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Nelli Sarvari

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How to Make the Perfect First Sale with 10 Steps?

When you start your online store, it is not that easy to make the first sale. You have to work hard during the first weeks and months. In this article, we would like to help you with some tips and tricks to get the sales going.

Advertisement is the most important part for every online store and not just for the first sale. You always have to keep up with the different advertising trends to create the best online store ever. Therefore, it is very important to start creating a great advertising model with other aspects too.

1. Facebook

Facebook for first sale

Facebook is the perfect site if you wish to show your products to a number of people because you can definitely find the ideal group for your items.

You can create weekly or monthly games where you give the opportunity to win one of your products. One important thing is that this game should be valid and someone should really win the items because sooner or later people will find out if it is a hoax and they won’t follow your page anymore.

2. Instagram

Just like Facebook Instagram is also perfect for finding your future customers and making your first sale there. Start looking for influencers or people who would find your products interesting and worth trying out. The most efficient and cheap solution is always when customers tell their experiences to each other.

Instagram is also perfect to make your first sale if you use rich media like images or videos for advertising your products.

3. Influencers

Influencers can be a huge help when you want to show your products to the world. If you send out free samples to them and ask about their experiences, a huge group of customers can arrive in your store.

Thus, you need to search for those influencers who create content that is somehow connected to your products. For example, if there is an influencer who creates YouTube videos about different hairstyles, you can send him or her your hair conditioner as a sample. Those who watch the videos will eventually feel the urge to buy the same product which their beloved influencer uses.

4. Emails

Email marketing is a very important part of your advertising strategy to make your first sale. You can easily start building your email list by putting an email subscription to your online store. You can even start giving discount codes for those who join your newsletter which will boost the number of joining customers.

You need to offer great customer service for your buyers, and it is advantageous to have a live chat, a help desk ticketing system, or even an FAQ page as well.

5. Search Engine Optimization

If you want people to find your online store easily you have to create the best SEO possible. We have already written about Search Engine Optimization which is useful if you want to appear among the first results when someone searches for a product. Therefore, you have to pay attention to this aspect too when you want to make the perfect first sale.

6. Advertisements


Advertisements are always useful if you have some money for this process. You can start on different platforms or you can create awareness on posters in the streets. This way you can show your online store to those who do not have a social media platform.

7. Mobile-friendly Site

When you want to drive traffic to your online store, you have to consider the fact that a lot of people use their phones daily to check out online stores. That is why you have to create a mobile-friendly site for your webstore.

8. Blog and YouTube Videos

If you start a blog and maybe your own YouTube channel where you introduce yourself more and talk about your products, people will trust you more. This is a great strategy if you own a smaller store with handmade products. The different articles and videos will help create the first sale for your online store.

9. Products

Selling good quality products can be a tough question. If you want to own an online store cooperating with different dropshipping suppliers, Syncee gets you covered. You can have amazing products with fast shipping. It sounds great, doesn’t it? You can find hundreds of suppliers and millions of products in Syncee Marketplace. What is more, the system keeps the product data always up-to-date in your online store so you can avoid overselling.

10. Forums


Different forums are all around the internet. You can search for them on various platforms and you can start a discussion with the people there. You can make surveys about your products to show how much you care about your future customers’ opinions.


All in all, you have different opportunities to make the perfect first sale in your online store. It is best to use as much as possible to step on the path of success.

Try Syncee now, and fill your store with great products easily!

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