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Best products to sell in 2018

Do you want to know what products are customers looking for nowadays? Let’s see what are those that can boost your sales in 2018!

Whether you are new in the e-commerce world and you’re just about to establish your web store, or you’ve already an entrepreneur, it’s always good to know about the current hottest products. E-commerce is a good field to be brave enough for changes and you can be always up to date. However, there’s also a possibility of finding once a niche that can be with you in the long run, in success. Do you already have your niche in your Shopify store? Or do you want 2018 to make your e-commerce dreams come true and find the best products to sell currently?

Check out our list below and get inspiration from it! Don’t forget, nobody knows the future, and probably 2018 will have its own fidget spinner, that nobody expects yet. And another thing, the products mentioned are not all only for this year but maybe for a longer time, and some of them can be evergreen – maybe with small changes from year to year. By the way, there’s never an easy answer, and things depend on geographical location too, and we just give you our advice. Brainstorm, find your own style, dream big!

Furthermore, we advise you to use the drop shipping retail fulfillment method in 2018 too so that you can do your job as easy as possible. Using this model you don’t have high investment costs, you don’t have to keep your money in products, and your efforts can be profitable. You have to work with real wholesalers and don’t have your products from marketplaces. So it does matter how you do drop shipping, so for further information check out our other article about that topic.

Now let the fun begin!

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In the followings, we are going to tell you about 45 specific products and categories. If you want to integrate products into your Shopify store contact us so that we can help!

1. Personal Planners

planner 1

Personal planners are getting more and more popular nowadays. People like to do creative activities like creating their own planner notebooks, or just having a cool-designed, unique one from the store what they always like to stare at. Have you ever heard about bullet journal notebooks? These things are about creating your own planner notebook in the way you want, color them, draw in them, write quotes in them and so on. This is something like the coloring books for adults, but these planners are part of their every day lives. They can become inspired to each day, and have the mood to do anything.

2. Personalized Gift Books

gift book

Giving personalized gifts is not a new thing, as you know people like to choose this kind of presents to their loved ones for birthdays or for any occasions. However, personalized gift books are getting bigger space in the market in the previous weeks. On certain web stores, you can create a book – for example – about your love story, or the story of you and your best friend. It’s a really good gift idea! It can be just the starting step in thinking, so you can also sell only gift books that have cool content and are good to give them for occasions to people’s loved ones.
syncee blog pic 1

3. Eco-friendly Products


When we say eco-friendly products, you can think about anything. There’re a lot of segments of this field that can be considered. You can sell eco-friendly feminine products, eco-friendly pet product, every eco-friendly stuff around your house and anything that comes to your mind. It’s not a bad thing that it’s becoming popular because these items are good for two parties: the environment and you.

4. Subscription Boxes

subs box 1

The market of subscription boxes and the demand for them are boosting from year to year. These are secret boxes that contain products you put in them and then sell and customers don’t know exactly what they will get. You can collaborate with companies to give you certain products under the street price. After having a few normal sized products and a few product samples that you can put in the boxes, you can sell the “package” at a price that is worth for people. Subscription boxes can usually be ordered monthly. Your box has to be a certain topic-related. For example beauty, health, Haustiere, books, art, food.

5. Minimalist Watches


Selling watches is always a good idea because people always want to wear them and always want to know what time it is. Nowadays minimalist things (as for anything like clothing, household items or even web pages) are really popular. Some would say: less is more. Anyway, minimalist watches look good on the wrist. Women like them.

6. Smart Backpacks

smart backpack

Smart, smart… everything is smart. It’s not a bad thing because smart products are useful in the everyday life. Firstly, normal backpacks can be also always a good idea to sell, people like these items, especially when these are well-designed, or simply basic – a lot of shops don’t have the very basic ones. Secondly, smart backpacks can be useful to those – for instance, entrepreneurs – who travel a lot. These digital accessories can come with chargers, USB ports, Bluetooth or anything else, but everything –  the material of the backpack itself – has to be durable.

7. RC Cars, Planes, and Any Models

rc car

RC (radio control) cars and planes, motorcycles, and any models are not just for children but for adults too. It is a hobby and can be a suitable gadget for a good pastime. If you want to sell RC models in your Shopify store, choose suppliers who provide high-quality products – as always.

8. Fandom Products

fandom got

Try to hop on trends immediately if you want to sell fandom items. You have to be up to date with the current trends – movies, series, games, music, YouTube. You can sell posters, figures, mini sculptures, human-size characters, mouse pad, clothing, phone case, flag, mug, toys and anything you can imagine. It’s always a good idea to sell fandom products because there’s always some content on the popular media that people live for.

9. Amateur Photography Items


Customers like creating professional content on their own and also like having the coolest gadgets on the market. Amateur photography accessories can be for example retro products with something new in them or accessories to mobile phones to make better quality photos. It’s good if these products are useful and well-designed too. Nowadays, creating visual content is important on the internet to users.

10. Wooden Watches

wooden watch

Nature’s theme and the natural material seems to be boosting for a while, and 2017 gave big place to products made from these on the market. For as much, it hasn’t reached the top with regard to its potential, people will still meet them in 2018. It’s trendy and unique, consumers like them.

11. Special Pet Supplies

pet feeder

People love their pets and they want to give them anything they can. You can provide customers a lot of gift ideas to their little loved ones. Dog water bottles, automatic pet feeders, clothing, toys, home accessories for them. A lot of owners like to buy as healthy food for their dogs, cats as theirs.

12. Phone Accessories

phone case

Phone accessories still have their own place on the market and they evolve from year to year. This year will be different than 2017, other products will be popular and not the phone grips for example. However, there are “evergreen” gadgets like power banks, ear/headphones, cases. Nowadays youngsters and young adults like fandom related covers, minimalist but well-designed covers, furry covers or cases with a pattern like marble too.

13. Supplies to YouTubers


The trend of making YouTube videos are growing and everyone wants to create quality content for sure. You have to hop on this wind until you can. That would be cool if there would be a store being YouTube related. What are YouTube related products? For example camera stand, photography lights, green box, microphone, headphones, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, special background, camera and other gadgets.

14. Gaming Supplies

gaming supplies

Almost everyone is playing games. Your brother, your sister, your friends and other acquaintances, your parents. What gamer related supplies can you sell? Keyboard, mouse, mousepad, camera – in case of the gamer wants to do streaming –, headphone, PC/Xbox/PS related products, games themselves, cables, certain software and hardware things, VR gadgets, chairs, desks, cases, also books, clothing, figures, and prints. It’s a good field of e-commerce.

15. Body Scrub


Body scrubs are good for the skin, and to the soul too because after using them, the customer will feel herself better. However – regardless of the fact skin care will stay important, products like body scrub and other things like these won’t stay popular on the market forever – unless you have a really unique niche or really good community – but 2018 will still give them a good place.

16. Any Special Watches

fitness tracker

Watches are a part of everyday life, furthermore, people want to be good-looking, trendy, fashionable. What special watches can you sell in your store besides wooden and minimalist watches that we also mentioned in our article? Those can be smart watches, fitness trackers, rose gold accessories, minimalist & futuristic watches, world map pattern watches, or ones that have something special pattern. But do not be too much! And yeah… don’t forget about the high-end brands.
syncee blog pic 2

17. Traveling Supplies

dry bag

Travelling supplies can be clothing, for example, heated gear – hoodies, socks, vest –, shoes, bags, any tools, suitcases, drinking bottles, small cases, laptop bags, maps, GPS, power banks, travel chargers, self sealing dry bags, organizers, pillows or anything that comes to your mind. Young adults like traveling, and 2018 will also be a good year for it.

18. Special Drinking Bottles


Drinking bottles are evolving from year to year if we can say things like this. You can see different styles on the market… various shapes, special patterns, multifunctional water bottles, or ones that have a built-in compartment to not directly put supplements in the liquid.

19. All About Vegan

vegan book

It can be a lifestyle, it can be a trend. No matter what we say, it’s here nowadays and a lot of people try it or transition to vegan lifestyle because it can have benefits. It would be good to see a web store that has products just about this lifestyle. If you would do your job and marketing well, you would be successful. You can sell ingredients, books, kitchen gadgets, also home decor or clothing saying inspirational lines about being vegan.

20. Scented and Special Candles

yankee candle

A lot of people like making a good atmosphere in their home or room with scented or any special candles. It’ll never go out of fashion. It would look good even just to see that a web store is full of candles and supplies to that habit.

21. 3D Printing

3d printer

The market for 3D printers and printings is growing. It’s not just a hobby, you can create almost anything with these machines. With this technology, more dreams can come true. There aren’t just big sized printers, there’s always portable ones on the market. The price of these 3D printers has already gone down, people can afford them if they want. It’s just something brand new and special!

22. Virtual Reality Gadgets

vr headset

VR feels like being in science fiction world. It feels futuristic. Takes you to a whole new place. VR evolves and the interest for it doesn’t go down yet, and it won’t for a while, for a long time. Everyone’s curious about how far it can go. You can deal with software, headsets, goggles, and any gadgets. We’ll see what improvements 2018 will bring. So, feel free to sell virtual reality!

23. LED Products


The market for LED products is still trending. People decorate their home with LED strip lighting, they use it on the corner of the wall, on the edge of furniture and everywhere, and also, LED can be used for skin care. There are other various products that have relation to this field. Customers like everything LED.

24. Face Masks

face mask

If you sell cosmetic products, it’s good to choose face masks to put those in your web store’s catalog. People literally went crazy about these masks in 2017. They are popular for more years from now, and 2018 will also give them space because there’s always something new and popular formula that people want to try so bad. You can see a lot of bloggers and YouTubers trying out face masks as affiliates and for their effect, a lot of their fans start to use those products and post about them.

25. Products Made from Vinyl

vinyl clock

Products made from vinyl are everything. The sell of the vinyl itself is increasing from year to year, especially in the USA, people have started to listen to music on it again – or just buying them as a decoration or fandom stuff. However, it’s not just about music. Objects made from vinyl are really popular nowadays. These can be clocks, plates, vases or anything. Products are fit to more kinds of webshops, but you really need good marketing methods to increase your sales.

26. Vintage, Retro Style Products


Selling retro products, or that seem to be retro is one of the very best options. You can think about clothing, hobby items, accessories, home decor, kitchen gadgets, music-related products or anything. People like retro stuff so much.

27. Ultra Violet Colored Products

ultra violet

As for 2018, the color of the year according to Pantone scale is Ultra Violet (code is: 18-3838). A lot of people like to update their toolkit and their workspace with the current color of the year, so now with Ultra Violet. The color can be used in a lot of ways in design, as well as pillows, clothing and any decorations. Try to use this color in your web store, but be careful, this purple color does not fit any places! But if you have customers who like fashion, it can be a good idea to sell Ultra Violet related products.

28. Portable LED Projectors


No matter what projector we are talking about, it’s really cool and trendy nowadays. Portable LED projector can bring us memories of our childhood where we were sitting in front of some kind projector and were watching tales, and also the school time when teachers used projectors that now became retro.

29. Personalized Products

mug unique

A lot of customers search for personalized products, it can be a good niche if you find the best option. It’s really popular nowadays. People can create items for themselves and to their loved ones as a gift. Customization is tempting. You can sell customized-bottle perfumes, customized books, jewelry, mugs, calendars, clothing, mouse pads and many other things.

30. Night Masks


If you have a great marketing method, and you can sell special, well-designed, high-quality products or ones that can give a bit more to consumers than expected – because of the material or something –, night masks can also be something that worth selling in your Shopify store. It’s not mostly 2018 related, but it’s sure that in the previous years the demand for night masks are increasing. You can sell it in various stores.

31. Special Lamps

rosegold lamp

Special lamps have a good market. It’s good to have mood lighting in your home. What people like nowadays are special but solid, well-designed and futuristic lamps. Those can be rose gold ones, standing items, or lamps that have a shape that people are related to.

32. Drones


Drones became a part of our everyday lives, not just professionals use them in events and for media content. Now everyone wants to have their own drones. Adults, teenagers, everybody. Just to have fun. It’s an exciting hobby. This product is on the market for a few years now, but it’s still popular and the demand for it is increasing. People can use drones for selfies, filmmaking, making high-quality photos from bird’s-eye view and so on. There is various kind of flying machines you can sell. 2018 is also an excellent year for it.

33. Sound Systems, Speakers


Mainly, we want to advise you to sell Bluetooth speakers, in this category, the demand for this is still increasing. Always reach out to the newest products, be up to date, sell high-quality, also well-designed systems, and provide various items. There’s always something new on the market. People like listening to loud and quality music and have fun!

34. Wireless Devices


People had enough of wires, and it’s also not that modern… or is it? Well, for wireless devices there’s a huge demand on the market. Anything that has wires can be wireless… well, with time anything. But it’s not surprising if a new item appears. It would be fun to sell just wireless gadgets and devices in your Shopify store, but it wouldn’t be easy. It’s just enough to sell wireless ones in your store among others. Products like chargers, mouses, keyboards, headphones, cameras and so on.

35. Wearable Gadgets

smart watch

Wearable gadgets are really skyrocketing now. You can consider smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart clothing, any smart accessories, smart shoes, and hats. Anything. Wearable technology is getting more and more popular, this is the future.

36. Art Materials


People like to do creative activities and have creative hobbies. Art is very popular, just think about the basic coloring books or book wrecking journals. And of course, it’s not all. Create a Shopify store of art materials, have a good design, marketing, and sales method.

37. Sportswear


One of the most popular field in selling clothing in web stores is sportswear. The reason is that people like training and doing sports and they can wear those items fashionably. It’s one of the really best ideas to sell sportswear in your store in 2018. These products can be trainers, jogging trousers, shirts, sports socks, towels, water bottles, fitness trackers, caps, phone and key holders, and also nutritional supplements for as much as we are talking about sports stuff. And what could make your sportswear shop the best? Selling products from the most popular brands!

38. Wooden Toys

wooden toy

Wooden products are popular since 2017 and they can make themselves a bigger place in 2018 on the market. Well, wooden toys for children have been always a good idea, every little human being likes playing with them. Companies are creating more and more interesting and educational wooden toys, it’s good to see, and yeah: now it’s trendy, so if you have a good marketing method you can have a good traffic while selling these products.

39. Women shoes

women shoes

Maybe it wouldn’t have to be a field that we talk about as a certain thing, we could also talk about any basic things, but it’s a place on the market that still can grow. It’s not just about high hills. Nowadays there’s a huge demand for training shoes because of people like training and sports more and more. Imagine a reliable webshop selling good quality, well-designed women shoes.

40. Adult Products


Maybe it seems to be invisible, but it has a big market worldwide, even in Your country. People like trying these products, they like enjoying life in this way. If you want to sell adult products like sex toys, sexy lingerie, and other erotic products, make sure that customers, visitors will know that you do your job discreetly.

41. Shapewear


The market of shapewear is skyrocketing. These products create a slimming silhouette that people like to have – but we say, people are beautiful just the way they are. Body shapers are trendy now. And the reason why they worth selling is that you can choose from a variety of different styles, and you can sell them in more kinds of shops – general apparel, just women clothing, lingerie etc.

42. Baby Products

baby clothing

Content about pregnant women, newborn babies, toddlers and products for them are getting more and more popular on social media, and blogs. It’s good to do affiliate, you will get more purchases. What’s really up to date now is organic baby food and quality, educational, special toys. People try to live more healthy nowadays than before, the interest in a healthy lifestyle is bigger than ever, and parents want to give the same to their babies too.

43. Vaporizer Liquid


Vaporizers are another alternative to smoking, and its scent is not as bothering as the normal cigarettes’. The variety of flavors and appearance both have its appeal. To people, it’s convenient because they can smoke it – with or without having nicotine – mostly wherever they want. It doesn’t seem to disappear from the market yet.

44. Smart Clothing

smart clothing

Wearable technology evolves, and increasing demand for it is expected, but smart clothing category is still finding its way. It can be the future, these products are hitting the market. These clothing can be jackets, trousers, hats and whatever people invent.

45. Matcha and Special Tea


There’s a lot of tea that has a good effect on people. There are more reasons why people buy for example matcha tea – that is green tea powder which can be used for food or other drinks too –, simple green tea, any special tea or even mate. These products can have good effects on condition or health, or people just drink it to enjoy their time, or they just like the taste of them, and also, certain teas can be trendy.

If you are interested in what were the top products sold in 2017 check out our other article about that topic.

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