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5 Last-Minute Black Friday Product Ideas to Succeed

Black Friday is here again! If you haven’t started preparing your online store for one of the busiest shopping days of the year, you need to hurry. Don’t worry! We have you covered. Check our last-minute Black Friday product ideas, and let us help you fill your store easily with the products you wish to sell.

Well, if you are just thinking about opening a new online store and to offer great Black Friday deals with dropshipping, maybe you are a bit late. But nothing is impossible! Probably you have prepared yourself well already about online marketing, and hopefully, you have plans for your store’s look too. If you are not completely new to ecommerce, it is possible that you can reach your goal.

On the other hand, the Black Friday product ideas here below can be useful for those online retailers as well who just don’t know what kind of products they should focus on, which products they should highlight, and they are quite lost. Also, which items they should broaden their product range with.

Our short list of Black Friday product ideas might be helpful for you so you can fill your store as soon as possible. What to not forget about? Tell your potential customers about your offers. You need to bring visitors to your online store via outstanding marketing activities.

Black Friday product ideas

Black Friday 2020 & Facts of the Shopping Holiday

Before we jump into the depths of hot Black Friday product ideas, first it is nice to learn more about the shopping holiday you wish to be an active party of.

The official Black Friday in 2020 will be on 27 November. This is when most retail companies decrease their prices and expect a high volume of sales. However, there are stores that start offering big discounts and say it’s a this and that kind of pre-Black Friday. They start the shopping holiday early.

This year is different. More people decide to shop online throughout the whole year because of the world’s health situation. It will be the same on Black Friday as well. You have to prepare your store for it—not just regarding products.

The first record of using the expression Black Friday to refer to a happening was not a shopping holiday. It was a financial crisis back on 24 September 1869 when two financiers, Jay Gould and James Fisk bought up much of the USA’s gold, made the price of gold to drove up, and caused a stock market crash.

Then, in the 1950s people started to use this term to refer to the day after Thanksgiving and as decades went by it has become more popular as we can see. In the 50s, people called in sick-days so they can have a 4-day weekend. They started the holiday shopping on that Friday as stores were open.

There is another theory relating to Black Friday. Based on this explanation—first time referred to it on 28 November 1981—it is the beginning of a period when in financial records retailers are no longer marked with red which refers to negative amounts. As the holiday season comes, stores make high profits.

Five Last-Minute Black Friday Product Ideas

When you think of Black Friday product ideas the first category that comes to your mind is probably electronics—televisions for example. This is why here below we won’t mention it. Also, we mainly focus on dropshipping products by also recommending some suppliers who provide great products you can fill your store with.

Make sure you are standing on stable feet as for your available products, and make this shopping holiday be fruitful for your online retail business.

Black Friday product ideas are something that can come into your mind basically anytime. While waiting for the bus, while listening to music… You just have to make sure that it is a winner idea, and it is worth offering with significant discounts—and is also possible.

Fashion Clothing

1. High-end Clothing

It may sound like a basic and general idea, but it is really something you can have faith in. You have to find the style of clothes you would like to represent and sell. Also, you have to build strong branding. Have a unique message with your products and make sure people can tell it is your store, it is you from just one glance.

As for Black Friday product ideas when you are considering focusing on clothes at this year’s popular shopping holiday you have to focus on high-end clothing pieces, and not cheap items! Your strategy can be effective and winning if you sell branded, high-quality, high-end products such as Calvin Klein or Nike. But you can also think of local suppliers with reliable, top-quality items.

A few recommended suppliers from Syncee Marketplace:

2. High-quality Watches

Here you should not think of cheap watches from Chinese marketplaces. Sell quality items from local, global suppliers with short lead time. Make sure your customers will feel confident wearing your products. Offer reasonable discounts, and provide a nice shopping experiment for your potential buyers. Why watches? The shopping season for the holidays has begun. Watches can be a great gift for others.

A few recommended suppliers from Syncee Marketplace:

High-end bag

3. Branded Bags & Accessories

As for bags- and accessories-related Black Friday product ideas: actually, they are always a good idea to sell. Now, you should choose high-quality items from famous brands or from smaller, but highly professional suppliers. Your products should make your customers feel luxurious. It can’t happen with cheap items. Build your store now in a way so people can tell from first sight that you are reliable, real, and offering top quality products. Then you can turn your first-time buyers to become long-term partners, fans after you proved you are a great choice.

People like surprising themselves with nice bags and scarves and these items are also amazing gift ideas for Christmas time.

A few recommended suppliers from Syncee Marketplace:

4. Skincare & Fragrances

When it’s Summer fewer people use skincare products as they like to let their skin breathe. But still, the skincare routine should be an important part of each day of the year. Now, as the cold weather is here more people buy products to moisturize dry skin. Moreover, for Christmas, it is also a great gift idea not only for women but for men as well. What about fragrances? Perfume is also a great option if you think about Black Friday product ideas, it can be something divine you can offer. Just make sure what you sell is from a reliable source.

A few recommended suppliers from Syncee Marketplace:


5. Home Office Products

This year is the time when the percentage of people all over the world who are working from home office has drastically risen. No one knows until what time people have to stay separated from their workmates. Until that time you have to provide solutions for your customers that make this time be more enjoyable for them and help their home activities.

Among these Black Friday product ideas, we can mention comfortable and stylish chairs, computer-related products so people can work on more effective tools. Furthermore, you can consider selling mobile phones and accessories (superb headsets for online meetings), durable stationery items, general office, and school supplies. Also, what if you would sell zero gravity full body massage chairs to let people chill in a luxurious way after the working hours end. On Black Friday you can provide these high-ticket products at a reasonable price.

A few recommended suppliers from Syncee Marketplace:

We hope you like our Black Friday product ideas! Now, there is one important question that has probably popped up in your mind…

Where to Find These + More Products?

Syncee is a great platform for you where you can find products to sell in your online store. Moreover, the app helps you keep your products up-to-date automatically. Think about price or stock quantity changes for example. One of the app’s main solutions is the Sincero Marketplace which offers millions of products from hundreds of local and global dropshipping suppliers. Thus if you browse it you can surely find even more Black Friday product ideas to start with!

Check out the application now, and find more Black Friday product ideas & your winning items!

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