillows

Home decoration is an all-time high-demand dropshipping product. Regarding cushion covers and pillows, make sure you sell several kinds of styles so your online store can be a perfect place for more potential buyers. You not only have to be aware of what’s trending worldwide but in your local market and culture. You can also focus on only one but highly demanded style if you are sure there is a great number of people who you can target in the long run.

11. Quality, Unique Gifts

Selling regalos is definitely a winning and high-demand dropshipping product idea. Why? They are small, easy-to-ship, cheap, fun, and people LOVE getting unique gifts for their loved ones. These products can be mugs, keychains, pillows, t-shirts, cool stationery goods, wall-art, glasses and jugs, photo frames, kitchen gifts, candles, sports gifts, goods for weddings and events, special birthday gifts, funny gifts, and many more!

12. Stylish Clothing

Elegant, unique, high-quality but affordable clothing is still missing from your target market? Have you found a great supplier? Sell these goods to your audience and market your products well. As there are many online stores offering clothing products already, you need to make your business and strategy stand out from the crowd.

13. Comfortable Underwear

Beautiful, comfortable, pretty, high-quality lingerie, underwear is something you can definitely consider if you are about to choose a high-demand dropshipping product to sell. You can extend your product range with tights, stockings as well. As the winter is here, offer thermo tights as well for the coldest days.

14. Soap

Soaps are something that people cannot get enough of. There are luckily many handcrafted items from reliable keen manufacturers who offer only high-quality and unique products to their audience. Uniqueness can be represented by the components, the shape of the soap, the scent of it, and even the packaging.


15. Baking Supplies

Kitchen products, baking supplies like cake decorating supplies are something customers are interested in during the winter more than during summer. In many locations, it’s one of the high-demand dropshipping products on the market. Think about those delicious cinnamon-flavored, and apple-based, or marzipan cakes, and much more. If the delivery time is short, you can sell baking ingredients as well.

16. Gloves

We can all agree that gloves are quite an essential product this time of the year. People are looking for gloves that are warm, and they also check the style of it so it can match their style. However, there is a third factor that they usually check nowadays and it is so they can be used with their touchscreen phone. Offer touchscreen gloves as well.

17. Pajama

Pajama is the next high-demand dropshipping products category we would like to mention. Find reliable suppliers who work with fine material, and offer pajama to your audience in many colors, styles, materials, sizes, and more. Check what design is trending in your target market. Hint: Unicorn pajamas are popular nowadays.

18. Bags

There are many great manufacturers out there close to even your location who sell unique and high-quality bags for women and men. People love bags. Find something that is not available for them yet, and market them well. There are many styles and kinds your target audience would love. One of the high-demand dropshipping product categories considering bags is the category of backpacks nowadays.

19. Watches

Watches could definitely be winners of this list of high-demand dropshipping products! Customers love them not just to buy these accessories for themselves but for their loved ones as well for Christmas or for any occasions like birthdays. Want to be unique in your target market? Sell bamboo or wooden watches to also consider environmentally-friendliness.

20. Pet Products

There are many stores on the market that offer pet supplies, however, you can still be unique. Find suppliers whose products are not available yet in your location, and market them well so your audience can get to know about them and about the great quality of what you offer.

Sell goods for dogs, cats, other small animals, and more. Christmas is a time when people surprise their loved ones with new little loved ones who become part of the family from that time. Hop on the trend of this evergreen high-demand dropshipping product category.

Pet Products

21. Sweater

It’s sweater-weather! Focusing on selling only sweaters in an online store is probably not the best idea unless you are from a country where it is cold all along the year. However, with any kind of clothing store, focusing on these goods this time is beneficial. Make sure you bring something unique to your market that way not available for your audience before. Consider quality, style, material, eco-friendliness, and others.

22. Warm Slippers

Wearing warm slippers at home? Oh, yes! Sell cute, pretty, funny, and comfortable pieces to your audience and let them be excited every time it’s time again to wear their awesome pair of slippers when waking up or arriving back from work. If you sell other kinds of slippers as well, it can be a whole unique store as well selling only slippers, for any time of the season. This high-demand dropshipping product category is something you should consider focusing on.

23. High-quality Socks

Here’s our next high-demand dropshipping product category for your winter sales! There are many kinds of socks you can consider selling and then highlighting in your online store. These can be funny or simple, pretty or basic, thick or thin, but what important is to offer quality pieces in your store as there is nothing worse than a low-quality pair of socks you need to have on all day long.

24. Skincare Products

Skincare products, just like bath & body goods are something that is definitely a great idea to focus on and sell. Make sure the source of these goods is reliable! Don’t sell cheap products you are not so sure about the source, quality, and trustworthiness of. Pro tip: Pick a supplier who is selling their items in another country already, you can see their reviews. Tell your audience that these goods are already popular in another location.

ganic Baby Products, Eco-friendly Toys

25. Organic Baby Products, Eco-friendly Toys

There is nothing more important than offering quality goods to babies, kids. That is why here we would like to showcase what kind of toys, skincare and body care products and others you should start selling. Organic goods don’t contain harmful ingredients, and wooden and eco-friendly toys are durable and much more long-lasting, besides being cool and unique as well. Hop on the trend of these high-demand dropshipping products.

26. Adult Products

Yes, these kinds of goods are not easy to market so that you can reach a wider audience. However, with great search engine optimization, it won’t be a miracle to reach buyers for your hot products. When the weather is getting chilly and people are stuck in their warm rooms, they like trying out new exciting things in the bedroom, if you know what we mean. Selling productos para adultos is a good idea if you are daring enough. Among high-demand dropshipping products, it is not the most outstanding but is something you can give a try to.

27. Home Decoration

We know, we should have started this list of high-demand dropshipping products with the category of home decoration. These are products people definitely search for the most. They love high-quality, pretty, unique, and cheap products. They are most of the time easy to ship so it is a great idea to go for.

28. Wallet

Wallets are great gift ideas. Open a store offering premium wallets for all age groups, for women, men and kids as well. These goods can be made in different styles. You cannot go wrong with this high-demand dropshipping product idea for this season.

Fitness Products, Activewear

29. Fitness Products, Activewear

Selling fitness products, activewear, sports equipment, yoga mats, leggings and more in great quality is a winner idea. There are not too many top-notch online stores on the market yet, so hop on this trend and help your customers work on their new year’s resolution efficiently.

30. Toys & Hobbies

The last category of high-demand dropshipping products in our list is Toys & Hobbies. When we talk about toys we do not just talk about toys for kids like nowaday’s popular product the ‘pop it‘. We also focus on adults as well who still like not just playing but dealing with creative hobbies as well. In general, you can sell plushies but paint by numbers kind of DIY products too, just as board games or wooden toys.

Looking For Products And Suppliers?

Check Syncee Marketplace so you can browse among millions of high-demand dropshipping products that are from suppliers from all over the world, the USA, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and more. Syncee has you covered regarding the automatic and bulk product uploads, updates, and order data synchronization as well.

Fill your online store with high-demand dropshipping products easily today!

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