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Understanding buyer motivation: How it helps you in e-commerce business

Understanding the buyer motivation in e-commerce business is quite tough, but is undoubtedly very important for sellers. It is in fact, the easiest way to get improvising the marketing strategies. Whatever kind of business you are currently doing, the only way to expand the sales globally is e-marketing.

As per a survey conducted, most of the customers get motivated by the marketing style and brand credibility. So it gets quite crucial to driving the insight to visit your website. And finally making a purchasing decision is just the thing one can do for creating more successful interactions with their customers.

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But is it so easy in terms of security concerns?

Yes, it is. Especially if you are working with retail marketing business, you need to know where your customers’ exactly are and what things you can do for sustaining a fruitful e-commerce business.

What does Buyer’s Motivation mean?

Consumer’s decision making is a crucial part that usually arises from the set of various psychological factors known as Buyer motivation. Every purchase on the specific e-commerce portal has some unique elements that the customers look forward.

One needs to have the skills of attracting customers towards their brand, and hence one can easily control the entire process. The whole buyer’s motivation process is being classified into three different sections:

Awareness: It is the first phase of the buyer’s motivation where the buyer usually gets to be aware of their requirements and the products or services you are offering. How can one suppose to purchase things from you if he/she doesn’t know you?

Consideration: Further leading with the other part of the buyer’s motivation process, if your advertising is perfect, customers will surely think about your products or services if they require them in the future.

Decision: Customer usually searches for different brands before making a final decision. So if you have presented your services ideally and you already have gained the trust and credibility of the users, the ball will surely get into your court.

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How does a buyer’s motivation help in e-commerce business?

Only an e-commerce business advertiser can well know how difficult it is to motivate buyers towards your website. But if done correctly, the same can take your business to greater heights.

Keeps you alive in the competitive market: Everybody knows that the world of online shopping is growing at a breakneck pace. It gets tough for everyone to take out some time to go out shopping, and that is the reason why people prefer to purchase various products online. Well designed marketing strategies and a perfect presentation; these are the two terms that can play a more significant role in making your brand more famous. Buyer’s motivation is an integral part of an e-commerce site as positive one can keep you alive in this competitive business.

Globalized business: One thing that we surely need to admire here is that e-commerce business is the easiest way to get globalized while spending out no extra money for it. You need to put on significant investments if you are willing to launch your product in other countries. But if you are taking it to an online platform, you need a few clicks to go on. The Internet offers a vast platform to your business while buyer’s motivation can help you in gaining the attention of customer’s from other websites as well.

Lowers the budget: You just need a lower budget package for setting up an e-commerce business. No office, no store, nothing is required to showcase your products. Creating up your brand’s website and then launching your products here will be quite enough to get started with.

Have you ever thought why the budget required to be in e-commerce is quite lower than that of the physical one?

The factors are various:

  • You don’t have to spend money on establishing storefront.
  • You are more supposedly to make sales on advertisements as well.
  • You don’t need to spend money on hiring staff.
  • You don’t need to spend money on rent.
  • E-commerce business offers you the facility of making targeted and more personalized sales.
  • It is the best place to find out variant traffic streams.
  • The chances of getting higher ranking and growing more are various.
  • E-commerce business usually offers a fascinating customer experience.
  • It also serves as an excellent way for passive earnings.
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What are the factors that can affect the buyer’s purchasing motivation?

Like other business, there are undoubtedly various factors that affect the buyer’s purchasing behavior and that are:

Discount coupons and offers: Of course everyone loves to have some exciting offers and discount on the purchase we made, and if you are offering one for your customer, the chances are higher that they will get motivated towards it.

Quality of the product: For making any business successful, the quality of the products included in it needs to be up to the mark. It shouldn’t have any complaints or negative reviews on its website.

Information: The information provided in the e-commerce website related to your products and services needed to be accurate and eye-pleasing so that maximum of the customers can revert towards it.

Return policy: If you are providing an easy return policy to your customers, the chances are quite higher that they will consider your product in their bucket list while making a final purchasing decision.

Free shipping: You can provide various offers like free shipping to the customers to get some more new sales through your brand’s website.

Contests: Contests can make your website more engaging. Everyone likes to have some wins and when they are through online shopping, why not to enjoy both consistently. Place out some challenges or contests and gain the attention of maximum customers’ towards your website.

Easy navigation: How to move and where to move on a particular website can take only the best and easy navigation to tell customers. If you are also having one, the chances are quite higher to get some better remarks.


Understanding the basics of the buyer’s motivation is necessary to get easy leads to your business. It is one of the most fantastic factors of any business process that not only help you in gaining more traffic to your website but improves business sales as well.

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