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10 Advantages of WooCommerce – Create the Best Online Store Possible

WooCommerce is one of the best options if you wish to start an online store on an ecommerce platform and not developing a whole new store from draft. This platform provides you with several amazing features which can change the way you think about creating an online store. There are a lot of advantages of WooCommerce which can easily convince you to choose this platform for creating the best online store ever.

Finding the best solution can be hard in connection with which platform to use to create your online store. You can find several great platforms which try to convince you to work with them. Choosing can be a tough question but it is important to learn more about these platforms before starting your online store as you might find something better for your business. Check our article for the ten most outstanding advantages of WooCommerce.

The Story of WooCommerce

The company started in 2008 by Mark Forrester, Magnus Jepson, and Adii Pienaar. Their aim was to provide a free and open-source platform for empowering small and medium businesses. The team owns one of the fastest-growing ecommerce platforms with a lot of users. The team members can be found all around the world so you will not have any kind of problems with communication.

The whole platform provides you with several great features which you can easily use to create whatever you need for creating the best online store possible. The team will surely be there whenever you need some help or advice in connection with the process of creating your online store.

Advantages of Woocommerce
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10 Advantages of WooCommerce

There are definitely more than 10 advantages of WooCommerce but we would like to show you some great features which will make you choose this platform for your business. Read through the opportunities to find out which of them could be useful for you and after that you can easily decide whether the application could give everything you wish for in such a platform.

1. Flexible and Secure

One of the advantages of WooCommerce is that it is very flexible and secure. Flexibility means that you can create your dream online store easily and you can sell any kind of products there. You have a lot of features in connection with the creation and development of your store. WooCommerce is the most popular about being able to create a whole unique online store. If you are not an expert in IT you might need help regarding technical setting, setting up, and building the website, and will need help in regular operation, but do not give up on this. WooCommerce is still one of the bests, and you can ask for help.

Another one of the advantages of WooCommerce is that it also provides you with security. Security is needed all the time and not just for your customers but for you too. You can always add more plugins to make everything perfect in connection with security.

2. User-friendly

Fortunately, one of the advantages of WooCommerce is that anyone can use the platform as it is very easy to use. You may need IT expertise to set up and maintain the site, and you may need to seek help from an expert if you are not familiar with the world of online store management. Other than that, however, the daily work is simple with WooCommerce, you can manage products and orders with ease, and the same applies to all other general activities.

Easy-to-use platforms are really advantageous for further work to do too as you will not have any kind of problems in connection with that either. There will be fewer problems with the online store than when developing a completely new store from draft instead of using an ecommerce platform. If this feature is important for you, check out this platform to find what you have been looking for. You can find so many WooCommerce and WordPress tutorials across the internet.

3. Customizable

One of the advantages of WooCommerce is that the whole page is customizable which means that you can change whatever you need even after launching your online store. Customizable pages are very beneficial for those who want to create something new and unique in their online store. You might need some help from an IT expert, we can say, this is the price of being unique. If you would like to browse among stylish, ready-to-use online store themes and designs, check WooCommerce’s own Theme Store, or one of the most popular marketplaces of these, the Themeforest.

4. No Subscription Fee for WooCommerce

Using WooCommerce and WordPress is totally free, there are no subscription fees or any other fees for the platform. However, there are other services you have to pay for such as hosting, domain, SSL certificate. Furthermore, you have to pay for the theme or design you work with, there are other costs about daily operations like paying for payment services, for billing, for the accountant, and so your company can run legally. Not to forget about marketing.

Another group of fees is that you have to pay for the different plugins/extensions you start using to ensure that your online store is fully operational. You can pay for them once or you can have monthly payments in connection with them. They are needed for the efficient work of your online store. No monthly subscription fee for the platform is one of the biggest advantages of WooCommerce.

Quelle: WooCommerce

5. Useful Plugins

One of the advantages of WooCommerce is that you will find several plugins to choose from. These extensions can add several additional features to your online store which can be very useful if you want to make the most out of your webstore. As WooCommerce belongs to WordPress, you have two options to pick plugins from. You can choose ecommerce plugins right from WordPress, or, you can already start searching for them in the Extension Store before even starting an e-shop so you will be familiar with the options there. The selection in the Extension Store is constantly growing.

6. Secure Payments

Security of payments is one of the most important advantages of WooCommerce and it is always needed as people will buy from your store and they would like their personal data to be taken care of. That is why you need to choose a platform that will provide secure payments for your customers. Fortunately, WooCommerce is one of them, you do not have to worry about unsecured payments. It is also important that here you can pick from several payment options.

Quelle: WooCommerce

7. Mobile app

One of the advantages of WooCommerce is that you can bring your online store everywhere. A mobile app provides you with the benefit of managing everything from one place. You do not even have to be at your office, as you can easily do everything from your phone.

8. Great Community, Informative Contents

A great community can provide you with several amazing tips and tricks so you can make the most out of your plans. WooCommerce provides you several great community options so you can learn a lot about the whole platform and how to create everything you need in your online store. Whenever you have some kind of a problem, the people from the community can answer your questions easily as one of the advantages of WooCommerce. You can find many helpful contents on the internet about how WooCommerce works.

9. Helpful Support

Just like the community, the WooCommerce support is also outstanding. Just ask anything if you have some kind of concerns in connection with creating or managing your online store. The support will write back to you as fast as possible so you will not have to wait for long days to keep moving with your project. You can also find a rich source of helpful content on their website that gives you some extra info regarding the advantages of WooCommerce.

Dropshipping with Syncee

10. Dropshipping

What is more, the best part and one of the advantages of WooCommerce is that you can easily start a dropshipping business, moreover, the solution of Syncee gives you great help with this. In Syncee you can browse among millions of products, and the system takes care of the automated, daily product data uploads and updates and the synchronization of order data.

If you have not heard of dropshipping before, you can browse our blog page to find out more about it. To summarize, this is a trading model when you do not need to have a physical product inventory, you do not have to invest money in goods before being able to sell them. You fill your online store with your chosen suppliers’ product data, and when an order request arrives, the data goes to your supplier who will ship the product directly to your customer.


In conclusion, these advantages of WooCommerce can help you to decide whether it would be perfect for your business or not. We advise you to take a lot of things into consideration to find the perfect platform where you can create your online store and start your dropshipping business with Syncee.

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