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Nelli Sarvari

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8 Reasons You Need an Online Store for Your Brick-and-Mortar Shop

If you already own a physical store maybe it is time for you to take your business to the internet too. As people tend to buy more and more online these days, you will definitely need an online store for your brick-and-mortar shop to keep up with this fast-paced life.

Ecommerce is blooming, and that is why it is the perfect time for you to be present on the internet with your products. If you ever thought that you need an online store, you should take this big and important step right now for the sake of long-term success. Here below we highlighted the most significant reasons why it worth turning your store to be an online business as well, also we shared ideas on how to broaden your product portfolio. However, if you want to take another step further, you can also read one of our other articles about the criteria for starting an online store. Let’s jump into the details now on why to be present online.

1. More People Buy Online

Due to the coronavirus more and more people try to get their favorite products online. They use the different online stores to buy them. Unfortunately, in most cases, people cannot even go to the physical shop which could mean the end for some smaller businesses. To avoid anything unfortunate like this to happen to you, you need an online store for your already existing physical store because it can help to create a profit even if your brick-and-mortar shop cannot do this these days. The number of people who are looking for items online has multiplied. Try to meet their needs!

2. New Customers

Due to online shopping, people can find you easier which is another reason why you need an online store. They might live in the same area but they have not had the opportunity to check your brick-and-mortar store out before, maybe they haven’t even heard of you yet. However, an online store can lead more people there. You just have to use the best marketing strategies in this case to get more traffic, and you need to be present on social media as well. It is absolutely essential for a successful business.

You can sell around the world therefore you need an online store

3. You Can Sell All Around The World

A great feature of online stores is that you can sell worldwide. People can find you from anywhere in the world which means that you can sell more and not just for your regular customers in your physical store. This gives you the opportunity to find out what others might need in the other parts of the globe. What is more, selling your products to a wider audience can be a really good marketing strategy too so you will need an online store to fulfill this plan.

Ask for reviews so people can see that your store offers really good opportunities and quality for customers. Selling worldwide has its difficulties, as you have to look for new shipping opportunities, however, it can be absolutely worthwhile.

4. No Need For Open Hours

You definitely need an online store if you wish that your customers could buy whenever they want to buy from your store. An online store gives you the opportunity to let your customers buy in the middle of the night without any open hours in your physical store. This could mean more customers for you as they can choose the time whenever they want to purchase from your online store without even going out to your physical store.

If you need an online store dropshipping is an option

5. Dropshipping is an Option

If you feel that you need an online store, dropshipping will definitely come to you in almost the first place. Dropshipping is the process when you do not have to own an inventory and pay a lot of money for storing your products as this is going to be your suppliers’ job to do. With this model, you can broaden your product portfolio easily!

Your customers order the products and your suppliers will pack everything together to ship them to your buyers. You do not even have to meet the products if you do not wish do to so. Although, if you have more than one supplier, or you already have your own inventory you just want to broaden, it can be beneficial if you choose to order the packages from the suppliers to your door first, so you can repackage everything and your customers will get everything at the same time, in one box if they ordered more goods.

You do not just need an online store, but you also need great products to sell. Syncee, which is a B2B platform, is a great option if you wish to start dropshipping in your online store as you can find millions of products and hundreds of suppliers in Sincero Marketplace. You just have to look around and search for items you would love to have in your online store. The application also manages automated product data uploads & updates, and order data synchronization. If you have another supplier who is not listed in Syncee Marketplace, you just have to bring the company’s always updating product datafeed file, and Syncee will manage the daily, automates product data updates for your store.

You can use Syncee if you have an online store on Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Ecwid by Lightspeed, Jumpseller, Shoprenter, or Tiendas KMO ecommerce platform.

6. Lower Costs

Running an online store can have lower costs than running a brick-and-mortar store. However, it does not mean that you have to close your physical store to create an online one. You can have both stores in parallel to find more customers and sell more products, without spending double your already existing costs. Your income is going to be higher. Therefore, you need an online store to find more customers without spending much on opening a second brick-and-mortar store and renting a new place at a different location. Moreover, if you can arrange everything with your suppliers, you will also not need to invest in product stock in advance.

More products

7. More Products

You certainly need an online store if you feel like you have more products to sell but not enough room in your brick-and-mortar store. An online store can give you the opportunity to show as many products as you wish without paying a lot for storing everything. You can also go for dropshipping to broaden your product portfolio. You can change the product selection or extend it anytime, such things are much easier online. Moreover, if you have more products in your online store, it is possible that more people will find you. However, it is not always true that the more is the better. It depends on several factors what is best for your business in particular.

8. Membership

Having an online store means that you can easily give memberships to your customers without buying membership cards for them. They just have to give their names and email addresses to have one. You can give them different sales and offers for your products. What is more, you can even show them related products as you can see which products they have already bought, or are planning to purchase. Membership is also a great opportunity if you want to learn about the needs of your customers for your store’s further development. So you need an online store, and your customers, your fans need special offers.


All in all, you definitely need an online store if you like the ideas about online shopping above. There are really good opportunities to start with and you will surely find your favorite solution. You just have to get started and create your online store while still owning a physical store. You will not regret it! Receiving higher income is the purpose of your business.

Do you need an online store? Find new products too now!

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