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How to Boost the Traffic and Sales of a Dropshipping Store? – The Ultimate List

As an online store owner, you need to make sure that you don’t just draw people in but you can keep your audience and turn them into buyers. Retailers are often struggling with the problem that they don’t have enough visitors and orders, or even if they have significant traffic, the number of sales doesn’t increase. We collected not less than 26 winning ideas for you so you can boost the traffic and sales of your e-store more effectively.

There is something you must keep in mind in general: if the visitors of your online store are insecure about your products or service, they will not buy anything from you. Your job as an entrepreneur is to represent quality and professionalism with everything you do and provide. There are many schemas on the world wide web you can go through when you are trying to pull in new ideas for your business and marketing strategy. We also want to highlight a few opportunities for you that might give you inspiration on how to shake up your business and boost the traffic and sales of your dropshipping store.

How to Boost the Traffic and Sales of a Dropshipping Store?

Boost the Traffic and Sales of Your Store Efficiently

There are many factors that could be the cause of the leakage in your store regarding the lack of buying customers. You have to focus on both getting new visitors and on turning your target audience into ones who will actually purchase your products. If you built your online store on the dropshipping model you have less job about dealing with logistics and need less money to invest into the business in general as you don’t have physical product inventory. That is how you theoretically have more opportunities to focus on marketing and such matters.

Our source of 26 ideas has been collected so you can fill any possible gaps that might be an issue for visitors not arriving or not becoming actual buyers. You can boost the traffic and sales of your dropshipping store in more ways, one article is not even enough to cover everything. The list could be more comprehensive as it is a complex topic but we try to provide you a great source of ideas. We picked the most general factors for you while also mentioning ones that might haven’t come to your mind earlier. You have to represent quality with not just your products but with the whole service you offer.

1. Sell Products Your Target Audience Actually Needs

To boost the traffic and sales of your online store you need to make sure the audience you target actually is in need of the products you offer. Do not provide goods your market is oversaturated from. Make sure what you sell is a niche category, or people cannot get them easily in their location. Sell high-quality pieces. A growing number of people realize value is an important factor when purchasing goods. It has environment-friendly aspects too.

2. Choose Local Suppliers to Cut Delivery Time

As the number of online stores is constantly growing the competition is getting bigger in parallel. Fast shipping is key for a successful business so if you want to boost the traffic and sales you need to find local suppliers who offer short delivery time and competitive shipping cost. If you choose the dropshipping model, it is more important to work with local suppliers. Syncee Marketplace is a great source of finding products and suppliers.

3. Learn About and From Your Competitors

You have to think of ways on how you can outdo your competitors. You need to find something that makes you differ from others on the market. Do not be just one in a million. Analyze what other companies do, check their strengths and weaknesses, and boost the traffic and sales of your store in efficient ways. You can learn many things from others.

Learn About and From Your Competitors

4. Leverage Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is a long-term game to boost the traffic and sales of your online store but it definitely worth it. You can even mix it with other marketing solutions to have better results for your marketing activity. You need to “SEO well” your website, your product descriptions, and each of the pages on your site. If you do it right, after a few months you can appear in higher places on Google’s search results.

5. Shake Up Your Advertisements and Remarketing

You can use remarketing to close more deals, it is a highly effective way to boost the traffic and sales of your business. With remarketing, you can stay at the forefront of your potential buyers. There are helpful, all-in-one remarketing tools for Shopify stores on the market. It is also key to run Facebook or Google Ads so you can reach new people as well. It will take time and money as well but it is an essential part of growing the number of your orders. If you are not an expert of advertising online, talk with an expert to not just burn money for nothing.

6. Demonstrate Reliability

Reliability is something every company should go for and represent. What you tell about your business on your website, social channels, and in ads has to state the truth. Buyers don’t like it if they don’t get what they expect when landing on your online store, or when they receive the parcel they ordered. You need to be there for customers anytime they have questions or face any issue, like this you can boost the traffic and sales of your business.

7. Work With Great Visuals

If the design of your online store is low-quality and is not represent quality then your visitors will be insecure about if you are reliable and if you take your business seriously. Many people are still afraid of purchasing goods online, so if you really are a professional business, you need to show it with your visuals as well. Not only on your website but on social media and in your advertisements as well. Do not forget about a unique logo and matching colors.

8. Offer Outstanding Customer Service

You always have to be ready to answer customers’ or potential customers’ questions. They always like learning more about your business and products, it is a key element in the decision-making process. Answer their questions as soon as possible but not later than a business day. Be polite and emphatic with them. A great way to boost the traffic and sales of your store is to increase customer relations and be nice with new and previous buyers as well.

Offer Outstanding Customer Service

9. Define Your Buyer Personas

When you are starting an online store it is key to define your target audience. It is important so you can create your online ads and any content about your online presence accordingly. By having well-defined buyer personas you can always know what kind of products you should offer and be successful with. There are many factors you can use to define a fictional person who represents your ideal buyer.

10. Sell Yourself and the Result and Not the Product

People are not looking for products in the first place. They are looking for solutions to their problems. They are focusing on the result. You have to sell your company, yourself, and the experience. Define how you can help your target audience with your products and service, and offer everything relating to this. You have to be able to successfully communicate the value of your company as an individual product.

11. Focus on Your Social Media Activity

Before purchasing from an online store buyers often check the social media channels of the company to see if they are still an active business on the market. They also check the feedback from others, the comments, and all the value they represent. Active engagement with your followers and fans is also highly beneficial and is a great and free tool to boost the traffic and sales of your business. React to their comments, and give feedback to their messages every time.

12. Focus on Your Existing Customers

Besides seeking new customers, you also need to focus on those people who have already bought products from your online store. Try to make them become your long-term fans. If they are satisfied with the user experience in your store, with the shipping conditions, and with the product they received, they might still need a little incentive to buy from you again. Attract them with special offers, newsletters. You can boost the traffic and sales of your store by focusing on your proven customers.

13. Don’t Overprice Your Products

Overpriced products might scare customers. Especially if they notice that from other online stores they can get the exact same products at a lower price, and they will not understand why would you offer more value than your competitors. The prices you have in your store must be competitive, reasonable, and would move parallel with the value of the product. If you want to boost the traffic and sales of your store, take this advice.

14. Provide Special Offers

Special offers are crucial if you want to boost the traffic and sales of your online store. Image yourself in the place of your buyer. If they see there is a 40% Summer discount, a Mother Day’s Sale, or a special offer for their birthday they will definitely click on your content and will go to your online store to claim the offer. With these offers, you can grow the number of your long-term fans.

Provide Special Offers

15. Create Website Popups

Popups have a crucial part in making people buy from you so you can boost the traffic and sales with these tools. Tada offers interactive website popups that allow Shopify merchants to collect more emails and increase sales by engaging website visitors through gamification. With Tada, Shopify merchants can offer coupon codes and discounts to their website visitors through fun game popups, elegant modal popups, and exit-intent popups where users add their email addresses in exchange for a coupon discount.

16. Impress Customers with Follow-up Emails, Newsletters

You can send follow-up emails to those people who added something to their cart but didn’t get their way to the checkout in the end. Remind them of their desired products! You can also send newsletters about special offers, new products, seasonal ones, great tips and tricks regarding the product category you sell. Email marketing is not dead at all, moreover, it is still blooming. You just have to find a suitable email marketing service for this.

17. Provide Enough Information on Your Website

You need to answer every possible question that might pop up in your potential customer’s mind to boost the traffic and sales of your store. Answer them before they even asked you. What is the general important information you must show on your website in a place people can easily find? Shipping details, contact info, size chart, refund policy, about us page, every necessary product detail, and high-quality product images.

18. Expertise in What You Sell

Credibility depends on more factors in the life of an online store. People need to trust you that is how they will purchase from you. You need expertise in what you sell to be able to answer customers’ questions before they buy products from you or later if they have a problem or a question. If you expertise in the product category you will enjoy work more! If people are a fan of you you can boost the traffic and sales of your store.

19. Embrace Influencer Marketing

In the past few years, influencer marketing has started to become popular as more people started to create content for a bigger audience. Online stores have realized there is a great opportunity in this and they started to cooperate with online content creators. With the help of this, your products can get to more people, and you can provide special offers to customers or to the content creator. Boost the traffic and sales of your store easily!

Embrace Influencer Marketing

20. Offer Great Money-Back Guarantee

A bulletproof money-back guarantee is essential to be able to boost the traffic and sales of your online store. Many people are still afraid of ordering from the internet as they feel it is risky to spend money on products that might not even be of quality, or it won’t suit them and meet their expectations. Let your audience know they can trust you and if needed, they can send products back to you, and you pay their money back if there is a problem.

21. Provide More Payment Options

If you want to boost the traffic and sales of your business it is a winner idea to offer as many payment options to customers as possible. There are people who prefer only one payment option and if it is not available in your online store it can be a reason for them to rather not buy anything from you. If you provide more payment options you can get more fans, more buyers, more income.

22. Invest in High-quality Product Images

If the product images on your online store are low-quality, and you can’t see the details on it and the color correctly, it can be a reason for buyers turning their back on your business. You need quality and professionalism. If what people see is a cheap quality even at the images they won’t be willing to spend money on your products. A photoshoot of your own store could solve this matter to be able to boost the traffic and sales of your store. Also, do not forget about “how-to”, “introduction” or “unboxing” videos about your products.

23. Keep Messaging Consistent Across All Channels

If you want to boost the traffic and sales of your business you need consistency. Find who you are, what the message of your online activity is, why you are selling your products, who your target audience is, and what problem you can offer a solution for. Consistency has to go for all of your campaigns, social media activity, and your website. Have a message and convey it via written message, colors, and every visual in a consistent way.

24. Create an Engaging Home Page

A well-built home page is very important if you want your visitors to see at the first glance that you are a professional, trustworthy store that cares about its appearance, the quality of products, and its buyers. As for the design, the home page should be catchy. People judge by the cover of the book, so as they judge by the design of your home page and your whole online store. With this, you can definitely boost the traffic and sales of your site.

Create an Engaging Home Page

25. Pay Attention to Your Grammar

There is nothing worse than a cool website with terrible grammar. If you really want to be professional you should make sure the grammar of the content on your website, in your social media posts, and in your ads is outstanding. You can also use online tools that check the grammar of what you write, or you can ask a friend or more to check it for you. Believe us, you can boost the traffic and sales with this, people will not turn away from you.

26. Grow UX by Mobile Optimization

If an online store is not mobile-friendly in 2021 it can be a serious problem. A growing number of people use their smartphones to browse the selection of online stores and to order products. You need to grow the user experience of your website by not just a great navigation on desktop but by providing your site in a mobile-optimized way too. Boost the traffic and sales of your store with this easy step!

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