The 5 Most Important Hires for Your E-commerce Startup

When you are looking to take your startup up a notch, you need to bring in some serious talent. The people that you choose to hire can make all the difference, so you are going to need the right people to achieve long-term success.

Adding talented people to your team will boost productivity and even encourage innovation. Bear in mind that quality beats quantity when it comes to startup hiring. 

There are some essential qualities you should look for in all your employees like passion, persistence, trustworthiness, and flexibility. 

Personal recommendations and word of mouth are the best ways to find your initials team members. Also, specialist recruitment agencies can help you find the right hires with the specific skills you need. 

Let’s take a look at the five most important hires for your startup that will maximize your chances of success.

1. Product manager

One of the most critical hires you should make as a business owner is the product manager. This person is responsible for everything related to your products or services. A dedicated and skilled product manager will manage the product/service strategy and development. 

To increase the chances of long-term success, you should hire within the first 12 months. Why is this role so invaluable for a startup?

This is the person that will cooperate with the engineering and marketing departments to develop and market your product/service. A product manager understands all aspects of your product/service and will help you reduce wasted investment – both human and financial. 

Also, the right person for the job should be user-focused and therefore validate consumers’ needs and challenges.

2. Tech talents

People skilled in technology and development are crucial for your startup’s success, especially if your business is tech-oriented. These are the people that will be in charge of hardware, software, and mobile technology. They can help you build your online presence, too, working closely with the marketing manager. 

Talented and driven tech people will increase your chances of achieving your business goals. Things change in tech, and they change fast. To make sure your tech team is up-to-date and competitive, invest in their professional development. 

Making IT training available will allow your employees to stay on the cutting edge of IT trends. 

Innovative developers are the ones that will help you generate more revenue. They can make the difference between growing your business or stagnation and failing to stay afloat. 

3. Skilled marketing manager

A person knowledgeable about digital marketing will help your startup thrive by focusing on your target audience and creating more conversions. This is a significant role, so you should be very careful when hiring. 

Experts with excellent marketing skills will help in positioning your brand, raising brand visibility, and reaching a wider audience. If you are starting and the money is tight, you can opt for a marketing jack of all trades, and hire a person with a well-rounded experience capable of completing various tasks within many marketing areas. 

This team member role is also vital due to their insight into customer feedback. 

Your marketing manager should cooperate with the product manager and help in developing the product/service by including consumers’ feedback.

4. Sales manager

Hiring an amazing sales manager will help you take your startup to another level. A skilled sales manager will generate more leads and close as many deals as possible, and therefore make more revenue for your business.

Look for a professional that is familiar with the latest conversion tactics and has an expert understanding of the sales process. This person should be able to address your target audience compellingly. 

The best sales managers have the ability to speak clearly to the target audience and make your customers feel valued. 

Also, they need to be confident and persistent and also represent your startup, its mission, and culture. 

5. Operations manager

This role is a mixture of functions like COO, CFO, Office Manager, and General Manager, responsible for employee operations, invoicing, accounting, managing finances, and day-to-day activities that keep your business running. 

It is common for founders to occupy this role, but sometimes they decide to hire externally. This team member is responsible for translating the vision into reality and holding the startup together. They support staff members and help them stay on track. 

An operations person that will help you run a successful business has to be well-organized and focused on efficiency. This person has to be capable of meeting deadlines and juggling multiple projects while delivering their best. 

If you genuinely want to build a thriving company that will achieve long-term success, then opt for people passionate about your mission. 

Building a strong team of dedicated people working towards one common goal can determine the outcome of your venture, so prioritize hiring team members that have the right values and skillset.

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