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21+1 Best Free Shopify Apps to Scale Your Store

Shopify allows you to customize your online store with your choice of apps easily — and they have thousands of them to pick from! Stand out. Sell more. Scale fast. This is what their team encourages us to achieve and focus on. Now let’s see a selection of free Shopify apps you can choose to add to your store to scale your business.

There are various categories available on the Shopify AppStore which you can browse to find a solution that meets your needs. There’s a category that shows you free Shopify apps, however, we decided to come up with a short list of the best free Shopify apps that help to give an extra boost to your store.

Among the six biggest categories on the AppStore you can find a list where you can find apps helping you to Find products to sell, another one is to help Bring in customers and to Sell more stuff. You can also pick from solutions to Customize your store, or Scale your business, and last but not least, you can look for solutions to Delivery goods seamlessly.

Check out our list of the best free Shopify apps, and keep in mind it’s just an editor’s pick version. Please note, that here you can find both completely free Shopify apps und also apps that have a useful free plan available besides their paid plans.

Best Free Shopify Apps to Scale Your Store

The Best Free Shopify Apps by Categories

We decided to show you free Shopify apps based on categories available in the Shopify AppStore. We believe it will be even more helpful for you to find a suitable service for your online store, as you can focus on only those categories you are interested in.

To get a better understanding of each free Shopify apps, just simply click on the name of them, and you will be directed their Shopify AppStore listing.

As they provide a free version, you can install them to your store with no worries. What should you consider before taking the big step of subscribing to any Shopify apps and paying for a plan? Always check the app’s description thoroughly, try the app out, read the reviews, and if you have any questions, ask it from their customer support team. They are always happy to help you.

1. Free Shopify Apps in the Store Design Category

Let’ see those free Shopify apps in the Story Design category that we recommend you to try with your online store. Our list, of course, could be even longer, but we want to encourage you as well to take a glance at the available Shopify apps in the AppStore. You can find hidden gems all the time!

PageFly Landing Page Builder

Here we are with the first service from the list of free Shopify apps. PageFly’s landing page builder app gives you a codeless page building experience so you can create the online store you have always dreamt of. You can change your design anytime quickly with a drag and drop editor and with useful elements. The pages’ loading speed will be fast and smooth, and you can also add special effects as well to your responsive design.

  • Enhance your store appearance
  • Work well with theme & Shopify
  • Improve your page performance

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • All app features
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Included 3 publishable slots
  • Limited tracking sessions Product Reviews

The next service on our list of free Shopify apps is that helps online store owners collect and display customers’ star ratings and reviews about the products you sell, and your store in general. If you want to increase your conversion rate, organic traffic and buyer engagement, try their service as reviews as social proof, and other user-generated content like photos and videos can help you with all these.

  • Get more reviews on autopilot
  • Show star ratings and reviews
  • Boost sales with social proof

Their free plan is available without a time limitation. It’s a forever free plan.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • Unlimited product review requests
  • Photos & videos
  • Review carousel themes
  • In-email reviews
  • Curate reviews
  • SEO snippets
  • Manual social push

Ultimate Sales Boost

With Hextom’s popular application, Ultimate Sales Boost, you can promote your sales offers through the customer’s entire shopping journey. The reason why we added them to our suggested free Shopify apps is that it’s a nice way of boosting sales and increasing the average order value. Make products stand out on your home page or collection pages, motivate buyers to add products to cart, urge them to checkout faster.

  • Urgency and scarcity
  • Social proof and build trust
  • Promotions on checkout flow

Make sure to check out their website and scroll down there for a more detailed information about their free plan.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • Inventory countdown
  • Trust badge
  • Countdown timer on product/cart page
  • Promo message on product/cart page
  • Product targeting on manual selection

2. Free Shopify Apps in the Marketing Category

The second category of some of the best free Shopify apps goes for marketing services. Implementing different marketing techniques to your business strategy is key if you want to reach customers and turn as much as possible to buyers from cistiors.

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

With Klaviyo, you can access your customers’ data and interactions so you can turn transactions with them into productive long-term relationships. Learn what makes customers click, bounce, and buy. Use their proven email and SMS templates to automate personalize communications like price drop alerta, cart reminders, and just-in-time recommendations.

  • Sync all your Shopify data
  • Super-specific segmentation
  • Self-sending messages

You can send emails for up to 250 contacts for free, and SMS for up to 50 contacts for free.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • Email/SMS campaigns + automated flows
  • Forms & push notifications
  • Segmentation & personalization
  • Predictive analytics & A/B testing
  • and more

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

Secomapp’s application, UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is an automated all-in-one affiliate and influencer marketing solution. They give you all the tools so you can have a professional affiliate campaign. Expand your network of potential ambassadors, influencers and publishers. There are good reasons why you can find them among our recommended free Shopify apps. Check them out!

  • Build Customer Loyalty Program
  • Grow Affiliates = Boost Sales
  • Diverse Commission Offers

They offer various plans to help boost your sales. Check them out and pick the plan that best meets your needs.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • Unlimited affiliates/referral links
  • Approve/deny 200 referral orders/month
  • Email templates
  • Analytik
  • Marketplace
  • Live chat support 24/5

SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed

Here we are with the next solution from our list of free Shopify apps. Avada’s SEO suite is one of the most featured SEO apps that helps you outrank your competitors in search results. Some of their key benefits are that you can have a fast website with improved loading speed, also you can get standardized meta tags, and can integrate with the Google Search Console.

  • Google Search friendly
  • Page Speed Up
  • One-click & Auto Pilot

Their free plan is a great option for you to check their platform and to try some general features of their app. Upgrade if you want to access more solutions.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • Image optimization for 50 products/month
  • Limited Support
  • Unlimited Alt optimization
  • Free SEO checklist
  • HMTL sitemap
SEO:Image Optimizer Page Speed

3. Free Shopify Apps in the Conversion Category

In the conversion category, you can find many great free Shopify apps. Check them out, and take your online store to the next level. New stores and businesses that are on the market for quite some time now should both use applications that help them generate more sales and profit.

Frequently Bought Together

With the Frequently Bought Together app you can generate more sales, increase the order value and your revenue easily. How? Customers who buy a products could easily get other related products, with one single click. The styles are atuomatically tuned for the most popular Shopify themes.

  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Unleash the power of upselling
  • A must-have app for all stores

If the free trial ends, you can use their Professional plan for not more than $9.99/month.

Free plan (edited: summer 2022):

In order to support new independent businesses, the app is free forever, with no limits, for stores created in the last 3 months. Free trial lasts for 30 days.

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

Smile is the next app on our list of free Shopify apps, or apps that provide a free version or trial as well.’s popular service is there for you to create powerful rewards and loyalty programs. They help you boost sales from your existing customer base. Drive more repeat orders through points and rewards. You don’t have to spend money on expensive and unpredictable traditional advertising.

  • Your trusted loyalty provider
  • Boost new and repeat sales
  • Level up your marketing apps

They offer more paid plans for online store owners that all includes useful featues. Choose the one that includes features you need.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • Points program
  • Referral program
  • Basic branding
  • Default reward emails
  • Analytics overview
  • Up to 200 monthly orders

Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

Privy helps you improve your online store’s conversion, you can grow your email and SMS lists, and you can drive more sales. Pop-ups, spin-to-win wheels, banners, flyouts, announcement bards and more elements are waiting for you. You can run automated A/B tests and optimize your conversion rates. Now you can see why we decided to add them to our list of free Shopify apps.

  • Grow your Email & SMS list
  • Increase online sales faster
  • Get more repeat purchases

Their solution is free to use for up to 100 email contacts. And they offer a 15-day free trial.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • Unlimited list growth popups
  • Access to all popup types
  • Advanced popup targeting
  • Sync with Email Service Providers
  • Sync with Shopify coupons

4. Free Shopify Apps in the Fulfillment Category

The next category on our list of free Shopify apps contains services that help you manage your business’s fulfillment-related processes. We picked some popular onces for you. Check them our now!

Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Parcel Panel Order Tracking is designed for merchants to help them in driving customer loyalty and more sales. They provide a branded post-purchases experience. Real-time sync of orders, automatic and accurate courier matching, estimated delivery time shown, and much more features are waiting for you.

  • Shipment Tracking & Notify
  • Branded Tracking Page
  • The Best For Dropshipping

The app offers a 7-day free trial. It is a nice way to learn more about their service before subscribing.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • 20 orders per month
  • Access to 1000+ couriers
  • Branded tracking page
  • Smart dashboard
  • Order status page tracking
  • Shopify native notifications

Order Printer Templates

Are you looking for a Shopify app that provides you with professional invoice, packing slip, receipt & returns form templates? How about a service that allows you to easily customize them to suit your brand and design? This is what Order Printer Templates helps you with. This is why we added them to our suggested free Shopify apps.

  • Custom order printer templates
  • Design, customize & translate
  • No subscription fees!

The app doesn’t have a monthly recurring subscription fee. It is a great advantage of their service.

Free plan (edited: summer 2022):

Customize and test before purchase. $29 (one-time fee) per template. Additional templates get an automatic 50% discount.

Order Printer Templates - Free Shopify Apps

Track Order ‑ Order Tracking

Here we are with the next suggested service on our list of free Shopify apps, or apps with a free version. The Track Order ‑ Order Tracking application provides you a leading post-purchase and cross-sale solution, and they help you drive customer loyalty and additinal sales. Automated parcel and order tracking solution is available among their features just as well as branded tracking pages.

  • Automated Shipment Tracking
  • Branded Tracking Page
  • Keep Your Customers Updated

Try their service within the 14-day free trial period, and upgrade for more features.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • Up to 50 Orders
  • Access to 1000+ Couriers
  • Branded Tracking Page
  • Product Recommendation
  • Order Pages & Shopify Email Tracking

5. Free Shopify Apps in the Customer Service Category

The fifth category on our list of free Shopify apps shows you services that help you boost the customer service you provide customers. If an onlien store lacks customer support, it might turn visitors to leave the site and abandon their cart.

Easy FAQ Page, Customer FAQs

The next service on our list of free Shopify apps or solutions that have a free plan is Avocados Labs’s service. Create modern FAQ page for your online store with Avocados Lab’s solution, the Easy FAQ Page, Customer FAQs application. You can adjuct font size, color, style, and more. Pick one of their responsive templates, and enjoy the many configuration options available.

  • Fully customizable themes
  • Easy to use FAQs manager
  • Online Store 2.0 support

The price of their paid plans also worth it, but first, check out their app using their free plan to see if it’s something you were looking for!

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • 10 FAQs
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited customization
  • Custom CSS
  • Google SEO snippets
  • Image & video support
  • Export FAQs
  • No copyright
Easy FAQ Page, Customer FAQs

Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots

The next solution to mention on our list of free Shopify apps is Tidio. Tidio is an all-ine-one customer service platform helping you effectively and instantly communicate with your customers. They combine Live Chat, chatbots, email, Messenger and Instagram. Engaging with customers in crucial moments boost the number of orders you will receive. Take care of your customers 24/7.

  • Respond on Chat and Messenger
  • Enable Bots and increase sales
  • Set up in less than 30 seconds

They provide various features you will like, see it yourself in their free plan.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • 3 chat operators (only free plan)
  • Chatbot conversations with up to 100 visitors/mo
  • Visitors list
  • Desktop & mobile app

Contact Form | Easy Contact Us’s application, Contact Form | Easy Contact Us helps you build professional, easy-to-use forms. With such forms, you can collect any information you need for your business. A few from the many forms you can create are for example email signup forms, feedback forms, order forms, influencer forms, and more.

  • Contact Forms & Email Sign Up
  • Never Miss a Form Sign Up
  • Form Builder for Quotes

Their free plan was made for you to try out their solutions. If you want to access even more features, choose one of their paid plans.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • Create Unlimited Forms with Form Builder
  • Unlimited Views
  • 25 Submissions/mo
  • 6 Form Elements
  • Autoresponder Emails

6. Free Shopify Apps in the Store Management Category

The next category we go on with on our list of free Shopify apps are services that helps you with the store management. Check them out now, or find more on the Shopify AppStore.

Terms and Conditions Checkbox

The Terms and Conditions Checkbox Shopify app allows you to easily add a customizable checkbox to your cart page/dawer to let customers agree your terms and conditions. The app adds the date and time of when the buyer has marked the checkbox and agreed to your terms and conditions to the order details.

  • See When Customers Have Agreed
  • Specific Products & Countries
  • Supports Sign Up/Login Pages

They provide you a 7-day free trial. The app is free to install, but their paid plan is also very cost-effective.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • 10¢ per usage of the terms and conditions checkbox in an order up to a maximum of $5/month
  • A plan for growing stores – pay per order
  • Same features as in the Basic Plan

Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR

You have to ensure that you are in compliance with the GDPR European Cookie Law. You can do so instantly, in one click. With their solution, you can show a banner in your online store informing customers that your store is using cookies.

  • Cookie consent bar for GDPR
  • One-Click Cookie & GDPR bar
  • Cookie compliance – GDPR

The app is completely free. Check their services out.

Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR

Report Pundit

Let’s check the next app on our list of free Shopify apps, or solutions that provide a free version or trial as well. Report Pundit is a reporting system that helps you access all Shopify reports and create any custom report to meet online store owners’ unique businessneeds. It’s secure and cost-effective. Use it and take your business to the next level.

  • Pre-built & custom reports
  • Monitor critical shop metrics
  • Automate and export reports

You can enjoy their 14-day free trial. It offers various features you will like.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • Access ALL Shopify Data
  • Less than 1000 orders
  • All Pre-created reports
  • Create custom reports
  • Filter, sort, or group data
  • View & export report
Report Pundit

7. Free Shopify Apps in the Shipping and Delivery Category

Now let’s see free Shopify apps that helps you with shipping and delivery-related processes. Use their powerful solutions and make the most out of your online store.

AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS

You can automatically import your tracking numbers to AfterShip so you can have all your shipments’ current tracking info in one place. They help you with a seamless post-purchase experience that allows you a great way to drive customer loyalty and additional sales.

  • Tracking Page & Order Lookup
  • Boost Sales with Email & SMS
  • Protect your shipments

Check out their 7-day free trial, and upgrade if you are satisfied with the solutions they offer.

Free plan includes (edited: summer 2022):

  • 50 shipments/month
  • Order lookup
  • Branded tracking pages
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 800+ courier integrations
  • 7 Standardized order statuses

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Shop Circle’s app the Shipping Rates Calculator Plus helps you reduce abandoned carts with real-time, international shipping rates. It is compatible with real-time carrier and third-party apps. The app instantly works on all themes, and works with multiple warehouses.

  • Decrease abandoned carts
  • Better customer experience
  • One-Click Shipping Calculator

They provide their users a free trial that lasts for 30 days. They also have a free plan, however that free plan can be accessed by development stores only. If you are satisfied with their free trial, don’t worry, their one and only paid plan costs only $7.99/month (summer 2022).

Packlink PRO Shipping Platform

Packlink PRO helps you optimize your full shipping process. Think about importing orders, printing shippinglabels, picking and packing orders and more. A wide selection of the best carriers on the market can be accessed so your customers could be served with what they really need.

  • Free platform
  • Access to 350 carrier services
  • Save time on every order

Their application is free to install. You can check their solutions like that. You will only be charged for each shipping label purchased. (summer 2022) Check out their website for more details.

8. Sourcing and Selling Products Category

Our list couldn’t be complete without mentioning Syncee’s free Starter plan. It is a great advantage for online store owners that they can use our Starter plan for an unlimited time. It is a good way of trying how our app works without any pressure.

Syncee – Global Dropshipping

Syncee is a global B2B dropshipping platform designed to help retailers and suppliers connect worldwide. Millions of products and verified suppliers from the US, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and more can be found on Syncee Marketplace. Find products to sell, add them to your store easily, and automate the product uploads, updates & order data synchronization.

  • 6M+ Dropshipping Products
  • 12,000 brands worldwide
  • Various automated solutions

Syncee’s free Starter plan is super helpful for new and existing online store owners only.

Free plan includes (spring 2023):

  • Zugang zu 6M+ Produkten
  • US, CA, EU, UK, AU suppliers + more
  • Dynamische Preiseinstellungen
  • Produktbeschaffung
  • 2 catalogs to create
  • Transaction Fee: 0%
  • Kostenloser Support

Check out Syncee now and find your next bestsellers!

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