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The Best Alternative to Oberlo – Oberlo Is Shutting Down (2022)

Are you looking for the best alternative to Oberlo? — Oberlo has discontinued its services from May 12th, 2022, and is no longer available on the Shopify AppStore. The application was a popular dropshipping application but now, based on various factors, they decided to sunset Oberlo.

If you are looking for Oberlo on the Shopify AppStore, you will no longer find it among the results. Now everyone who was planning to open an online store with the dropshipping trading model, and wanted to use this application are looking for the best alternative to Oberlo.

Syncee is a global B2B dropshipping & wholesale platform, one of the TOP dropshipping application on the Shopify AppStore. Millions of products are available on Syncee Marketplace from 12,000+ brands globally. Shopify recommends Syncee as well as one of the best dropshipping alternatives for online stores.

We are going to highlight the benefits of Syncee below as the best alternative to Oberlo.

The Best Alternative to Oberlo - Oberlo Is Shutting Down (2022)

Syncee, the Best Alternative to Oberlo

Now we want to help as many new and existing online store owners as possible to find the best solution to source and manage dropshipping products. In dropshipping, it is the supplier who fulfills the order and delivers the product directly to the customer. The retailer doesn’t have to invest money in physical inventory, there is no minimum order quantity.

There are several dropshipping apps on the market, however, we truly believe Syncee is the best alternative to Oberlo. Now we show you why! Also, we’ll highlight, why Syncee is even better than Oberlo as Syncee offers features and solutions that are much better for your business in the long run and to grow your sales and traffic.

1. Suppliers from Worldwide, not from China

Retailers who were using Oberlo could fulfill their online store via AliExpress, the Chinese marketplace. However, on Syncee Marketplace, you can find pre-vetted, reliable dropshipping suppliers mainly from the USA, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, and worldwide.

2. Unique, Quality Products

The next reason why Syncee is the best alternative to Oberlo is that you can find millions of quality, unique & niche products here from manufacturers, real suppliers. From small local, and also from globally known companies. Like this, you can avoid reselling products the market is already oversaturated of.

3. Real Low Prices, B2B Dropshipping

AliExpress is rather a B2C platform and not a B2B. If you dropship from AliExpress, you get products from another reseller. Thus, the price you would sell the products at is quite high, as more parties have added their own markup to them. On Syncee Marketplace, you can find real suppliers, manufacturers with lower prices so it worth for you to sell their products.

4. Products with Fast Shipping

You can start working with local suppliers, manufacturers on Syncee Marketplace. Your customer doesn’t have to wait weeks to get the product they purchased, from China. It means fast delivery and a reliable service.

5. Long-term Collaborations

The next reason why Syncee is the best alternative to Oberlo is that the reliable suppliers available on Syncee Marketplace will not disappear without a trace. You can expect long-term relationship with your supplier partner.

6. Direct Communication with Suppliers

The communication with your supplier will not be a problem anymore. You can contact them directly either via Syncee’s Messenger, or via email – you can find their address on Syncee Marketplace. You can also pick local supplier partners, for example, from Poland, and there won’t be language problems.

Suppliers from Worldwide

7. No Reliability Issues, Transparent Platform

You can find all the imporant information on Syncee Marketplace about the suppliers, and you can also go to their website from our platform. Syncee is a transparent platform, not even hiding suppliers’ name or any information. You can trust who you work with and can communicate with them. There won’t be warranty issues.

8. Smooth & Automated Solutions

Syncee provides all the important tools your ecommerce business needs. You can find millions of products from suppliers from all over the world. You can access automated product uploads, updates, and order data synchronization between you and your supplier.

Customizable pricing settings are also available in bulk, you can add your price margin, set tiered pricing and rounding rules as well. Enjoy the advantages of our flexible product & catalog settings as well.

9. Bulk Product Data Management

You can either pick products one-by-one from the Syncee Marketplace, or you can also manage a supplier’s products in bulk, and add the product data to your online store in just one click. If you do not wish to sell all the products from the chosen supplier, you can easily set filters on them. You’ll have a unified selection of products thus a neat store.

10. Available on More Ecommerce Platforms

Oberlo was available on Shopify only, so those who were interested in their service but were running their online store on another platform could not fulfill their dreams. Syncee is available on almost a dozen ecommerce platforms! It also makes it the best alternative to Oberlo.

11. Dropshipping Available chose Syncee as a dropshipping technology partner. They offers a real B2B dropshipping solution for online merchants. If you want to sell products from’s dropshipping product selection as well, you can easily do so with Syncee. If you also pick products from Syncee Marketplace, you can manage all your products via one single platform!

12. Free Starter Plan

Syncee offers a free Starter Marketplace plan that allows you to browse among more than 6 million products for an unlimited time. This way you can try how Syncee works without any pressure on you. Syncee is by far the best alternative to Oberlo.

12+1. Or Bring Your Own Supplier

Another reason why Syncee is one of the best alternative to Oberlo is that even if you cannot find the supplier on Syncee Marketplace who you want to work with, you can bring your own partner. Just bring the supplier’s always updating product datafeed file, and Syncee will do the rest.

Discover Syncee, the best alternative to Oberlo!

Oberlo sunset

What Happened with Oberlo?

On Oberlo’s FAQ page, they say that “Shopify’s top priority is doing what is in the best interest of merchants. We are sunsetting Oberlo on June 15, 2022…” It means that the app will no longer be accessible after this day, and will be automatically uninstalled from its users’ Shopify store.

Ready to take your dropshipping store to the next level with the best alternative to Oberlo?

Find ‘Syncee – Global Dropshipping’ on the Shopify AppStore!

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