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40 Amazing Products to Sell as Home and Garden Decoration

When you want to start selling home and garden decoration in your online store you have to take a lot of things into consideration.

As our homes are quite big with different rooms, you have the opportunity to find different options for each and every one of them. Therefore, you can sell several home and garden decoration items for everyone and you will definitely please everyone’s expectations.


Everyone loves an amazing bath after a long and tiring day. You have the opportunity to make this whole experience much better with different bathroom decorations and accessories.

Bathroom as one of the home and garden decoration ideas

1. Bathrobe

A funny design or soft material? You can choose both options for the perfect bathrobe. It can also function as a decoration as it can give your customers a message of coziness when they enter the bathroom.

2. Shower Curtain

A shower curtain can be a great option when you are looking for home and garden decoration to sell. There are several funny and interesting designs to choose from.

3. Soap Dispenser

Nowadays we have to wash our hands more and more often to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. Why not do this with an elegant soap dispenser?

4. Bamboo Toothbrush with a Toothbrush Holder

If you are fighting for sustainability, this idea will be one of your favorite from the home and garden decoration ideas so far. A bamboo toothbrush is not just eco-friendly but looks fascinating. If you want to make it even better provide a bamboo toothbrush holder.

5. Bathroom Organizer/Bath Storage

Little organizers are always cute and helpful for a bathroom too. Start selling different shaped storages with different materials so everyone can find their favorite ones.

Home Textiles

Different shapes, colors, patterns, and materials can always attract a bigger customer circle. Choose from different options for your store and your clients will adore the number of possibilities.


1. Blankets

Blankets for the cozy afternoons in the living room or blankets for sleeping? Start selling both of them and customers will choose your soft, colorful, and amazing patterns above other shops with comforters.

2. Covers

People love to fall asleep with beautiful patterned covers on blankets. You can always find new covers to astonish your customers.

3. Pillow

Pillows are suitable for home and garden decoration too. They are perfect for couches in the living room or for garden parties outside. Furthermore, they can be slept on so this can be a great way to invite customers to your store who are trying to find the best decoration for their living room and bedroom.

4. Towel

Towels are always needed at home therefore you can sell different patterns in the case of this item too.

5. Hooded Blanket

Hooded blankets are ideal for a cozy afternoon on the couch. Your customers will not have to worry about the cold as they can warn themselves with a hooded blanket.

Outside Decoration

The next step in giving you inspiration on home and garden decoration is to go outdoor. A beautiful garden is not just about the perfect plants and flowers. You can always find some new cute and mesmerizing elements to create the best decoration for your home outside of the house.

Outside decoration

1. Lamps

Lamps and lampions can always create an exceptional view of your garden. Different colors and patterns are always a great idea for your customers who want to make the best out of their gardens.

2. Candles

Candles are not just beautiful and smell good but it can also be used against insects. Start selling for all of these purposes to find more customers. Of course, candles are good for being both home and garden decoration items.

3. Seats

The beautiful rattan seats are liked by a lot of people therefore you will definitely find those customers who are eager to find the best and most exquisite ones.

4. Flower Pots

Flower pots are perfect for home and garden decoration too as it can make a room and a garden more exceptional.

5. Garden Figures

Garden gnomes and small sculptures are admired by garden lovers. You can always sell new ones to give more opportunities to those who love to choose something else for every season.

Home Organization

An organized home can make people more relaxed. Therefore, these organizing items are needed almost everywhere. Broaden your selection with these items if you are selling home and garden decoration products.

Home organization as home and garden decoration

1. Vase

Vases are perfect for people who love flowers. You can start selling some artistic and abstract vases which will be absolutely your customers’ favorite.

2. Storage Boxes or Baskets

Storage boxes or baskets are always needed in a household. You cannot imagine having an organized room without them.

3. Photo Frames and Picture Holders

A perfect decoration for your home is photo frames and picture holders. They are not just decorations but it shows your customers their amazing memories. Why not sell the best photo frames for this purpose?

4. Poufs

Poufs are not just excellent for sitting on them but it can function as decor in your living room. You can make your home and garden decoration store unique with these items.

5. Clothes-hook

Funny and elegant hooks are always needed. Think about your customers or future customers. Which one would they choose?


When thinking of what kind of home and garden decoration products to sell, the kitchen is probably a place of the house that comes to your mind immediately.


1. Bottle Holder

Just like with vases you can find several artistic and funny bottle holders. It is practical and perfect for decorating your kitchen too!

2. Tea Cups

Teacups are cute elements of decoration. What is more, it can always remind its owner that he or she needs a huge cup of tea or hot chocolate.

3. Waffle Iron

The waffle iron is also not just practical but a perfect element of the kitchen atmosphere.

4. Oak Wood Pepper or Salt Mill Grinder

An oak wood pepper or salt mill grinder looks amazing and also has its purpose.

5. Apron

A funny apron is always a good gift idea for our loved ones. What is more, it can also protect our clothes while cooking.


We all know someone who would spend his or her free time in the garden. These ideas are perfect for those who love to make their gardens better and better all the time.


1. Seeds

Flower or plant seeds are always a great option to sell for those who love to make their gardens look like a paradise.

2. Plant Pot

For the beautiful flowers and plants, your customers will need different pots too.

3. Watering Can

A cute watering can is just a perfect decoration idea for garden lovers. Think about some tiny dots and flowers as patterns and I am sure you are already seeing this item as the best garden decoration idea ever.

4. Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes are always here for us to create the ideal picture-like garden.

5. Lights

Garden lights are just as essential as flowers when we think about the appropriate garden decoration.

Pictures and Posters

Pictures and posters are always a great choice for making the best out of a room’s wall. It is something you should definitely pick when selling home and garden decoration in your online store.

Pictures on the wall

1. Paintings

Start selling beautiful paintings and people will love to find the best pieces at your store.

2. Posters

Music bands or quotes about life? Posters are always needed for self-expression. Therefore, you need to pick the best ones for your store so everyone can find their favorite.

3. Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings are trendy these days. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity of selling them to art fans.

4. Framed Canvas Pictures

Framed canvas pictures can create a great atmosphere for any room so why do not you start selling these items?

5. Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are perfect for children’s room and living rooms too.

Other Decoration Items

There are some other decoration items for home and garden decoration which you can choose for your store.

Other decoration ideas

1. Beach Towel

A beach towel can also function as a decoration if the patterns are used for self-expression.

2. Mat

A funny mat can come in handy in every household. Therefore, you should consider selling them in your home and garden decoration store.

3. Wall Sculpture

Wall sculptures can be useful if you are trying to sell them to those who are fond of these decorations.

4. Ceramic Ornaments

You can sell ceramic ornaments and not just for Christmas! A lot of people love to decorate their homes all year with different ornaments.

5. Flags

Flags are connected to posters. You can print whatever you want on a flag and use it as a poster for decoration.


If you are trying to sell home and garden decoration items the ideas above will surely help your brainstorming process. You can always look for new ideas and Syncee Marketplace will be a perfect platform for starting thinking about ideas.

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