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Get Ready for Dropshipping with!

Have you ever found great products while you were browsing and thought those items would be worthwhile to sell via dropshipping? You may have encountered obstacles because this business model was not accessible on that platform, and you didn’t know how to avoid selling extreme amounts of money on stock and logistics. The solution is just to arrive, dropshipping with is on the doorstep!

From the middle of Spring 2021, dropshipping with will be available for online merchants. Syncee will provide the technological side of the service to unlock the value of this business- and market model for buyers and sellers worldwide.

The process of creating an online store with suppliers’ products and selling them will become easy as 1-2-3. All you will have to do is to install Syncee into your online store, connect to, pick products, and fill your online store with them. You can start your real B2B dropshipping business with no minimum order quantity, no upfront investment, and no inventory risk. Your products will be shipped directly to your customer by your supplier. You do not have to deal with logistics.

Get Ready for Dropshipping with

How to Get Ready for Dropshipping with

In one of our articles, we elaborated on the advantages of the dropshipping solution Syncee and will provide together. Just to mention a few benefits, you can get products from real manufacturers, factories, real suppliers, and not from resellers. Many online merchants choose AliExpress to get dropshipping products from. However, AliExpress is a B2C platform, its target audience is final customers, and there are products at only retail price. If you are a retailer it doesn’t worth reselling products from another retail place as you cannot work with reasonable prices for you.

Here is a great solution for you! You can still find, sell and dropship the same products you found on AliExpress. As many suppliers offer their products on AliExpress as well (but at retail prices!), you can find them, or similar products on at real wholesale/dropship prices. is a B2B platform, and its target audience is retailers. Check to find and sell dropshipping products! AliExpress and both belong to the Alibaba Group.

Steps of Preparing for Dropshipping with

If you want to prepare for starting selling products from suppliers’ selection, there are a few steps that might be beneficial for you to walk through in advance. These steps go for those who don’t have an online store yet. Do you have a store, and you are looking to sell products to broaden your product selection? In this case, all you have to do is to install Syncee if you haven’t done it yet, get familiar with, and wait for the launch to fill your store with new products!

Alibaba dropshipping

#1 Open An Online Store, Find The Right Ecommerce Platform

You might have an idea of what kind of products you would like to start selling, but you haven’t got an online store for it yet. To access dropshipping with and Syncee, you need an online store on one of the following ecommerce platforms: Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Jumpseller, or Shoprenter. Check the advantages of all platforms, and pick the best for your needs! You will be able to install the application Syncee into any of them.

#2 Research The Market Demands

Two conditions must be met for a successful beginning. You need to sell products you are in love with, and you need to sell products your target audience is lacking, is in need of, or interest for the product can be awakened. Make market research, create a questionnaire, check what is missing from your target audience’s local market, ask your friends, ask relevant questions in Facebook groups, forums. It is also a good idea to go to Google Trends and by keywords check what items people are looking for the most nowadays, so you can start dropshipping with smoothly.

#3 Well-Define Your: Product Category, Values & Look For Products

Make plans, strategies for your business. You must define what kind of products you would like to sell exactly. You need to have a message and value you represent with your brand and products. Do not pick basically every random thing that looks fun. You have to be determined about what you are doing in your business and spending money on.

You can go to, and check the products available to have an initial look at what kind of products and product categories you can find on the platform. It is important to tell that not all products you can currently find on their site will be available for dropshipping at the beginning! However, the number of items will grow constantly. So now you just have to look around, and get familiar with the platform, and the kind of selection it has!

#4 Prepare Your Online Store For The Launch

Prepare your online store for filling it with products, and for the launch! You already have an idea of what kind of products you will want to sell. Build your store, make its design, its visuals (both for the site and social media), make marketing plans, and fill your store with every written content that will be needed like the About us menu + more. When dropshipping with via Syncee will be available, you will be ready for uploading products into your store, and opening it to customers.

#5 Install Syncee

The last step of getting ready for dropshipping with is to install Syncee into your online store. Many ecommerce platforms are supported. You can get Syncee right from Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Jumpseller, or Shoprenter. You can also get familiar with Syncee, however, you cannot yet access the dropshipping solution.

Stay Up-To-Date!

Dropshipping with will be available very soon, and you can use Syncee for this great business opportunity! Stay tuned, and get to know immediately about the launch of the revolutionary dropshipping solution!

Install Syncee to Access Dropshipping with!

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